Monochromatic...that's the theme

It's another bi-monthly posting.  One for Art Quilts Around The World....a group of twenty or so of us who just enjoy the process of making art quilts.  Some of us follow the rules, some of us don't!

The theme for this challenge was "monochromatic."  However, when I came to the finish line, I decided that my art quilt didn't exactly follow the rules!  It is therefore very aptly named "Oh, Dear!  Where did we go wrong?" 

Monochromatic theme....arts quilts around the world....marty mason
Papa thread person is in pink! duh!......mama thread person is in blue! duh!
and baby thread person is in pink, blue and gold! 
and looks as if she could have been
hatched from an egg!
how monochromatic is this?
oh, well
Monochromatic theme....arts quilts around the world....marty mason

Just stretch your imagination a bit and play along with me.

What's the common element?

Everything in these pictures belong together!  So, what's the common element? 

All this is going with me on a road trip to Lafayette, Louisiana.  A few door prizes, my workshop handouts, even a few sample blocks to show the group how many directions working with a 9-patch can go.  

"Inspired by a 9-patch" workshop for Quilter's Guild Acadienne

And a stack of sample quilts I've put together for the workshop. 

"Inspired by a 9-patch" workshop for Quilter's Guild Acadienne

Just a hint at how diverse this can be ~

"Inspired by a 9-patch" workshop for Quilter's Guild Acadienne

"Inspired by a 9-patch" workshop for Quilter's Guild Acadienne

"Inspired by a 9-patch" workshop for Quilter's Guild Acadienne

I'm leaving tomorrow with all this 'stuff" and more for my "Inspired By A Nine-Patch" workshop for members of Quilter's Guild Acadienne.   Some of the workshop attendees are very traditional quilters and some are modern.  We'll all be working on the same basic design that can go anywhere the quilter wants it to go.  Whether traditional or modern, we'll all be "Inspired By A Nine-Patch." 



Louisiana Traveling update

The Northeast Louisiana Modern Quilt Guild (of which I am a member) is in its fourth month, or is it the fifth month?, of making and adding our blocks to each others Louisiana traveling quilt.  I just finished Mr. Pat's blocks and his quilt top is in the mail to the next member in the traveling quilt rotation. 

I first added a small block to fill in a blank space.

Louisiana Traveling Quilt block added by Marty Mason

Then made my strip to add to the top of  Mr. Pat's quilt.   Having second thoughts here...I just don't like this placement of my long strip.   So glad I auditioned it first rather than have to rip.

Louisiana Traveling Quilt - It's Mr. Pat's quilt top

The placement was much better on the left side and helped to balance the white strip added by Becky and the top added by Marie.  I really like the minimal black surrounded by white that I added to finish out what Marie had added to Mr. Pat's Louisiana traveling quilt. 

Louisiana Traveling Quilt - It's Mr. Pat's quilt top

Mr. Pat, I think you're gonna love your quilt top....I sure do.

Newest "Inspired by a 9-patch" quilt top

I'm an old(er) toot, but I'm of the modern persuasion when it comes to quilting.   I'm honored to be invited to teach a quilting workshop in a couple of weeks for my friends and fellow Quilt Guild Acadienne members in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

It's gonna be fun with some in the workshop wanting a traditional approach and some a very modern version of the double-disappearing nine-patch.   I've been busy this summer making up lots of DD9-patch quilt tops and when I looked back, discovered that most of them are modern....improvisational piecing and block placement.   No, I'm not EVEN tired of this sew and cut and sew and cut again approach to quilt-making so I whipped up another quilt top with a more traditional tone the other day using my newly found Robert Kaufman "Spot On" charm pack. 

Double Disappearing 9-Patch with Robert Kaufman "Spot On" charm pack - made by marty mason

I had three blocks left over and added a lot of background white to arrive at this minimalist modern:
Yes, it is the same technique!  But what a difference adding background made.  I'm addicted to the double disappearing 9-patch.  I'm also addicted to this quilt-as-you-go-quilting technique. 

modern double disappearing 9-patch by marty mason
I love that little touch of green: 
Oh, yes, I am very patriotic, but with that smidge of green, I thought the name just fit this quilt! 

modern double disappearing 9-patch by marty mason

So, you see, it's not necessarily the fabric that makes  a quilt modern or's the quilt maker who makes the difference.  (she says)


and it's as if i had nothing to do ~

modern quilting logo - a note card by marty mason

when i discovered this mod squad script in a magazine and lifted it onto a note card and placed the card on one of my hand painted/stamped fabrics that abounds in and around the studio and grabbed the camera

you see, i'm a member of a modern quilting group in lafayette, louisiana,  and we call ourselves "the mod squad" 

so it was fitting that i complete this task to reinforce who i am and who we are and that we are not alone even though we feel isolated at times
our numbers are growing

so here's to you mod squad louisiana and anywhere else
you may be quilting modern

modern quilting logo - a note card by marty mason

Stash Management

Stash management was the topic of the day at yesterday's guild meeting.  A great program performed beautifully by the also beautiful Ginger.  She got a round of applause from the group even though we groaned and growled at her for making us so aware that we weren't nearly as on top of our stash as we could/should be. 

