Another "Lyric To Live By"

While I enjoy most all music, when I'm
not listening to classical, I lean toward the blues.....

A Muddy Waters lyric to live by........Marty Mason

This picture of muddy waters in Louisiana prompted my "lyrics to live by" edition.  "Baby, Please Don't Go" by the late McKinley Morganfield aka Muddy Waters

Sing on Muddy Waters....
but there's no amount of singing going
to stop this baby from flowing
on down to the Mississippi
into New Orleans.


Christmas: Time's A Coming....

Idea Pouch holds composition notebook, pens, pencils, crayons

As long as there is a child in my heart, there will be a little gift.   I do so enjoy making gifts for all the nieces and nephews in my family.  Come Christmastime, each one will have a little idea pouch to tug along.  I still have the pens and pencils to purchase, and of course, the wrapping to do, but except for the youngest (less than one year old) and the oldest (an almost grown teen) , the kids gifts are ready for the holidays.   The Michelle easy to follow and a perfect hold for the composition notebook and pens where each child can jot down that idea as it unfolds in their smart little heads. 

Idea Pouch holds composition notebook, pens, pencils, crayonsIdea Pouch holds composition notebook, pens, pencils, crayons
Idea Pouch holds composition notebook, pens, pencils, crayons
 I'm not sure what I'd be doing if I had nothing to do!  One thing I do know for sure is that Christmastime would be so slow in getting here if I had nothing to do but wait! 


I'm suppose to be seeking inspiration and sketching it out......

;however, I was distracted this morning with music in my head.  

"The Dancer"  a photoshop sketch original to Marty Mason

I'll resume my original plan in a moment or two.   In the meantime, let's dance! 

I've been traveling the state ~

Yes, I really have been traveling this summer, but this post isn't about really traveling the's about the Louisiana traveling quilt ten of us are block at a time. 

Mary sent me three blocks a couple of weeks ago and they languished on my design wall for a week!  I just couldn't figure out how to add to the blocks:::::::until I just did it::::::the unthinkable!  NOOOOO - I cut Mary's grove of three trees into.  Sorry, Mary, but I just had to do it! 

 Outdoors, anything outdoors...that's the theme for this quilt. How about outhouses...the ones we don't see anymore but were once a part of the outdoor landscape.    My outhouses fit beautifully  in amongst the grove of trees. And, setting each outhouse on unbleached muslin stopped the dread that all the other blocks' background whites weren't the same.  It's my way of saying, don't set yourself up for disaster.   All ten of us just don't shop at the same store and we certainly didn't compare notes on what fabric to use! 

I had some hand dyed fabric that I pieced together to add a stormy sky, but that was way too much so off that came.  I did finally use a small piece of the sky to make the blocks fit together. 

Louisiana Traveling Quilt for Carlie"  "Anything Outdoors" Theme

Next I surrounded the outhouses and some of the trees with flying geese.  What?  Give 'em a break!  They flew into Thibodeaux for a little R and R and had a little too much relaxation.   You betcha!  South Louisiana is noted for its good food and hearty drink. 

Inspired by Tula Pink's 100 block sampler quilt, I added my version of her block number 59 on the left corner, then using fabric from a bundle of ella blue "terra australis by emma jean jansen"  to make my log cabin block, I filled another blank hole. 

Louisiana Traveling Quilt for Carlie"  "Anything Outdoors" Theme

It's now in the mail to Glenda who can slice and dice at will and add even more  outdoor magic to  Carlie's  Louisiana Traveling Quilt.

Louisiana Traveling Quilt for Carlie"  "Anything Outdoors" Theme
and we passed a good time!

Quilt As You Go - my latest

I've been (almost daily) doing community service quilting and quilt-as-you-go has made the process so simply, so easy, so affordable.

First you find a block that doesn't seem to fit anywhere and you make your quilt know - the top, the batting, the backing.   Then you add some quilting and trim to the desired size.  In this case, my little house block didn't quite measure up to the 12" block size I desired, so I added borders then squared it up on a slight angle - just to give my house more curb appeal. 

quilt as you go sampler for community service
Keep finding blocks, quilting and squaring up until you have 12 or 20....either number makes a good size lap quilt for the young or young at heart.  Put them all together in your favorite QAYG technique and it's ready to donate. Most of the blocks in this quilt were donated to me by like-minded quilters.  Some were too small, so I just added borders.  Some were too large, so, you guessed it - I just trimmed them down.  Either way worked just fine.  Life is too short to be insecure in adding or subtracting. 

quilt as you go sampler for community service

And here is QAYG Sampler No. 2  washed, dried, and ready to donate. 

quilt as you go sampler for community service
and here's the back, showcasing all the different pieces of fabric that make the back as full of vim and vigor as the front. 

back of quilt as you go sampler for community service
Oh, yes, two and counting! 

