Just a glimpse of yard sculpting.....

I must be dreaming about a cooler day, a day to take a garden stroll.....

cracked and repurposed pottery - turtles and frogs love this hiding place

Recycled sprinkler pipe and vintage door knobs - a flower it became at the front door of the garden shed.

Planted copper tubing to keep the water hose out of my flower bed! 

Mirror behind vintage window frame adds depth to the back of the garden shed

Decomposing tree limb - the perfect foil for an old bird house

garden objects in perspective

You see, the back of the garden shed was just a blank wall.....until I found the old door and window frames...even attached back door steps (amost hidden from view) with a pathway leading the way.  To the unknowing eye, it's a real entry!

Herb garden with thyme and mint, black eyed susans and more.   

The Swing Room.  I killed the grass (the kind I had to mow), added stepping blocks and planted mini-mondo grass.  Why mow?  I'd rather be swinging!

Shellie opines on gender bending!

The Belle of All Things Southern#.TjBO-VtVD-Q.blogger

By her blog title, you know Shellie Tomlinson is a Southern Belle. But did you know she lives in Lake Providence, Louisiana, she is a Christian, an author, public speaker and is hilariously funny. She can look the world straight on as she did about the topic of gender bending!

According to Shellie, the female gender is equipped somewhat differently than the male gender! While you are thinking about that, think on this too. Shellie has efficiently deducted that the brains of each gender also function differently. Amazing how she clarified for me how differently they do work! Just read, reflect, laugh and enjoy!

Personalized Creative Space!

I read just this morning that we should personalize our creative space and stay inspired.  Soooooo....I set about doing just that.  But first, I had to straighten, sort, trash and organize before I could get about the business of making my space become more creative.  Now, the only thing I can find is my computer!  Oh, well.....perhaps I'll be more energized and become creative by morning. 

Just look at this!  I am a quilter and I make purses too.   As soon as I find my little round templates, I'll make yo-yos to adorn a silk evening bag - or a more me style, a shabby chic day tripper bag. 

In my own defense, since I found my computer, I did edit and post a new batch of pictures at Reflections Unfurling....that's my primary photography site!

From Junk Mail to Personal Stationery!

Junk Mail Stationery from Yellow Owl Workshop on Vimeo.

This video truly needs no additional introduction - just gather your junkmail, download the template,  turn up the music and get all your correspondence ready to post!   Here's where I found it...Oh and the background (or foreground) music is by Still Flyin'.....that would be me on a good day!

Verdigris defined and illustrated! Life: it's a good thing!


a : a green or greenish-blue poisonous pigment resulting from the action of acetic acid on copper and consisting of one or more basic copper acetates

b : normal copper acetate Cu(C2H3O2)2·H2O

Posting Pictures Pays!

Sedona sunshine reached an art and sewing studio in Louisiana!

Vicki Welsh's hand dyed fabric -  3 fat quarters - Sedona collection

Leslie McNeil aka MarveLes Art Studios was invited by 3 Creative Studios to host the June Technique of the Month.  Leslie has taken the technique of couching to another level. I've done a tad of couching on my art quilts, but nothing like what Leslie was showing us...Wow!  Anyway, we were invited to post our "couched" projects in the 3 Creative Studios Flickr group.  I did and for that, my friends, I won 3 of Vicki's hand dyed fabrics.  I chose from her Sedona collection and they arrived in the mail along with a surprise gift - a packet of Misty Fuse. 

But wait....there's more.

The very next day the postman dropped off another bundle of joy.  Leslie sent me one of her "couched" art quilts.   

Couched art quilt from MarveLes Art Studios

Red Chair - A Painting

Red Chair
5" x 6" w/mat 8.5" x 9.5"
 Original Acrylic Art


Discover "Sew Wild" - author and artist, Alisa Burke

I enjoyed this video - Quilting Arts interview with Alisa Burke....author, painter and mixed media artist - and thought you might too. 

Best of the Web.....Best of the Web.....Best of the Web

This feels so good - to have my blog  featured on Best of the Web:  Be at Home #32!

When Max called to ask if he could, of course, I said Yes!  Then, what picture do I want featured...how do I describe my blog, and who am I? and many more questions kept whirling through my mind.    I finally narrowed it down to the "City Lights" quilt and decided to tell the truth...that I am not only a quilter but......well, you'll just have to go see.  Pocket Change: a shopping blog.....Be @ Home is just a small section...there's also Be In Style.....Be Green....Be Connected.....and more.  It'll be a fun trip!  And, let me know what you think.

Out on a limb!

Out on a limb? You can talk to me ~

The Recipe:  Golden matte medium brushed on one side of  heavy cardstock
let it dry completely (it's gotta go through the printer)

A Graphics Fairy image.  I uploaded into photoshop editor,  set the print size to about 5" square.  I always print from photoshop editor....I can align and print anywhere I want on my paper.  In this one I placed on the bottom right side of my cardstock.  I want it to print on the prepared side of my cardstock, so in my printer, that side goes down.  Set printer preference to 'best quality' for a heavy ink flow.  Print. 

VERY IMPORTANT - don't touch it again for at least 24 hours.  The matte medium will prevent the ink from drying completely, and that's what you want, but it must get as dry as possible! In the high humidity State of Louisiana, that's asking a lot!

.....next day
With a very, very light touch, with a very, very soft brush,  very gently apply a layer of matte medium over the printed picture brushing in a downward direction.  The liquid will slightly smear the ink so take this step very slowly.  Too much pressure will totally obliterate the image.

