It's Been A Ghastly Winter ~

The coldest for the longest that I can remember.  The HuMan has to go out every morning and break the ice and pour the birds hot water for their bath!

Then he hot foots it back inside!

"Ghastly " Alexander Henry, De Leon design team fabric perfectly described this ghastly cold winter. 

And the camera lens nearly froze as did I, but I really, really wanted a picture of this ghastly quilt outside in the ghastly cold winter.  

Brrrrrrrrr.   But thanks to the cold weather, I've stayed in and now this one is quilted.  It's a good cold weather lap quilt size at 45" x 65".  No borders, but improv sashing added to give it a few more inches. 


January Fabric Landscape Collage Workshop

What a treat it was yesterday to share the day making fabric landscape collages with Lynda Britton.  Lynda is an active member of Red River Quilt Guild and drove east from Shreveport to enlighten all us participants on how easily she constructs landscapes.  No heavy duty equipment required!

Here's just a sampling of what we made.  If I have the incorrect name on the landscape, you'll just have to correct me in the comments:  Remember, this was yesterday and memory isn't real sharp while out landscaping.

On the street under a blue cloud burst

Blue Bonnet Mountain

Cactus Country at Sunset

Beyond the duck pond lives a village.....

Pine Tree Island

The dessert is beginning to come together

Rugged Mountain Scape:  Maker Unknown

Peace Be With You

Summer Sailing

The Barnyard - by Theresa LeBlanc

The Dairy Barn - made by Renea Joiner  

Purple Passion

Theresa is wild about purple but looks great in red

Here's The Plan ~

To help keep me from venturing too far off the path, I've decided to put it in writing....starting with the plan for January.  So far so good.
  • January 1 - didn't watch a football game.
  • January 2 - lunch with friend and a bit of shoe shopping.  What?  A girl can't go barefoot!
  • January 3 - Dropped off a quilt top to Jan for her to add her beautiful quilting.
Improv to the house quilt top....with improv log cabin border

  •  Drove finished workshop sample quilts over to Kelly and had a wonderful lunch.  Then over to Bella Nonna to enjoy the vinegar and olive oil tasting.  They make it easy to taste with locations in Shreveport, Ruston and Natchitoches.  Yummm. 

  •  Next stop, Joann Fabrics and what a disappointment that was!  I didn't realize they were moving house and cleaning out the old stuff at this location.  And I even had an additional 20% off senior discount.  Oh, well....I'll be visiting the new location later in the doubt! 
  • January 4 - NELA quilt guild meeting...first of the new year.  I'm secretary of the group so have to really listen up. 
  • January 6 - Landscapes art quilt workshop with Lynda Britton. 
  • And on Sunday, we rest.

  • January 11 - over to Ruston to enjoy the Piney Hills Quilt Guild meeting.  Staying after to begin formation of an art quilt group.  Thanks Sharon....I needed something else to do!
  • January 13 NELA Modern quilt guild meeting.  I think a brief meeting is planned with a sit and sew afterward.  Always a good time to sit back and listen to the younger crowd talk about how busy is their schedule.   Retirement is much free time.
  • A break in between before the Tangi House Retreat January 25-29 where 9 of us laugh until we cry (or wet our pants), sew a bit, do a little shopping at Mama's Quilt Shop, eat a lot and have a chocolate martini. 
  • Somewhere in here I plan start-to-finish another improv house sampler for a Red River Quilt Guild workshop.  Improv is not only block content but there's improv as to color and improv as to choices of fabric. 
Improv to the house quilt top....out of my head and onto the drawing board aka design wall

  • And finally, there's a quilt top on the shelf  ready to be quilted and delivered to community service. 
Yes, here's the plan.   Practicing what I preach....always have a plan for the project at hand, but never anticipate the conclusion.   Allow the project to take its natural course, taking crossroads and veering off the planned path when needed.