A little snippit of practicing what I preach ~

I like to stay organized but must admit that I've allowed my bags and bundles and baskets of silk fabrics that have been given to me to get totally out of control.   Today I sorted and trashed the soiled silk ties.  I washed the rest of them and what came out unscathed got cut and pressed. 

Bucket of silk

Silk on a pellon roll.  Now we're working it ~

silk on a pellon roll

I took all those beautiful silks that have been gifted to me and pressed as many as my time allowed onto Pellon SF101 fusible.  I think it's the stuff garment makers use to support collars and  other areas that need permanent stability.    I buy it by the bolt....just in case I need more stability in my quilt-making~

There you go -   I'm practicing  what I preach....that is, to use any and all kinds of fabric in those improv quilts!  I don't care if you stay organized or not !


I'm hearing very well, thank you ~ REALLY?

We (the HuMan and I)  had a large lunch yesterday so together, we decided on a light tuna salad for dinner last night.   And the thought was that we could have the left over tuna salad on croissants for lunch today. 

On a good day, my hearing isn't hearing very well!  I tell folks more often than not that if my response to their question seems not as it should be, then I didn't hear the question. 

Take this morning's conversation for example. The HuMan said to me......."i think i'll go to the grocery for sausage and chips" which of course didn't make any sense to me.....why would we want sausage when we are having the left over tuna salad from last night.   So I asked him as he was walking out the door why he was going for sausage.  Taken aback is putting it mildly.  He had no clue what I was talking about.  Then it hit him right between the ears.   I had not heard his statement correctly. So, in a slow voice, he repeated ....."i'm going to the grocery for croissants and chips."

I just said, yes, dear.....I heard you the first time! 


My No. 1 rule around the house is that life taken too seriously is for the birds.