Studios Tour

The folks over at Quilting Arts/Cloth, Paper, Scissors are hosting an open studio event this coming weekend. They want to celebrate the release of the current Studios issue by getting folks (like me) to open up their studios. Fun.....Stop back by on Saturday, October 3rd and I'll have a tour of my studio.

ABSTRACT Sea of Flowers

ABSTRACT Sea of Flowers
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When I grow up, I want to manipulate my photos in Photoshop so they look like this...."computer fingerpainting" is it?

Images Printed on Fabric Sheets

I'm still making sales from the quilt show this weekend. A wonderful lady called yesterday wanting all my "Pretty Ladies in Smart Hats" printed on fabric sheets. Actually she wanted two sets - that's 30 prints. I love that she has a vision of putting them into a quilt. Imagine a collage of all these pretty ladies. Was I ever EXCITED. Gotta get busy.

I'll start with Peaches

Then move on to Olivia

and then Mary Linda

Can't forget Eunice Patricia

I've also thread painted some new ones and will get them aired in another blog....I have named them - Sachie Claudine, Callie and Glyn Ruby - just haven't taken the pictures yet.

Hugs 'til later.

A Great GiveAWay

I'm catching up on blog land this morning and found Silver Thimble Talk's great giveaway. Take a minute to go there and enter yourself. She'll announce the winner at 6:00 P.M. tonight, so there's still time. Not meaning to sound greedy...but I do hope to be the winner.

Hugs, Marty

Quilt Shows

Quilt Shows - I learned - Vendors - spend lots of time making items to vend - lots of time setting up their space - two days on their feet smiling and talking and selling and selling - and then breaking down the vending space - packing up and hauling it home. That's as far as I've gotten.

Unsold items are still in storage boxes. Perhaps I'll unpack someday.

I said goodbye to a good friend - Olivia. A sweet lady shared that her granddaughter's name is Olivia so this "Pretty Lady in a Smart Hat" was a must-have for her.

I also said goodbye to some of my art quilts like this one

And this one

I also sold lots of pins

And note cards

And journal covers

Okay, you get the picture. I handed out a bunch of business cards. Exposure...that's the key. Hard work followed by SUCCESS...I slept in this morning!!

Journal Covers, Canvas Tote Bag and Book Markers

I've been gone so long....decided I'd stop a minute and post some pictures of where my mind and body has been this week. Just a few little things like this journal cover. Such little pieces of fabric can make a splash. Free motion quilted hearts adorned with ruby Swarovski crystals. This one is 5"x 7"

Or this one. I printed one of my watercolor flowers on fabric, then put that into a journal cover. Put some crystals in the center of each flower. Actually, can you tell this was one of my printing mistakes. (I failed to flip the fabric in the printer and it printed on top of an already printed flower). I actually like the double image, so I call this a lemon makes lemonade...

No, I didn't stop here. I had one more blank canvas tote that was driving me nuts so while I had the paint out painting book markers, I painted the background for another Mr. Rooster sketch. I love that Mr. Rooster has finally come out of the hen house and made himself a resource in my projects!

Bookmarkers - I always forget to tell you to click on each picture to see closeup....but you know to do that by now - Don't you??

That's not all, but all for now....I'll be in and out and away next week but will be back on my usual (almost) daily schedule in October. 'Til then, here's hoping for happy and creative days.

Rooster Sketch in Journals and Totes

I've said it before and I'll say it again....everything I own is for sale - except my husband. But, there are times when I would gladly give him away. Not yesterday, or today...the good feeling continues to remain even a day later.

When I arrived home from my Schwinn spin class yesterday, dearest met me at the door with "clean your feet" I did. He had just finished vacuuming!!! It makes me so mad when he won't let me help!!!

With all this time on my hands, I decided to finish a few more projects.
A notebook covered. I've been printing my sketches on fabric and decided to put them into a project.

Perfect size for journaling on the go.... almost 8"x10".

The rooster was stitched onto a printed music sheet. What a lark when I found this song - "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go"....the perfect backdrop for Mr. Rooster all stitched onto this canvas tote bag.

Christmas Cross Stitch Pillows

Thinking of cross-stitch. A comment left on my Flickr Old Time Santa photo prompted me to take pictures of some of my past works - cross stitch works, that is - put into little pillows. I love leaving these out year round as a reminder that childhood is not an age.

"Twas The Night Before Christmas..."

"....And All Through The House...."

...."Not A Creature Was Stirring...."

"There Really Is A Santa Claus...."

And finally - "Peace Be With Ewe"....Have a joyous weekend.

Cool Weather Recipe - Santa Fe Stew

This girl can cook - no, it's not a birthday cake even though dear sister is having a happy birthday today. She begged, then finally bribed, me not to share her new age.

While I'm not a pastry chef, I do love to make soup and chili and gumbo and jambalaya when the weather turns cool. I'm really pushing the cool weather a bit, but I had a yen for my Santa Fe stew the other day. This is one of those pass-along recipes....I'm sure it's in a cookbook somewhere and if I knew it's original source, I would gladly assign credit 'cause this one is a keeper.

