Score No. 1 - One part finished....several to go ~

I've taken the's the 2016 Improv Handbook Quilt-Along.  Ten scores (or frameworks) over the next 12 months from The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood.

And why is this a challenge?  I ask!  I think I'm already pretty good at improvisational quilt making.  But then, Sherri Lynn Wood says I need to go ruler-free.   She says in her book that going ruler free supports spontaneity and play.  She says going ruler free will help me to respond to happy accidents and allow me to grow to trust my own authority!    I like that. 

This morning I started on  Score No. 1.  Sherri Lynn calls it floating squares.  I set a fabric limit for the first part of the score to 2 fabrics, plus a filler.  All the fabric has to already be on rushing out for more.  I cut blocks from each fabric at approximately 2" and more at approximately 5".  Once I started sewing these together for larger squares,  the other thoughts in my head disappeared.  I forgot to remember that I had grocery shopping to do and that lunch wasn't ready.   I forgot that the litter box needed cleaning and that the bed wasn't yet made.  It was improv piecing at its best.  Two size squares, two fabrics, no ruler, no rotary cutter.  Just sew and cut and sew and cut and then add filler fabric to get the finished size block of the moment. 

More fabric  has already been pulled to get a head start on the next block for Score No. 1.  Not sure yet how large this quilt will be.....that's a decision for another day.  When I decide that it's large enough, then I'll call it large enough and move on to the next score.