I hear it's your birthday

Singing happy birthday to the HuMAn this morning while making him a birthday card.  He was asleep when I started looking for just the right picture for the background.  Who?  came to visit a couple of years ago and this picture from my portfolio seemed to fit the occasion just perfectly...just right for the birthday boy. 

Owl in the oak tree.
By the time the card was finished and still hot off the printing press, he waltzed in......thinking I had -
 not knowing I hadn't -
made a card for his very important day ages ago. 

Happy Birthday Card with Who? For Who?

Who? I ask.   Who is having a birthday today? and what is on the agenda for his very special day?

I made loaves of banana nut bread last week so he'll get a slice of bread - not cake - for breakfast.  I like mine covered with Greek yogurt.....he likes his au natural.

Then we'll head up to the attic while the air is somewhat cool.  For the past several years, we've done less and less holiday decorating.  There are no more pumpkins and witches nor turkeys in the straw and this is the year that there will be a lot less decor come Christmas time. 

We continue to put fresh greenery with pine cones and red ribbon on the front door and on the den door for a bit of holiday festivity.   We continue to put the round artificial wreaths with big red holiday bows on each window across the front of the house just to  keep up appearances.   The size of the Christmas tree was downsized a couple of years ago to one that we placed on a table in the living room window.  We really aren't being humbug it's just that - well, it's a lot of work each year to do all this just for the two of us.....so the tree will not be installed this year.   Family doesn't come for the holidays.....we go to them.  We took mental stock this year and asked ourselves:  Why?

Together, the decision was made that we could just pile our meager gifts to each other in the center of the room on Christmas morning and enjoy our gift-giving then champagne brunch without all the hustle and fuss of years past. 

Anyway, we are heading up to the attic to sort out Christmas decor.   Some of my handmade ones will nostalgically go back into storage.   Some ornaments will be given to family.  Some not so treasured treasures will go our house-cleaning service and some will go to thrift store and will hopefully be a great bargain to make someones' family home a festive one.  

After the attic sorting and after his birthday lunch, he'll probably be ready for a nice sit down on the sofa, remote in hand while I'll be heading to my newest toy, the Martelli long arm sit down.

Martelli Bella Sedere - at home with Marty Mason

 Except I've not been sitting down....what fun to stand and free motion quilt.  I've made progress but I can assure you this machine has a learning curve - especially dealing with the thread tension when changing to different weights of thread.  There's a reason they tell you to use the same thread all the time.  HOWEVER, I challenged myself to learn and learn I will!  

I'm cooking tonight and there will be meatloaf and mashed potatoes and green beans for his birthday supper.  So all in all, he will probably have a great birthday.  I know I will be having a great day with him. 


Jockeying for floor space ~

Yes, I've gone and done it again! Now waiting for delivery of my latest purchase - a Martelli Bella Sedere (Italian for  sit down) long arm quilting machine -  and now must figure how to acquire the required floor space in my sewing studio without knocking out walls!  Yes, I've really done it now and my Martelli is seriously jockeying for floor space.

Since I'll be getting a new pressing board delivered with the quilting machine, I quickly sold my changing table pressing station. That gave me a few additional square feet.   And in its space, mounted on the wall,  the cannot-live-without 7' x 4' design wall. 

I'll miss seeing my M*A*S*H poster but had quite a surprise when we moved the design wall from its original place to find a long forgotten 2004 Jazz Festival poster featuring Harry Connick, Jr.  



I'll also be taking out the current cutting station and will be using the new cutting area that is a part of the Martelli table.  Did I mention that the table height can be adjusted up and down, tilts too....by just the pressing of a button.  I can either sit or stand while quilting and can adjust the height while cutting and pressing.  Love this feature. 

I've dropped the leaf on my Horn sewing table for a few more feet.   I can always raise it on as-needed basis while piecing/sewing  on my Juki.  But for now, I'm loving the streamlined look of the studio. 

We moved my Grandmother's antique handmade cypress kitchen cupboard down a few feet to accommodate the Martelli.  Inch by inch.....jockeying for floor space. 


and here's the space, all ready for delivery.....

I'm so excited and can hardly wait. 


Reflections Unfurling: There is ALWAYS a choice:

Reflections Unfurling: There is ALWAYS a choice:: Always a choice.   But, one must first want other choices....one must then explore the possibilities.... mentally and physically  search...

Adjunct ~


Adjunct:  (noun)

A thing added to something else as a supplementary rather than an essential part. 

A collage drawn and altered, stamped, painted and pasted.....in Photoshop, having a little bit of nothing to do with my ordinary day of quilt making.  I say!


Sharing a good time ~

I am all about things and thoughts and sharing a good time today ~

My day started....simply enough.  The housekeeper is stopping by this morning to sweep away the dust and grime and threads and lint from the week past so I had to get out of pajamas, get a shower and do the preliminary cleaning before her arrival. 

 Sharing my thoughts on two vintage chairs on the streets of LaGrange.  How neat is that - all fluffed and ready for the next passerby

Our housekeeper is a sweetheart so I hate that she might think we live like slobs.  I feel compelled to stuff stuff into drawers and hide other stuff in the closet.  Why, really, should I care what others think?  Well, just 'cause my mama made me make the bed every morning and clear the dresser top and for sure lower the lid to the commode before I left for school.  Neat was a family tradition that I continue to uphold.


Twin doors fronting a side street in New Orleans where there is no space for clutter. 

The front porch of The Queen Ann Bed and Breakfast
Natchitoches.  Even though open-air sitting, there's not a speck of dust in sight.

Loving the color selections for this vintage modern cottage
Austin, Wow! Clean as a whistle. 

Seattle garden shed ~
and then there is my hometown - a tour of the 'hood
And so, my day has started - simply enough.