Louisiana Traveling Quilt ~ an update to my update!!

Every now and then I remember that both my short term and my long term memory is failing me.  Anybody else out there remembering that it's happening to them?  Ah, come on!  Don't make me feel so alone. 

Louisiana Traveling Quilt

Was it only yesterday that I bragged blogged that I had completed my last rotation to our Louisiana Traveling Quilt.  Yes, only yesterday and almost simultaneously with my post did I get a comment from Mary that she didn't need to get this one again......she had already finished her block and sent it to me and she didn't want it again!  Okay, now what?  It was just about then that both my short term and long term memory kicked in!   The ten of us have been working on this project for the past ten months....each adding our block and passing it on to the NEXT one in the rotation!  Month by month, we were adding a block and passing it on:  not a hard thing to remember. 

Okay, I have now meekly unpacked the box that I had prematurely packed and labeled and organized my thoughts around adding another block to finish the top left corner....the same corner that I should have finished earlier. 

Louisiana Traveling Quilt
Well, I'll be a donkey's behind!  In just about  no time I had this one done. 
Louisiana Traveling Quilt
Here it is....all my houses sewn in to complete this quilt top. 

I like it ~  I like my neighborhood ~ a very friendly neighborhood ~ no bickering ~ no slacking ~ everyone doing what needs to be done ~ to get the job done ~ 

It is now repackaged and on its way to the postman
to be on its way to its final destination
Glen, this is a great Louisiana Traveling Quilt Theme:  HOUSES!  

Louisiana Traveling Quilt - an update

I've been traveling today, but stayed in the house all day and sewed.   I was just a tad behind in my Louisiana Traveling Quilt so had a busy afternoon playing catch up to get Glen's quilt block finished.   Glen chose houses for her theme and even sent along in the traveling packet some paper-pieced houses. 

Louisiana Traveling Quilt
I selected two houses and one tree to surround with my 2 1/2" blocks.  My add-on is now finished and it will be in the mail to Mary first thing in the morning. 
Louisiana Traveling Quilt

Louisiana Traveling Quilt

Love to travel - love houses.  This was my first traveling quilt experience and was so fun that I hope to do it again.   Ten of us added a block a month and now we'll all get back our quilt top to add on even more blocks or borders and then quilt it! 

Louisiana Traveling Quilt

One corner left for Mary to do her architectural magic.

Louisiana Traveling Quilt


Beaches - Peaches

It was a week at the beach.  The air was cool but the rooms were affordable!
  Do you get the picture?

On the beach at Seagrove Beach, Florida by Marty Mason

On the beach at Seagrove Beach, Florida by Marty Mason

On the beach at Seagrove Beach, Florida by Marty Mason

On the beach at Seagrove Beach, Florida by Marty Mason

On the beach at Seagrove Beach, Florida by Marty Mason

On the beach at Seagrove Beach, Florida by Marty Mason
On the beach at Seagrove Beach, Florida by Marty Mason

On the beach at Seagrove Beach, Florida by Marty Mason

On the beach at Seagrove Beach, Florida by Marty Mason

Don't cry over spilled milk

This one didn't make the cut......the rose parade passed it by.   We're not crying. 

Missed out on the rose parade::  marty mason

I don't make new year resolutions but often have a resolve or two.  And one of my  resolves for the year is to make the most of what's on my table. 

The HuMAn humored me with a dozen red roses some time back.  Oh, there was no particular occasion, he was just expressing himself.  After a month or so, he decided he'd had enough of the red roses and put the vase outside to air.  I balked.  I was still enjoying the roses, dead or alive, so the roses came back inside.  As long as I kept them in my studio then he was okay. 

Well, this morning I, too, decided the roses needed fresh air....as in outside the house fresh air.  But before I let them go,  there was of course pictures to be taken.  

Being able to let go of what can't be is an attitude.....just as 'don't cry over spilled milk' is a saying that means 'let go of what can't be"! 

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk:

I can't bring these roses back to life just as I can't put spilled milk back in the glass....
we'll just let the cat enjoy them both. 

Enjoy what's on your table.                    


ColorBoard No. 28

Oh, yes, I've been doing  something

but with the rainy days and overcast skies,
there's been no good time
for getting pictures

Garden Angel ColorBoard No. 28 - Marty Mason of my sewing projects. 

I secluded myself in Photoshop
this morning and
dreamed of  springtime
and garden angels and dill and rosemary
that I know are out there
waiting for me. 

