I need space - S P A C E

Just thinking over the possibilities of space, something I need just now....space ~

I need space....uncramped space.....marty mason
I was just the other day bemoaning my lack of a large design wall
and not having the space to leave my ironing board up all the time
and not having the space to have a BIG ironing surface
and I want all four of my sewing machines out all the time
and I want space to long arm quilt
then, there is the need for my art supplies
I know I could learn to draw if
I had space
to draw
and paint
and play
And I need space to display
all this stuff I want space to do
I want space that is
not pinched
and most certainly
But, it's not going to happen
so with that
move on 
~ Happy Friday ~

Before, During and After Breakfast ~

We took the weekend (past) to drive down to New Orleans.  I was invited to speak at the Gulf States Quilt Guild quarterly meeting and their reception to my topic (The Modern Quilt Movement) warmed my heart. 

It was a whirlwind trip but I did have time to get a few snapshots to highlight the colors of New Orleans - my inspiration for the inprov quilt I made this morning - before, during and after breakfast.  Quilted in concentric circles. 

The colors of New Orleans....photography by Marty Mason

The colors of New Orleans....photography by Marty Mason

The colors of New Orleans....photography by Marty Mason

The colors of New Orleans....photography by Marty Mason

The colors of New Orleans....photography by Marty Mason

The colors of New Orleans....photography by Marty Mason
For lunch Friday on the way down, we stopped at Creola's in Grand Coteau.  They served us a cup of shrimp and okra gumbo.  So good.
Improv quilts inspired by the weekend in New Orleans
 And for dinner Friday night we were joined by quilting friends and shared a good time at the award winning seafood and Italian restaurant, Mr. Ed's in Bucktown, where I enjoyed soft shell crab and an extra dry martini.

Improv quilts inspired by the weekend in New Orleans

On the way home Sunday, we stopped for lunch at Lee's in Lecompte.  I topped it off with a huge slice of hot apple pie.  Since I had already indulged in a Snickers Bar early in the day, I didn't pile on the ice cream.  Now that's showing an unusual amount of restraint! 


It's a TABLE RUNNER Contest

.....and I'm in, well, err, my pearl bracelets table runner is in the contest and would appreciate your vote.  Pearl Bracelets is #8 and the voting starts October 19 and runs to November 2. 

I'm thanking Stitch N Frame in Vicksburg for the fun.  Also thanking Lizzy House and Andover Fabrics for the Pearl Bracelets 5" charm pack I used to make my newest table runner.

Table Runner by Marty Mason using Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet Fabric

The prize....well, that will be a whopping $75 gift certificate from Stitch N Frame in Vicksburg where fabric and books and patterns and Bernina sewing machines and more abound. 

Thank you for your vote

Cottage on Cane River

I haven't done any serious Photoshop playing about in quite a few days.  This was the morning to re-visit pictures taken several months ago while we were in Natchitoches.  I've always loved this little cottage on Cane River.  Friends of ours once leased one of the apartments in the cottage and Tom and I had the opportunity to say here one year during the Natchitoches annual  Christmas Festival.  The cottage was as inviting from the inside looking out as from the outside looking in. 

Cottage on Cane River, Natchitoches, Louisiana

This picture was taken from across Cane River.  Great view of the back of the cottage but a little busy with the barbeque grill, lamp posts, chairs and rug hung over the porch rail! 

Cottage on Cane River, Natchitoches, Louisiana

I do enjoy before and after.

Not just another bowtie ~

Scrappy bow tie quilt block

I wish, oh how I wish, I could remember where I saw this bowtie quilt block pattern yesterday.  But I can't find it after searching Pinterest, FaceBook, BlogLovin, Instagram and all those other places I go each day. 

So, my disclaimer is this - this is not an original idea - I found it elsewhere, but did enjoy the online tutorial enough to make my own 12" scrappy bowtie quilt  block.  I hope to go this afternoon to find a pillow form and then can add the border to get just the right size for my newest pillow.  Yes, it's another work-in-progress.  There's always something in the works around here. 

It's as easy as clipping on a bowtie.
Cut (18) 2 1/2" squares from scraps and make 2 nine-patch blocks.
Cut (2) 6 1/2" squares from background fabric.
Cut (4) 2 1/2" squares from same fabric.  Draw diagonal line corner to corner on back of each and with right sides together place a square on one corner of each of the 9-patch blocks and on the two background squares.  Sew on the drawn line, then trim off excess fabric 1/4" from seam line.   Lay your four blocks together to make the bowtie and complete the stitching. 

Thank you unknown quilter for keeping me inspired.
 I found it....I found the blog where I found this bowtie block pattern.  How could I not have remembered that one of my favorite blogs to follow.......Gen X Quilters.......was where I found it!
Thank you AnneMarie. 

On a sad note:  I'm too old to be a part of Generation X.    However, since I've never dressed, looked or acted my age, I'm fitting right in with the Gen X Quilters!


Curvacious and more ~

I've been going improv curve crazy:   Mini sampler

Improv curve sampler
and more.    Starting with scraps sewn together, then stacked and cut into curves....sewn back together, more fabric added, stacked, cut and curved.  The solids add a calming effect....don't you think?  It may take you a while to agree! 

Improv curve sampler
Going, going, gone around the improv curve ~

The Challenge: The Road Less Travelled

Entitled "Don't Go Near The Water!"

 I can express myself just as I see it in the standard 11 1/2" by 16" format  when meeting the bi-monthly challenges of  The Arts Quilts Around the World group.  Our last challenge theme - "The Road Less Travelled" -  was an easy one for me.  You see,

my road less travelled is to the clear blue ocean water, waves lapping on the beach with the blue sky overhead.  I took a simple approach down the path - right to the nitty gritty as to why I don't travel this road, literally and figuratively! 

Don't Go Near The Water - Marty Mason

I'm afraid of water....oh, no, not bath water, just deep water, as in a lake or river or the ocean.
I learned to be afraid of water at a very young age.  You see, my mother was also afraid of water  and so every time we kids went near any body of water, we could hear her say, "don't go near the water:  you'll drown."  I took that statement seriously. 

Don't Go Near The Water - Marty Mason
Look closely - there's a definite line between the water and the sand.  And, yes, that slash of red is symbolic as is the tornado-like stitches starting at the top of the heavenly blue sky and ending in the depths of my water's hell. 

There's more to the story, so I'll continue to tell until I get this out of my system once and for all ~

I was perhaps 30 years old when I decided I could not and would not allow my mother's words to continue to plague me.  I signed up for swim lessons.  Admittedly, progress was slow.  But surely,  I learned to swim! 

Don't Go Near The Water - Marty Mason
But wait....there's more to the story.
On graduation day, I was told to jump into the pool and swim back to the edge.  The obedient part of me jumped in
The instructor had to jump in and drag my wet, soggy, sorry, scaredy-cat,  panic-stricken body back to the pool's edge.  It was not a pretty sight and I never did get my swimming lesson diploma.
I haven't travelled that path again!
Mom was right all along. 

The Final Gen X Sisters' Ten Modern BOM

Sometimes you know from the very start that the going is going to be good....and that's been the case with the Sisters' Ten Modern Block of the Month.  This is the final month and I continue to think that I did the right thing by committing myself to making my two blocks each month. 

Here's color way I and II of "Aunt Lee's Frame", the October BOM.


All twenty blocks are made and measured and ready to be sewn together -  that's coming up in November.  Can't wait to see them in a modern setting.