I raised my hand ~

Every now and then I raise my hand too quickly, but not this time.  When this quilt top came up as an unwanted  giveaway, my hand immediately popped up.  Granted, that was two or three years ago, and granted, it took a bit of ripping and reworking the wavy borders but wowsers..... after getting it quilted, washed and dried to give it that wonderful snuggle me up glow, look at this beauty that was once unwanted. 

string quilt in the Amish style

Oh, how I wish I knew the quilt maker.   She deserves a thumbs up (and more). 

Old er....now, that's a good thing ~

Listening to Neil Young music ~ excerpt from Old Man ~

  "give me things that don't get lost."

Yes, that's where I am today, looking for things that get lost while listening to Neil Young music.

a binding that I know was put aside

an apron pattern purchased two years ago buried in the black hole called lost patterns(?)

                there may be more success looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack

Neil Young wrote that the Old Man lyrics were inspired by an old ranch foreman - a caretaker who takes care of cows.....and fences.

I'm in need of a caretaker, not for my cows or fences but that someone to find things that tend to get lost.  

Samples of quilt blocks lost and never found.  In exasperation, duplicates were made:  

May I find solace and the ability to put my hands on things that aren't lost ~ 

.....and then insanity follows

Admitting time....that the Sew Kind of Wonderful Quick Curve Ruler (QCR) is just about to drive me into insanity.  It wasn't the first finish that did it, Chic Diamonds Pattern #415 done up in my favorite barn and turkey reds...actually the back side of reds in the grunge collection.

 nor even the second - A Gaggle Battle out of One Wonderful Curve 12 Contemporary Quilts.

but, yesterday after spending the day prepping a project to sew at our annual "Five O'Clock Quilters" retreat this upcoming weekend, the notion that I'm crazy about this ruler was set firmly in my head.

The pattern,  aptly dubbed 'Rings Revival' by quilt designers Helen Robinson and Jenny Pidigo,    found in Simply Modern Magazine Issue #14, is a QCR jewel.   I'm excited to get stitching on even more rings that will keep me revived. 

If Only ~

If only.....how many ways.....how many things.....how much, if only?   I was so inspired by a hand stitching workshop that took place in our public library yesterday, that I came away wishing, if only

there was more time to learn, to stitch, to do.    I have the now and that's all I have to make the most of and relish every sunbeam and cloud.   Life, now that's a cat's meow ~