While waiting with hands on chin, pondering
how to find my way today
I put together ColorBoard No. 28.....

Hope you, too, are finding your way



Looking at the back side

2014 is very nearly coming to an end so here's looking at the backside ~

A friend once told me that people on the street don't want their pictures taken....I gasped!  What?   Do I have to sneak around to their back side to get pictures of people anymore?   Once I started doing this, I realized that the back side often makes for better viewing.

For example, which picture of this couple do you like best?  The front or the back?

I didn't even notice what they were wearing in the front picture?  Or the color of their hair.    Not much of a picture, really, with their eyes on the street.  Yes, I was pretending to take a picture of the junk filled patio, so as not to offend the couple walking toward me.   You, know, they might not have wanted their picture taken! 
But when I sneaked around to their back side.....
 Doesn't the back side draw you in as they glance at the menu outside this Italian restaurant?   What might they be discussing?    Is it "what shall we have for dinner?   Do we dine in or take out?  Sausage or pepperoni? Red wine or white?" 

 Shaggy dogs have no side better than the other.....all sides were good of this shaggy monster.  Oh, but what a lovable personality was there.   I asked, but he said he didn't care from which direction I got him.  He wasn't sure he had a 'best' side so I could just gape on....he wouldn't be bothered. 

big shaggy dog

big shaggy dog

and the back of heads didn't take away from what the picture was suppose to be about ~  the beauty of the decaying building fa├žade ~

And the fun of the back side of this boat master. Oh, My!  He was so busy doing his job that he didn't really care that I took the back side of his jeans. 

If I had the front of her, would I enjoy the back of her hair as much?  Would I even notice the fishnet hose?  Or the purse?   I would probably not even have taken a picture of this lady on the street simply because she was wearing a black dress!   Now, I'm delighted to have sneaked to her back side to get this picture which tells me much about her personality.  Her black skirt doesn't match her black blouse and her brown purse straps don't match any of the black and her taupe shoes don't match the outfit at all.   And, she really doesn't care that the humidity has her hair in a frizzy state.   She's up and dressed and out on a stroll and enjoying every moment of her day. 

lady in black dress

and the back side of the friend who suggested that people didn't like their pictures taken!   She appears to be headed somewhere.  A lady with a vision.   A lady on a mission - to get to the top of this climb and have a breath left in her when she gets there.  She probably has no clue that I sneaked around and got her back side.  

back side of Ann

Yes, here's looking at the back side of 2014.   
Happy New Year

Ink Blots and China Marker

and the fun continues on this rainy Sunday afternoon.....with no particular place to go!

First, there was an ink blot

before and after ink blot turkey

oh, my....the ink blot became a turkey with just a little help from my Sharpie china marker.

 and the little gosling

and on the other hand....reversed side of the ink blot became just another figment of my imagination.....a barnyard fowl with a little Sharpie china marker help. 

ink blot and china marker barnyard fowl

Imagination the possibilities 
they are endless around my house

The Ink Blot summarized my year ~

I had ink
           and fabric
                       and brushes

add water

                         and what appeared says it all about the year just passing

I clearly see a bear with his backside to 2014, and he's not looking back
                                      moving on

  Yes, it's been a "beary" good year. 

Ink on fabric:  a bear


"Smile, Breathe and Go Slowly"

"Smile, Breathe and Go Slowly" a notable quote by Thich Nhat Hanh.  Yes, that's what I'm doing this morning....smiling as I  ramble in and around my photo albums.  Deep breaths, in slow motion

From sunrise






 to sunset - and beyond: 

Santa's on his way
Holiday Cheer and Well Wishes  ~ Marty

Abbi Lynn

We had the most fun last night with family celebrating an early Christmas.    I got lots of pictues, but for today just want to focus on Abbi.  She is the prettiest little thing.  And the years are rolling by and she's still the prettiest little thing. 

Abbi Lynn watching for Christmas, 2014
Christmas, 2014
Abbi's first Christmas.....caught napping

Oh, she does like the dress up girl stuff
December, 2012

And her older brother, Mikiel, is just as handsome as Abbi is pretty
Thanksgiving, 2010

A doll quilt made by her Aunt Mart
December, 2010

Get it open - no matter from which direction it takes
December, 2010

She's just as sweet as she looks.  What a little doll. 
December, 2010
Happy Holidays from our house to yours......Marty