It's been a busy summer ~

"I will not participate in the hate-filled political environment"  has become my mantra.  Of course, I keep informed and feel comfortable about who I will be giving my vote to.  But believe me when I say that your rants and raves and hate filled comments will not sway me into believing your truths.  

What I am participating in is keeping myself occupied this summer doing what I can to help ease the hurt and pain of some.  Pictured are a few quilts that have been delivered to those in need.   I'd rather be building rather than tearing down.  

Delightfully pieced and donated  by Carol Sue Kelly.  It was a jewel to quilt and pass on. 

Totally improv ~ from the scrap bin 

A take on my "improv to the 9-patch" workshop 

I dubbed this one "Piglet".....a panel donated by Carol Sue Kelly. 

A take on the log cabin using up strips and scraps from the bin.


Repeated the take on the log cabin - there's still plenty of scraps!  

Scrappy Triangles enlarged with improv patchwork border.