Week in Review

We spent the past week in the Kansas City area....Raytown, to be specific.

We worked....

We played.....

We searched.....

We shopped.....

And then we strolled in the park.....

What a fun week we had. Can hardly wait to do it again.

Purses, Handbags, Shoulder Bags, Pouches

Purses, handbags, Pouches...I never know what to call them. I can accurately describe them as arty, whimsical and bohemian.
An upcycled (recycled to some of us) wool tweed jacket was reinvented into this purse/pouch. The wool was washed so the edges have frayed beautifully. Just the look I wanted. Yes, you may click on each photo to get a better look at the look I wanted.

The leather elbow patch was still attached!
Still in my I-don't-know-where-this-is-going-but-I'm-loving-it mood, I continued the raw edge, frayed look. Then tore strips and plaited them for the handles.

Hey...uncut, unlined and commercial free. If you're not sure, don't ask!


Mini Journals and Art Quilts

Mini journals - perfect for gift giving. These little stocking stuffers, best friend gifts, teacher's gifts...the list could go on...fits any size purse. Doesn't everyone need to make notes on the go? These will be on Etsy after the Thanksgiving holidays.

An Art Quilt - "Country Roads"

An art quilt - "White Vase on Red"

Karma Quilt Giveaway

Here's a great first blog giveaway. Gotta go to Karma Quilt to enter.

Karina and Maria, what a pair.....

2 Moos

2 Moos
Originally uploaded by Ronnie Lewison
I was so amoozed by this little art quilt. Ronnie has sold this one, but she has lots more just as amusing.

Second Line Umbrellas - handmade in New Orleans

This plumed umbrella is my favorite. I think?? So hard to choose just one.

I just had to share Liz's Etsy shop with you. A real treat to see so many second line umbrellas....even if you don't march in parades.

Day 7 Cross Country Blog Hop

It may be day 7 of the Cross Country Christmas Blog Hop, but the gifts continue to be as wonderful as on day 1. Whimsicals Jolly Holly Placemat pattern is a FREE download. Thanks, Terri, for sharing. Can hardly wait to get my hands on Terri's newest book "If Quilts Could Talk." I'm intrigued by the title.

New Purses on Etsy

I made two of these from my Pendleton wool and upcycled wool. Big drum roll....one has sold.

I am calling this one "Not just a kid's purse." (even though it could be)The perfect size to hold just the right amount of stuff with a generous drop in the strap to comfortably go around your neck or hang under your arm.

Cross Country Christmas Blog Hop

Kari says "IT'S MY TURN." And she was definitely ready with her surprise package for us as we continue down the Cross Country Christmas Designer Blog Hop. Today is all about Kari Carr and New Leaf Stitches.

Great instructions on how to construct. I think I'll make one or two. Blog hops...what a treat this has been....and it's not over yet!

Hugs, Marty

Friends and Followers

Bless my heart! I haven't said hello to new friends in quite a while. Not because I haven't noticed - Yes I have and Yes, so glad you enjoy my site enough to let me know about you.

Today I was visited by Caroll way up in Western Michigan. She tells me that she retired from corporate America, but just couldn't retire from being busy. She teaches at The Attic Windows Quilt Shop. Now, when you click on the shop's blogspot, take a look at their full calendar. Lots of teachers, lots of classes. And, from the photo of the shop's teachers, I'd say they are all loving their job!

Oh, and what a blogspot Jackie has - gotta visit 2 Virgos Designs. And, we are practically neighbors here in Louisiana. Jackie says she loves making soap. So if you love those wonderful soap bars that you can't find at the super centers, just go see Jackie.

And, Samantha joined me on November 10. I don't know much about Samantha, except that she has a beautiful smile.

And so does Kim Hambric. I have followed Kim for some time now and continue to be amazed at her fabric selections and how she puts them all together then caps it all off with her personal stamped and quilted touch. Go see...you'll want to follow too!

Thanks, Caroll, Jackie, Samantha and Kim for taking the time to visit with me. I am delighted to have you aboard.


Cross Country Christmas Quilt Designer Blog Hop

Hey, Hey....today's a PamKittyMorning so you need to hop on over to enter her drawing. Great giveaways.