She began the program by asking a few pertinent questions.....
  • "Have you lost anything in your sewing room lately?" 
  •  "Have you bought a duplicate of a ruler, pattern, fabric, template because you couldn't find the one you knew was there (somewhere)?" 
  • "Can you find your cutting board or ironing surface underneath all the stuff?" 
 I answered each of her questions truthfully and that would be yes, yes and no!  SO ??

Shame-faced, I took a picture or two of 'the way we were'.   Man, did I ever get the picture!

Stash Management

I growled and snarled at her even more this morning as I took a look closer around me:  Me, the one who is so organized and gets so much accomplished because of my organizational skills!  I thought I was a good fabric manager when I put all my batik in one stack and all my hand dyes together and  even have a few solids nicely snuggled.  But Ginger shared some good information on how to fold  yardage so it stacks nicely, making the viewing more pleasing, but even more -  saving time in finding just the right fabric for the next project. 

Stash Management

And, I thought I was a great manager when I purchased all those bins in which to store my scraps and on-going projects and other things and stuff!  But Ginger says I need to do more than just put them in a bin.  She says if I took those scraps that are less than a fat-quarter size and pressed them then cut them into more usable sizes, then I would enjoy every one of those scraps to the limit.  For instance, Ginger says cut into 10" squares (you know....layer cake size) or 6" or 5" squares.  She says 2 1/2" strips are a must do.  From those you can quickly cut your 2 1/2" squares, or 2 1/2" by rectangles as needed. 

And, I thought my magazines and books were organized.  But, here was Ginger's food for thought.  How often do you need to keep the magazine when all you want in that one magazine is that one quilt pattern?   Simply tear out the pages you want to keep and make folders - a folder for modern quilts, one for mini quilts, one for totes and get the idea.   Your magazine stash is very quickly organized.  And, the same goes for books.  Keep the ones you love and pass on all the others. 

sewing studio magazine management

While in the process of pulling and thinking of how things could/should be organized, I found some fabric that had been lost....enough fabric for some border choices for my latest modern quilt on the design wall. 

Auditioning borders for my newest modern quilt - Marty Mason

Things are going to get organized and I will share when that happens.   

Give me time here! 
Oh, yes, life is good and will be so much better after I get my sewing studio managed. 
Thanks, Ginger.  You are the greatest. 


When I run with scissors ~ I finish a modern quilt

Just for fun, I spent a fast-paced two days at a quilt retreat with good friends, all traditional quilt makers,  and finished this little modern quilt top: 

All those traditionalist had a comment which I just let bounce right off my shoulders.  They swore that all the teasing was 'because they love me.'  They just don't understand!!  how I can enjoy the randomness of modern.  

"running with scissors" a modern quilt designed, pieced and quilted by Marty Mason

And on getting back home, diligently composed the back of the quilt on my design wall in the same flavor as the front of it.  I used every scrap of the same fabric to complete three odd-size 16-patches for the back, then surrounded them with my go-to-fabric.....chartreuse!  followed by a black and white leaf pattern.  No, it makes no design sense, but it pleases me to punch and back. 

"running with scissors" a modern quilt designed, pieced and quilted by Marty Mason

And then stitched my quilt back up one step at a time:

"running with scissors" a modern quilt designed, pieced and quilted by Marty Mason

Then, of course spent several hours with the quilting:  I can't wait for the group to see the end result and hear their newest comments.  I know they will be (un)impressed. 

"running with scissors" a modern quilt designed, pieced and quilted by Marty Mason

Since I usually, while in the making, arrive at a name for my quilts, I allowed a few possibilities to flit through my head as I stitched along....'sixteen quick steps' came to mind as did  'a mad dash' until I finally concluded by the time I finished the quilt back that I must have been 'running with scissors'.

Yep, that's it:  Running With Scissors, proudly pieced and quilted, in spite of the snickers of my great friends, by Marty Mason. 

"running with scissors" a modern quilt designed, pieced and quilted by Marty Mason