Of course I was disappointed ~

.......But certainly not sad that I entered The van Gogh Cherrywood Challenge 2017.  While my entry was not selected, I feel as though I am a winner for stepping outside my comfort zone.   I'm not comfortable when I put my work on display but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the process of making.  No, I don't like every quilt I make, but I always enjoy the process.  When that joy is no more, then I'll take up another hobby! 

Here's my entry.  The flowers and vase were  made using only Cherrywood hand dyed fabric cut into  those little tiny snippits of fabric that we call confetti.   Was it only last March when I participated in a workshop led by Nadine Cain that I learned about 'confetti art'.

The van Gogh Cherrywood Challenge 2017  by Marty Mason

The van Gogh Cherrywood Challenge 2017  by Marty Mason

No, I'm not the least bit sad with this pretty floral smiling down at me from my sewing studio wall.



  1. Your quilt is gorgeous! Sometimes we just have to please our own artistic eye to get the greatest prize. :)

    1. Thank you Lois.....no, I have no regrets. This one pleases me very much.

  2. I thought you had a piece fit for the BIG prize! I love it!

  3. It pleased me, but then I don't know what judges want. I'm new at this but will learn. I

  4. Doing something for recognition doesn't work. We quilt because we must. Love your vase!!!


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