ColorBoard No. 32

The Color of Outdoors - A doorway in Natchitoches down under on Cane River Lake

Colorboard - A doorway in Natchitoches down under on Cane River Lake

I love old doorways.
When they are open, I tend to take a peek inside just to see.
When they are closed,  I allow my mind to wander:  
What's going on in there? 

Then I move on. 


Leftovers ~

It's a day for Thanksgiving
and I am thankful
for a most wonderful life
filled with blessings
and all things left over

Isn't it fun the day after putting together another imaginative meal or two with the leftovers.  Soups and salads and turkey and ham sandwiches for days.  And finally when you say ENOUGH,  all the remaining leftovers go into the freezer to be pulled out in January for another round. 

Not really changing the subject:  But there are leftovers in so many segments of life.   Time left over from busy stuff may filter down to family.  Community service and church may get what cash is left over after the bills are paid and the entertaining is done.   And our left over trinkets, collections, furniture, and clothes may be carted off to thrift stores and consignment shops.   What I'm thinking is that leftovers are important and shouldn't be dismissed as unworthy of serious thought. 

Back in August,  I started a project while on a beach party quilting retreat.   I put together all the leftover blocks I had on hand.  All done....well, not yet.   I decided it had a few too many leftovers!

Improv sampler quilt made from leftover scraps

I cut out a few busy blocks and added some that were more calm.   It just needed a little less of this and a little more of that to give me just the right taste I was seeking.  

Improv sampler quilt made from leftover scraps

It's a leftover improv sampler quilt that I'll be using for an upcoming program/workshop.  Thank goodness it's now ready to be quilted.  

Happy Thanksgiving.  Count your blessings and your leftovers. 


why are my hours rearranged?

It's November 2 and my hours have been rearranged and I am confused ! Again ? 

I've gotten back from Houston Quilt Festival and have just a few pictures.  I could show more but my hours are confused.  My watch has one time but my I-phone has another ! What time is it ?  Really !

One of my favorite things to do after any trip is to unload and get an after picture.  This on-the-day-after are my bags filled with loot.  A picture after my credit card was used until the plastic was thinner than before.  Yes, three days of shopping and I now have four five bags filled with fresh fabric.  Can't wait to start planning, cutting and sewing fabric from Denise Schmidt, Jen Kingwell, Marcia Derse, Cotton and Steel, CherryWood hand dyes, indigo, linen, wool and cotton from Moda, Art Gallery, RK, Kaffe Fassette, from the US, Australia, London, Japan - and did I mention Texas!

bags filled with fabric loot from Houston Quilt Festival 2015

It rained our last day in Houston and all the way home yesterday.  I loved this picture taken out of our hotel room window on Saturday.

So many beautifully displayed quilts provided by so many quilt artists put my head into overwhelm.  I gaped and gasped and took lots of closeups for inspiration. 

I left home Wednesday with this little neutral, improvisational-pieced, machine free-motion quilted, quilt hanging on my design wall. 

After digesting the beauty of each and every quilt I saw at Quilt Festival, I continue to feel comfortable in my shoes, knowing that I have a long way to improve, but rejoicing that this one is finished and that I had the heart to take on the free-motion quilting challenge. 

Always remember to.............

improv piecing, free motion quilting - a neutral modern by Marty Mason the one you're with ~