Terry Ann started it all and I'm loving this Cross Country Christmas Blog Hop that is featuring these great fabric and quilt designers.

Enjoy the day you're in and have a PamKittyMorning all day long.

Happy Houses - Quilted Bath Mats

I've been building houses - happy houses. A little more than a days work. One may wind up on your block. If it does, just rejoice because you have such a happy house neighborhood.

Actually all of these will be put to use as a bathmat. Several years ago I found a simple "how to" project that used hand towels and orphan quilt blocks, with the final product being a whimsical bath mat.

Here's the first one I made - Quilted and ready for wet little feet. It finished out at 15" x 23". I like to pre-wash my inexpensive towels since they shrink at different levels, depending on the cheap (or should I say quality) that you purchase. I wouldn't use Egyptian cotton!

These two blocks originally started out as pansy blocks to be put into a row quilt. I figured out in a huge hurry that I would never get 8 more of these made for a quilt. They lingered around for awhile. But, being the frugal person that I am, I just had to do something with this fabric. Much better for wet feet than a row quilt!

Keep your feet dry - it's the weekend already!

If The Shoe Fits, Wear It!

ACEO - Country Roads. Original, one-of-a-kind design by Marty Mason
ACEO - Blackbirds on high wire, also one of my original, one-of-a-kind designs
You've all heard it said - "If the shoe fits, wear it."

I thought this morning about the meaning of this saying.

Like shoes, life doesn't come in just one size and often times it doesn't come in the size we want. We struggle with our life and spend so much time looking for the one we think should fit. We want our life to look good. We want others to notice our life. But, in trying to please others, or not accepting the place we are in life, we often find ourselves in an ill-fitting, unhappy life. We wear a life that is not a good fit and that hurts.

So, when we finally realize we are living the life that feels good, doesn't hurt ourselves or others, has a really good fit, then we should wear it!

Paraphrased - "Get a life, get on with life." or "Stop belaboring the little things and celebrate the big."

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all find the right shoes early in life.
Life is a good thing - celebrate it.

Just one of Marty's Musings.

Cross Country Christmas Quilt Designer Blog Hop

It's Friday the 13th...get over the FEAR!

What am I afraid of? That I won't sell one of my projects! I ask myself - what if I don't sell anything today, will this hurt me? A loud "NO" was the response (in my head, of course). What's another fear? That the creative part of me will be stifled today. But, again, will this hurt me. Again, "NO". Now, I'm over the fear. So, I continue sewing for pure pleasure. It's all about me today.

But first I checked out Terry Ann's featured designer on her Cross Country Christmas Quilt Designer Blog Hop. Terry Ann is one prolific designer and publisher. If you need inspiration, here it is - Atkinson Designs.

Terry Ann's Friday the 13th featured designer, Heather Mulder Peterson, is also one prolific designer and publisher. Trends and Traditions - the name of her shop and her logo - where trendy meets traditional quilting -got my attention. Once there, you must go to her inspiration pages she calls Anka's Treasures.

Hope all this inspiration gets your creative juices flowing. Loose the fear and remember, there are no creative mistakes!

Hugs - Marty

Art Quilts - Abstract - One-of-a-kind

A friend asked me the other day if I sewed all the time.....I simply answered "YES"

What do you do? I would love to know.


Finished quit top with Alexander Henry Fabrics

I really like this look

And....Quizzie likes it too! No, it's neither 10 a.m. nor 10 p.m. The mantel clock's ticker stopped ticking last week.

This Alexander Henry "mona floral" and "alphonse stripe" provided the really busy, fun look I wanted. Should I name this one Mona or Alphonse? They both would be good names for the next animals that happen into my life. Don't you think...Anyway, this quilt top is DONE and ready to be quilted.


I lack for nothing to do around here! One comes off the design wall, another goes on! Here's the design wall now. Some pieces left over from another quilt that were pulling at my imaginative heart strings.

I think I'll add white....this bolt just arrived last week. Some fabrics just have to be purchased in quantity 'cause I get cold sweats when my white gets too low on my shelf!

Hugs for now - Marty