Let's Celebrate

It's the tail end of 2012 and life was very good to us this year.  No major tumbles and falls or hurdles to leap over.  We took one day at a time and lived it in our usual slow-moving-Jones-pace.  And that is a good thing, since we are moving more slowly with each passing year. 

the tail end

I'm reminded of what someone once told me ...."you can't do what you should have done."  So, here's looking at you twenty thirteen - I'm putting my 'should haves' for 2012 behind me. 

Now it's time to see the front end of 2013.  Looking forward is the best way to see the world.  Memories of the past are wonderful.  Reminiscing with family and friends over a cuppa brings tears of joy and sadness, but I won't linger.   I my optimism, I enjoy thinking that the best is yet to come. 

looking forward

Oh, yes, let the celebrating begin.  I'm looking forward to the new year....a year to be filled with love, laughter, good cheer and great health. 


ColorWheel (Fabric) Swap

ColorWheel Swap with CITYstitches was my first ever fabric swap and I'm in love with what I got in the mail last week.  Eight fat quarters of delicious modern fabric -

ColorWheel Swap with CITYstitches

Hmmmmmmmm....now to get this cut and sewn into more modern quilts:  Let the fun begin! 
To enjoy more, here's Megan's ColorSwap Flickr Group


I feel as though the year is ending, but I've only just


Original art by Marty Mason
It's going to be a busy day again, but I just couldn't resist the temptation to reflect!

December 26

Christmas isn't over until the last picture is edited!
What's all this hoopla about!

Mister Santa, my list is really too long, so I'll just smile for you and the camera.

There really is a Santa Claus ~
Who dat?
Oh, really!  For Me? 

I'm dressed and ready~ Let's start the show.....



December 25

Where the tree tops glisten and children listen to hear sleigh bells.....

in the snow

No, there's no snow in Louisiana, but the tree tops are glistening. 
Santa and his sleigh had no trouble finding the way. 
Merry Christmas!  May your day be merry and bright.

Spreading Holiday Cheer.....

.....from the Oak Point front door - throughout the house. 

Crazy Quilt Christmas Stocking at Oak Point
Wishing you a  Merry Christmas filled with good cheer
and a Happy New Year filled good health ~
Marty and Tom

Holiday Cooking Assignment ~

My family, as I am sure yours is too, is scattered from here to wherever.  And the family now has families, which now have families which makes it difficult for all of us to come up with just the right day during the holidays to be festive together.   Today is the day!  We all share the cooking and my cooking (?) assignment is fruit salad.  I started the prep work yesterday, draining and chilling.  On alighting from the bed this morning, I mixed!  That's it.....an Easy Fruit Salad.  So yummy for so little effort. 

Easy Fruit Salad

Easy Fruit Salad Recipe
My fruit salad is ready to load in the car and travel.....let the holiday fun begin!

Christmas Time At Oak Point

It's a special time of year:

Feeling the spirit at the dining table ~

and seeing a Southern winter approach from the front porch ~

and dreaming of another day at the lake ~

No, it isn't mine, but I can dream, can't I! 


Lou, Lou, Skip to the Lou

Face Sketch by Marty Mason - her name is Louise

I haven't sketched anything in so long....this morning
was the right time to renew an old habit.
Louise and I greeted the day together.
  • Fly's in the buttermilk, Shoo, fly, shoo
  • There's a little red wagon, Paint it blue
  • Lost my partner, What'll I do?
  • I'll get another one, Prettier than you
  • Can't get a red bird, Jay bird'll do
  • Cat's in the cream jar, Ooh, ooh, ooh
  • Off to Texas, Two by two

  • Skip, skip, skip to the Lou,
    Skip, skip, skip to the Lou,
    Skip, skip, skip to the Lou,
    Skip to the Lou, my darlin'.

    Just a few of my favorite things from yesterday:

    What a joy filled day
    On the Hearth
    The only thing blue in this home was the bottle collection.

    Christmas is everywhere
    In the sleeping loft

    Vintage quilt in the foyer to help spread the Christmas cheer

    What a happy time of year:  Surrounded by family and friends.....

    Putting triangles together! A triangle quilt work in progress

    Know your triangles: 

    Isosceles Triangle:  Any triangle with any two sides the same length.  I wanted mine to be 6" top to bottom, so I  cut a 6" square, found center and cut off each side to form my Isosceles triangle template. 

    Right Angle Triangle:  Triangle has one interior angle that is a right angle (90 degrees).

    To get a pair to attach to my Isosceles triangle, I cut a rectangle 3" x 6", then cut diagonal corner to corner:

    Putting them together:   You naturally loose some of your width and length when the two types of triangles are sewn together.

    Trimming to fit my purpose:  Since I didn't know what I was doing when I made my first cuts, I trimmed everything down to 5" square so all things would be the same! 

    More to come:   Yes, I'm making a triangle quilt. 


    Share projects: Now you can on Craftsy

    So much to do, so little time.   But Craftsy is really helping 'simple' down my life.  So many classes, so much inspiration right at my fingertips.    This is just one of my projects that I shared on Craftsy.  Searching for DIY Inspiration....Craftsy on line classes, workshops, patterns, projects. 

    It's a Charlie Brown Christmas

    TREE - for those who are young and young at heart:

    Finished part of my inside Christmas decor....this traditional dining room table display is done.  Yes, you guessed it - a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, all spindly and spiky with dumb little ornaments and lights that don't work.  But, like Charlie Brown, I believe in angels and I love my little tree decorated to my liking. 

    While I had the camera out, I took a picture of the outtakes - what was left over from the CB tree:  birds - and played with this not so wonderful picture in photoshop this morning.  I'm no longer very young, but I'll always remain young at heart. 

    SHE was waiting at the station
    HE was getting off the train.....words from a song that seemed to fit the picture perfectly.
    Must I explain everything?