All in the family ~

~  What a delightful blog is Mary & Patch where Maryline blogs about quilts and patterns and  her Three In A Row photography series. 

But first ~ My sisters and nieces had the most fun gathering last year - just us girls for a long, relaxing weekend in Hot Springs.  While there, we made a morning of walking the scenic paths in Garvan Woodland Gardens, a botanical respite nestled into the Ouachita Mountains.

walkin' the woodland path while solving a problem or two

 I thought this was such a fun picture of  sister, Sandy and her daughters.  They were so busy discussin' the what ifs and what fors that the walking stopped while some serious family issue was being resolved (no doubt).  I can just hear it of the girls said something or other and Sandy with hands on hips to stress the importance of what's right, was setting them straight on the issue.  Thankfully I was tagging along behind and saw this fun photo opportunity to catch a historical family moment  'just as we are.'     Love it!

So, when Mary & Patch put out the call for photos for her new series, Three In A Row, this picture popped into my head.   Thank you Sandy, Shannon and Kallie for the memories.

All in the family where fun can happen at any level of immaturity ~ 

Is serendipity a noun?

so, you've been invited to be a local quilt guild presenter?  now what?  make a decision, get a grip!

who will be there?  some modern, some traditional, some spontaneous, some subdued,  some young, some still young at heart.   how does one provide food for 25 when some eat fish, some are off carbs,    some are gluten free and some eat it all?  same rules apply when prepping for a quilt meeting presentation - provide a little bit of a variety.

so, the hint to the presentation will be entitled (appropriately) 'serendipity to a 9-patch' .   using only donated fabric, i'm busily making 9-patch blocks.  serendipity is a noun, and i'm in a serendipitous (adjective) state of mind.

..............several days later - so fun, i can report.   the presentation was a success and everyone seemed to enjoy my serendipitous habit of  turning loose of the rules.   admittedly, my serendipity is only that....mine.  but everyone should every now and then stop following the rules and enjoy the spontaneity and surprise and pleasure of improv patchwork. 

there were definitely no rules while "Blue Vase" was under construction.   smile