Tuesday Tugs No. 1

When inspiration leaves, where will I be?  Where will my future be?   Here, I sit, pondering my future when I should be getting projects completed!  Life continues to be good.  However.....

Tuesday Tugs took me to the drawing board.....marty mason
.....My inspiration has been put on hold by projects that 'must' be completed.
So, I created myself a friendly challenge
Tuesday Tugs
May not be every Tuesday
But perhaps
Tuesday will tug at me

Big and Bold and on a Field Trip

My big and bold and zig and zagged quilt took a trip to Our House in Milford retreat center last week.  And it loved the trip!

First stop was the front steps of the retreat center where it  enjoyed the huge expanse of the front porch.  Wide open steps extending a warm welcome for all to enter. 

Modern ZigZag Quilt pieced by Marty Mason quilted by Hannah Marie Lee

Oh, you brought me a flower ~

Modern ZigZag Quilt pieced by Marty Mason quilted by Hannah Marie Lee

And the rockers, comfortable for the quilt and the quilter. 

Modern ZigZag Quilt pieced by Marty Mason quilted by Hannah Marie Lee

No birds allowed in this bath.  Well, not while the photographer is working so diligently.   The surrounding farmland makes for a picture-perfect setting. 

Modern ZigZag Quilt pieced by Marty Mason quilted by Hannah Marie Lee

A little farther down the road - on the front porch of the farm house. 
 Love the cactus...man-oh-man! 

Modern ZigZag Quilt pieced by Marty Mason quilted by Hannah Marie Lee
On the fence on the farm house property.  We didn't see a "no trespassing" so just forged right on.

Modern ZigZag Quilt pieced by Marty Mason quilted by Hannah Marie Lee
Heading home now....just a quick stop at the Milford Cemetery.

Modern ZigZag Quilt pieced by Marty Mason quilted by Hannah Marie Lee

Back home now with memories of a good time. 
Hoping for another time,
another year. 


Red Dress

I've been sewing all week and finished my red dress this morning ~

Original photoshop sketching by Marty Mason
The week just past was a delight.  With friends that I see frequently and friends I met last year and friends I made just yesterday at Our House in Milford....Texas. 
home is good
this morning
sitting at my computer
wanting to draw
wanting a
red dress

A traveling quilt ~ you say!

Northeast Louisiana Modern Quilt Group.....NelaMQG, here in North Louisiana has started their first traveling quilt.  There are ten in this group, some near, some far, so we've started a Pinterest board to show our progress and to keep us all together as we travel through the months. 

Mary at Fleur de lis Quilts and Accessories  made her first block and mailed it to me and I made my block to add to hers and it is now ready to be mailed on to the next person in the Louisiana Traveling Quilt rotation. 

A disclaimer!  I do take life seriously.   Mary asked for grays and neutrals and her theme is "Squares in a Round."  Mary....this is about as neutral as my head can go and if you look very closely, you've got a square in a round. 

Louisiana Traveling Quilt.....hosted by NelaMQG

And, so it grows: 

Louisiana Traveling Quilt.....hosted by NelaMQG

and so I play:  



From clear packing tape to greeting cards ~

Pinterest has it's advantages:  I learn lots of new card tricks....as in making cards using old magazines, clear packing tape and white card stock.

Card Trick No. 1 ~  It was a nail polish ad......but it expressed exactly what I wanted to say on my greeting card.  Sadly, the cat (the black one) dropped a cat hair as I was sticking the invitation onto the cardstock.   Oh, well, such is life.  Yes, she's still in the world. 

Card Trick No. 2 ~ I found this picture of a yellow door in a magazine published locally
and fell in love with the red mailbox.   This entry was so warm and seemed to welcome everyone into its midst.   My little 2" strip of packing tape got the picture perfectly. 

More on the board:  I'll probably add a thought or perhaps an invitation to  "Come Fly With Me"  or something like that. 

Not sure what I'll do with this one.  It was just a pretty picture.  It took four strips to get the most of it transferred.

and here's another chance to make a "let's get together and paint the town" greeting card.  Advertisements make the best pictures to pull with packing tape.  I'm not even going to consider that it's copyright protected since I'll only be making one little card to mail out only one time!  Surely, they won't waste big bucks on me! 


Another Lyric to Live By: Three Dog Night...one of their best

"Mama Told Me Not To Come"

I'm not hysterical but it might seem that way at times.  It was a fun approach to scrapping together some batik fabrics.  I'm not finished yet, but from here I rambled on to my "Lyric to Live By....'Mama Told Me Not To Come' by Three Dog Night."
 Added radial blur to complete the hysterics.   Yes, I should have listened to my mother, gotten some secretarial skills to get a good job!  Or, maybe, join the Peace Corp and see the world!  Mom was so funny at times with her nonsensical advise. 

Three Dog Night.....Mama Told Me  Not To Come - lyrics to live by Marty Mason