Here's looking at two quilt finishes ~

September, you've been a very good month.  It's only the 12th and I've several projects finished.

Let's long have I worked on the 2017 Sarah Fielke Down the Rabbit Hole BOM?   I stopped counting the months after 12, but it's now ready for the quilter!

My last round of pictures didn't include the final border since my space was too small for picture taking. This is one big quilt, finishing at 96 inches. I agonized every inch of the way, but do like the finish.

Yay....and here's my version of Tabby Mountain started at a retreat last year.....finally got it quilted yesterday (and the day before).   It was a bit cloudy out but I hung this one two ways for picture-taking. 

Tabby Mountain - by marty mason

It really didn't matter the top or the bottom....both angles of a finished quilt are good!

Tabby Mountain - by marty mason

Oh, yes.  September, you've been good for me. 

I'm No Genius ~

But Albert was

and so were his quotes....pure genius

Everybody is a genius.  
But if you judge a fish by its ability
to climb a tree, it will live 
its whole life believing that it is
stupid......Albert Einstein


Weak people revenge
Strong people forgive
Intelligent people ignore.....
Albert Einstein 

I'm hoping to be intelligent today and into the future.