All good things - just bring them on!

We (The Piney Hills Quilt Guild, Ruston, Louisiana)  were dared challenged in December to make a list.  Not just any list, but a list of 12 unforgotten but unforgettable unfinished quilt projects.  We were dared to make the list public to keep each participant accountable.   Each month Virginia will draw from her hat, a number from one to twelve.  Now you have the gist of it.....that's the one (should you take the challenge) that should be completed by months' end.   I took the challenge!

After digging around the sewing room I dutifully arrived at 12 UFO's that should/could get done this year.  The year being 2019.  Taking a deep breath ~

  1. Improv Triangles in Cherrywood fabric needs to be quilted and bound.
  2. The one hanging in Tom's closet with backing and batting.  Needs pin basted, quilted and binding attached to completion.  It's been there for so long I can't even find the the pattern to give credit to the pattern maker.   
  3. Spring Fever quilt (a Jen Kingwell design).  Already pieced....just quilt it! 
  4. That blankety blank Amish wall hanging I picked up at a garage sale!!! What was I thinking?  It needs quilting, etc. to finish.
  5. Material Obsession  big wedge flowers  pattern- flower wedges need applique onto quilt top and quilt bound.  
  6. Gypsy Wife (a Jen Kingwell design)  I've started hand quilting and must persevere to the last hand quilting stitch.  
  7. #4 in my Ferry Quilt Series.  Add hand quilting in big stitch, big thread to embellish.
  8. Vintage string quilt.....the one with solid fabric that gives it Amish quilt inspiration.   Another quilt I foolishly picked up somewhere (because it was free, no doubt).  I shall overcome.
  9. Lattice quilt.  It is thankfully pieced and needs to be machine quilted.
  10. Solid improv inspired by quilter, Maria Shell.  Quilt it!
  11. Kaffe Fasset fabric - modified log cabin.  Quilt it too!
  12. Pumpkin Peel.  From Mary Elizabeth Kinch workshop needs quilting to completion. 
Okay, there you have it.  Each has a brief description but just enough for me to know which one to grab when its UFO days are over.   A lot of quilting to be done in 2019 (and beyond).  

So far, there's that perfect track score.  Virginia pulled Number 2 for January.  That being the one that's been hanging in Tom's closet for the past 4-5 years.  Who knows the truth....I've certainly lost track of time.  

Day one - pulled quilt from closet and pin basted....on day two I quilted and on days three and four,  attached binding.  Washed and dried on day 5.   Time to Show and Share this finished quilt with a name......Half-Rectangles On Parade.

I've dubbed it Half Rectangles on Parade - a marty mason completio