Allow to dry completely then trim excess cardstock.  I trimmed this one down to 4.5" x 5.5" so it could be matted and framed.  But, the reason I like to print in the right corner is....I can cut my cardstock in half (after printing) to make a  perfect notecard....ready to fold, add a note to a friend who may be out on a limb....then mail! 

Free Motion Quilting - a "must learn how to design"

One of my favorites from Leah Day - she's calling it 'edge of reality'.  Wow! and I have just the little art quilt to put this design into.....after I get a little practice in, of course!  I'm living on the edge ~

When it's too hot to garden.....I paint and sketch

"Sullen Girl" an 8" x 10" charcoal sketch

 Photoshop alteration of my original picture to sepia tone

Collage of "Sullen Girl"

A Freebie from Amazon - today only!

The Kindle Edition is free today on Amazon!

I haven't read it but the reviews are good....hey, if it's free, may be worth a try.  BUT....be sure if you click on  the Kindle Edition that it continues to be free - you know how they can change things with the blink of an eye!

Study in Blue - An Art Series

A Study In Blue # 1
3.75" x 8.5"

I've started a new series - little paintings and sketches - Studies in blue.  This one is ready to be framed as is or just add another mat to make larger. 

She always makes me feel so talented!

I smile out loud when I land on Vicki's Field Tripping the Web...Issue 129.  Is it vanity? or just plain fun? to see one's work being highlighted - this time it was my newest note cards....The "Iris" issue.  Thanks Vicki and 3 Creative Studios, for hosting your web field trips. 

Handmade Note Cards - 5.5" x 4.25" Blank Inside

Oh, and I haven't browsed all the sites yet, but here is one spectacular art quilt..............Debra's "Conversations 1".....a must see!

Vangelis - Memories of Blue

There is a beauty above you,
There is a beauty below you,
There is beauty all around you.
May you always walk in beauty.
                 Navajo Prayer

Like A Rock.....

I couldn't wait to get up this morning to get pictures of my latest.  Steadfast and True - like a rock!

Resurrection Fern and Purl Bee - thanks for the inspiration, fantastic pictures and instructions.  I would never have thought that a river rock could be covered!  I printed the instructions about a year ago and finally found an old movie last night and set about learning to crochet all over again.  It took a while, but by the time the movie was over, I had a little urchin covered.  Hope another good movie is on tonight!  Who knows what path this will take.

a favorite sleeping position ~

Caught Napping!

It was a slow morning for musing!  Musing about one's sleeping position.  Martha Stewart says we should always sleep on our back!  Her reasoning - this position causes less creases and wrinkles on our face and other body parts that are crunched while sleeping in a side position.  Quiz Cat heeded Martha's advice.  I personally continue to be a right side/left side sleeper....it's no wonder I look so old!  (no comments from the snicker gallery would be welcome!)

Note Cards - Printed and ready from my house to yours.....

I loved this picture on the cover of a magazine.....I just took the liberty to make myself a purple onion then put it into a note card! 

A sunflower from an art quilt I made....color altered and put into a mini diary.  This one has 8-10 pages....perfect size to journal about your week-end with special friends.

Oh, my....and today I found this Iris sketch and downloaded it from Graphics Fairy.  Went searching for something to mount it on.... found a picture of handmade paper....combined the two for my newest note cards. 

things i've never thought about framing before!

Oh, I take lots and lots of pictures, but I seldom think about putting them in scrapbooks.....never think of framing them - until today!   See more of my photography at Reflections Unfurling.

Good Morning Sunshine!

Not another step closer with that camera.....You are already too close for my comfort!

Watch it sister!! Better back off - and tell me one more time what day this is. I thought so...now go away so I can finish my nap!

P.S.: HuMAn of the house says cats can't talk.....I don't believe a word of it.....Do you?

How to Install a New Font in Photoshop

Eeeks.........A Mouse!

Long-Tailed Field Mouse

My inspiration was The Graphic's Fairy clip art.  Karen always has the most delightful art to click on, enlarge, download and use.     It's what one does with art (or a mouse) that counts.....these just might be the cover of my next note cards or booklets!

Handmade Stamps - the frugal in me stood up!

I decided a long time ago that I would rather make my own stamps and vacation in Italy!  Here's how my day went:

First, I doodled out my stamp designs (on the back of used copy paper, of course)

Then I sketch the design on the paper side of the sticky back foam sheet making sure that the size is within the limits of my pre-cut boards

Here are my four original designs of the day!

 They join others from the past.  As a matter of fact....these four new ones are adhered to the back of the older ones. What!  Yes, you can only use one side of a stamp at a time so why not use both sides - unlike the ones we pay big bucks for in the craft stores! 

I just paint on the raised stamp design (not the wood), press into my fabric and voila - fabric like no one else's to put into a book, art quilt or pillow! 

Wasn't it Carol King who sang......

This always puts a smile on my face!
....you've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face.  Yep, this is how I began my day - and I expect it to get better with every beat! This is a page out of my "Paint Outside The Lines" handmade book.  Hope your day is full of smiles too.

I'm in a create mood today - it's a make-a-stamp day!  Or maybe I'll paint....could sew a bit.  So many choices to wile away a summer day - my head is aglow??

It was the zinc!

It was the zinc-wrapped counter tops that stole the show...Or, could have been the square sink.  Nope, the goose necked faucet. 

Now I'm looking more closely at these photos...at the flag hanging over the bed....and even closer - the nearness of the bed to the kitchen!  And if the bed isn't close enough, then well!  there is the window seat.  Hot damn!  I'm loving it -