My vintage roasting pot is so heavy, I can hardly pick it up. So when I ask dearest to fetch it for me, he knows this is going to be a day for something good.

I'm not sure where the name of the recipe came from??? Full of beans!

Oops! I forgot to add the corn.

l lb lean ground beef
1 package ranch dressing mix
1 onion
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can Rotel tomatoes with green chili
1 can whole kernel corn
Beans - 1 can each
pinto beans
black beans
kidney beans
great northern beans
navy beans
garbanzo beans (chick peas)

Brown ground beef, dice and saute onion, add ranch dressing mix. Season with chili powder and Worcestershire. Add cans of tomatoes, corn and beans with their juice. Simmer for hours, stirring occasionally. Serve up and garnish with Freeto chips and grated sharp cheddar cheese. Yummy good and so easy. (I use salt free cans when I can find them - that way I don't feel guilty about the Freetos!)

This recipe serves - well, it serves a bunch. Dearest and I had dinner. I put some in storage for lunch the next day and froze two large bowls for two dinner meals later in the season. See what I mean - it serves a bunch. This is a great recipe to prepare ahead and freeze when company is expected.

A Child's Purse Heyday

Bet you can't make just ONE....

I had a little fabric left over from something or other and decided I would make some little girl happy....But since these little ditties are completed at 6" x 7" with a 12" drop in the strap, I actually got 3 made in these fabric combos!! Oh, what a happy day (I say). After making these three, I decided I knew how this was done......

Found two more yards of complimentary fabric in my fabric cupboard that put a smile on my face.

The yardage kept growing and growing and et cetera and et cetera. It took me two days with several time outs, but here are 6 more.

I think I lose the bet - just could not stop with one. Did I tell you that I'll have half a booth in the Jonesboro, Louisiana, quilt show September 25-26? Here's hoping these purses make nine little girls a Happy Birthday or a Merry Christmas.

Oh, yes, the other half of the booth will be filled by my friend over at Rose Hill Quilt Shop. So, if you are in the Jonesboro area that weekend, drop by and say hello.

Who's Birthday?

Lordy, Lordy, look who's............TWO

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"Well, you say it's my birthday, HaPPy BirthDAY to ME. Now, let's blow out the candles and get this party in motion 'cause I'm not getting any younger!!"

Happy Birthday Finley....I promise I have your gift and card in the mail.

Aunt Mart

Imagine What You Can Do


G is for GLUE

"Knee Pants" - an art quilt.

"Floral Muse on Geometric" - an art quilt - raw edge applique

"Christmas Tree Farms" - mini holiday art quilts - raw edge applique

My imagination was (almost) back to normal when I made this mini Christmas art quilt.
Reverse raw edge applique technique.

de Noel"

Fabrics for my next quilt project.

Fabrics for another quilt.....

I can't explain any of's just what's in my head.

Words to live by - "Keep Calm, Carry On"

Hummmmmmm........another day for labor.

Halloween Party

Just in time for Halloween. A Halloween purse and vest. You know what, sometimes life is just fun. I made these two little items recently to be raffled off at our quilt guild chapter meeting. Tickets went on sale last week - 50 cents each or 2 for a dollar!! There was perhaps 25 people at the meeting and we sold 50 tickets! Off to a great start and we will do this again in October...just in time for Halloween. We'll probably use the money to help fund a chapter workshop. But, who knows, we might just have pizza delivered. Either event will be fun.


A new approach....I thought I would browse through my photo album and upload photos I've not yet used on my blog. Then, hopefully, I would be inspired to add comments on each picture.

What must I have been thinking taking a picture of the house on the hill. I guess this was a reminder that I should be thankful for having a good job all those years to afford me shelter, food, education.....I've never been rich with money - just rich with the important things in life. Click on the photo to get a better view. I am thankful for what I have.

Terrible picture...sorry.

And, the thread painted fabric art card....lady with red hair and lips to match. When I was a child I had an Aunt who always had really, really red hair. AND it was NOT her natural hair color. I would always say that I hoped I NEVER got as old as Aunt Mildred. Guess what??? I've been that old for years now. I can't even remember what my natural hair color is. This card was made as a reminder that I should NEVER say NEVER. I'm having a great time not having to act my age.

Then, my passport. As I said, I've never been rich with cash and have never been a world traveler. Times, they are a changin'....I've made my deposit and plan to go to the Tuscan region in Italy next year. I know, a long time away, but I'm already packing my bag (mentally, that is). I've been getting lots of good advise on what to take and not. Dearest suggested that I buy cheap underwear and trash each piece when dirtied. To Dearest, I say....I already have cheap underwear, really don't need to purchase more! I actually think this is a great idea - will give me more luggage room to bring back STUFF.

Raw edge applique fabric art card. White church on black linen. Another terrible picture...sorry. I guess this is why I've not posted this picture until today!