How Brave Are You?

 The poll question I was asked to respond to read "How brave are you feeling?"  At the time, I was feeling so wimpish that I couldn't respond to the question.  You see,  I want to be brave and strong and be in the present....but at that present time, I was feeling bored and not sure where to go with my newest floating squares work-in-progress!   

After having a second cup of coffee (too early for wine) and muddling around the possibilities, I decided this is it, this quilt is done! 

 But it still needed to be squared (she said) as she remembered that fabulous Alexander Henry "Afternoon Delight" recently purchased.  The colors were right, the theme was right, it relieved the boredom and truthfully, it made me feel happy.  

Bravely, I added the Alexander Henry to the left and bottom giving me wiggle room to trim up square. Yes, the borders are not symmetrical.   

Feeling pretty darn brave - enough to go back and absolutely, positively respond to the poll ~ Whoopeeee.  

Not Alone ~

 I wasn't alone yesterday......not with 81 other participants!  Being in a workshop with Sherri Lynn Wood, whether live or virtual,  is always a joy.  She quietly pushes without bruising body or ego.  In her very joyful way, Sherri Lynn  encourages and inspires by example.  

No, how could I be alone while interacting with the group.  We listened, we learned, we cheered each other along as we cut and sewed, each of us working separately, yet together on our personal vision of  an improv floating squares patchwork.  

I did so enjoy using a few of my vintage flower sack street finds in this improv patchwork

Progress after a full day of expanding my horizons ~ It measures 30" ish x 30" ish.....give or take a few ish'es!  

My floating square improv patchwork from a few years ago continues to entice me to look a little bit closer and imagine "What If?"  

Hello September ~

 Well, Hello There! September.....I'm looking forward to a bit of time with no drama....please.  While we are weathering the Covid Storm and the Political Storm,  Hurricane Storm Laura threw us a curve ball.   It's the first time in my memory that hurricane force winds nearly blew us away here in  North Louisiana.  She wasn't pretty.  What a mess we had to clean up inside and out.   After being without electricity for 32 hours, I won't be taking that luxury for granted any time soon.    When it was finally turned back on , we were jubilant.....went outside and hugged our neighbors who were also celebrating the oddity of electrical power.  

A few August finishes in spite of its tumultuous ending - 

One that was started a couple of years ago (or more), Jen Kingwell's Green Tea and Sweet Beans.  It's a little jewel, however tedious! Four applique blocks were stitched this week.  

I've used a lot of little scraps that have been hoarded just for this quilt.  

More to follow until completion. In the meantime, I'll be enjoying this wonderful September day.