Warning: This is Graphic!

I'm a privileged child.  And it feels good.  To be a part of the modern quilt movement.  A movement that is moving quickly.  And it feels good. 

I had the privilege and pleasure to view Heather Grant's "Design Fundamentals of Modern Quilting" webinar last night.  A rather intensive conversation on her view of the philosophy and aesthetics of modern quilting.  In her view, one of the design fundamentals is a bright and graphic color palette:

I think this makes my Christmas table runner pretty and bright and graphic.....therefore,  modern ~

example of a bright color pallette in graphic design - a modern quilted table runner by modern quilter, marty mason

graphic quilted table runner in black and white....by Marty Mason, modern quilter


Is Anybody Out There?

I've been so not  here lately
There's no excuse

It's just that "Ain't Nobody Home"  

a lyric to live by


BB King


It's A March, 2014 Calendar - Finally!

I wanted a PDF maker for Christmas, 2013.  It's now March 2014, and the learning curve is very low!

I wanted a PDF maker for Christmas.....2013.  It's now March, 2014, and I'm just learning how to use it.  It's a very slow work-in-progress.   Go figure:  Figure 1 - a delayed March calendar to help me keep up with what's remaining of the month. 

I close friend had a birthday March 3, but I did remember to send her Facebook Happy Birthday wishes.   Just yesterday I missed great-nephew Kale's 16th birthday.  So here is a shout out to him -  Sweet 16 and never kissed a girl!!!!  And in my own defense, I'm getting older too.  Tomorrow I'll be deeper in debt - but, who is counting money or years?  Not I, for sure.


Seriously having fun!

I've been having some serious fun with ugly fabric. It was a guild challenge that couldn't be resisted. Fifteen of us took the challenge to see who could come up with the best of the best with this pile of ugly fabric. It's all traditional and it's all ugly. My apology to each fabric designer.  Certainly, no offense is intended!

Thirteen ugly fabrics

Since I want to make a modern quilt out of this pile of ugly, I started out by making small quilt blocks then surrounding them with solids.  Hmmmm, well on my way to  making something pretty out of ugly.  Ugly is looking good!

 Block No. 3 - using 
 just a small dose of ugly. I'm almost home!

Not sure yet how many blocks I'll make.....probably nine. 
More later ~

"If Only" - "What If"

Don't look back with regret.  "If only I"  is just like "Can't do what I should have done." 

Look forward and imagine "What if".  What if I did something different today.   What if I didn't care if  all things weren't to perfection.   What if  I took a different path today.....

Going in Circles?
Reflect on the house being built today: 

What if I built a house today,  one filled with no regrets, no "if only", no "can't do what I should have done." My house will have open windows and doors for all to enter and feel welcome.  The view will be clear from within looking out and from the outside looking in.   I will have unpainted walls and concrete floors.  There will be no distractions - no distractions from my art, my quilts, my photography that will be hanging on every wall in every corner in my house for all to see.  I will not explain or apologize that my art doesn't fit your perceived mold of what art should be.  I will not explain why my quilts are just to my liking with every mis-matched fabric.    I will not answer your question...why did you take a picture of that???  

If I built a house today,  I will never be posed the question....."What were you thinking?"   Criticism cannot hurt me in my house I built today.   I will no longer be moving in the same circles if I built a house today. 


Dahlia Quilt And A Wet Cat!

The cat has been bugging me to death this morning. 
When it gets to much to bear
grab the water spray bottle
spray away. 
I call this one my Dahlia Quilt....marty mason

The cat bugged me once too often this morning!
she is

Dahlia Quilt with Photoshop watercolor effect....Marty Mason


It pleases me. Thank you ~

Assembly line sewing:  select the fabric, select the lining, select the zipper, cut the fabric, cut the lining and iron-on fusible, iron the fusible to wrong side of fabric, install the zipper, sew the seams, turn the pouch, top stitch, add the zipper pull.....

wide-mouth zippered pouch made by Marty Mason

wide-mouth zippered pouch made by Marty Mason

wide-mouth zippered pouch made by Marty Mason

and before I knew it,  there were too many to count!  Ready to be donated for guild fund raiser.  Kept me off street corners and out of bars!  Yippee ~

wide-mouth zippered pouch made by Marty Mason