Signs of Summer

Surfacing once again from a very busy summer....
just long enough to find myself in August.....
Praying Mantis, August, 2014, calendar....all by Marty Mason
Food for thought:  The Praying Mantis is a most adored insect and makes a desirable 'pet'.  It is a beneficial predator of pest insects....mites, aphids, mosquitoes and can turn its head and look over its shoulder.  I can't do that any more!
It is large, solitary, and a slow mover.  Just three descriptive adjectives
the two of us have in common!

Just a couple of items of interest! (OR NOT)

While this isn't really very interesting, I did get a giggle this morning.  I sometimes peek into  my spam folder.....not the emails within the folder....just the folder itself to see who seems to be wasting so much of their valuable time.  Well, this morning, this spam heading caught my eye -  P E N I S     E N L A R G E M E N T      P I L L.  It was typed out in capital letters and spaces between each letter.  He or she really wanted me to take notice.   I did -  thinking how could this apply to me?  I don't have one, nor do I want one.  So I made the thought smaller in my mind by just calling it PEP!  Now, T H A T  I need a little of.   My energy has been draining lately with all the heat and humidity here in the Deep South.  But, as they say, this too shall pass.  About the time November gets here.   

Also of interest is that I learned in English 101 that a new paragraph should be started with each new subject.   I must have failed English 101 'cause the above paragraph starts out talking about a penis then PEP, then moves to my lack of energy and then on to weather conditions in a season yet to come.  I sure hope the search engines don't hone in on the P word!!!!

Another item of interest, or not.   I've been without internet service for a few days and what a bummer that has been.  It made me realize just how 'connected' I am.   I had a good time looking for ways to fill the void.  Came up with a few:

(1) Editing photos taken during a recent long weekend trip to New Iberia, Louisiana.  It was a whirlwind trip, but fun to get away and have someone else cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

A real charmer any month of the year!

(2) Took stock of what fabric I had on hand. 

(3) Assembled fabric and cut a few more "Idea Pouches" for gift giving.  I don't often purchase patterns, but this Michelle Pattern was a must have.  I know it's still a little early in the year, but having Christmas gifts for kids in the family is now almost off my to-do-list.  It's a pouch for all ages, personalized by using fabric that suits the age of the kid, whether young or old. 

Michelle Patterns Idea Pouch....made by Marty Mason

I put notebooks, pencils and pens in this one but it is also perfect for sketchbooks, crayons or art pencils and brushes. 

Michelle Patterns Idea Pouch....made by Marty Mason

Interesting or not.....this one is complete.  More later.


It's a long story: but someone has to tell it!

It was at QuiltCon 2013 where I picked up a little card/advert with a Valori Wells' quilt pictured on the front.  When I got home from Austin that year, I searched diligently for her quilt pattern and never found one published.  Perhaps it wasn't her pattern, but just her Novella fabric that was being showcased.   Who knows. 

I continued to sit on this picture and when Tula Pink's Acacia fabric line (last pictures in the post) hit the streets, I grabbed a few yards, knowing this was the perfect fabric for me to use when, or if, I ever got my hands on the quilt pattern I coveted.   To the Tula Pink fabric, I added a Michael Miller, Kona in gray and snow, and a Kaffe shot cotton.  I put all this fabric into my "Projects" bin and labeled it Project No. 1 to keep it all safe and organized and ready to grab when the time arrived. 

Fast forward early 2014, when  I decided to stop messing around and figure out how Valori might have made her quilt.  Here's my little sample.   Okay, I got this far then was distracted again, so back to the back-burner this project went.

A zig-zag technique sampler made by Marty Mason

Was it March or April that I found Emma Jean Jansen's  Terra Australis 32-fabric bundle?  I've been looking at that bundle since purchased and finally last week the lights came on and I knew what I wanted to make.  (That's another story.)   I've now labeled this one Project No. 2. 

Ella Blue

Well,  now, remember the fabric I bundled and stored for Project No. 1?  I need that Kona snow in my newly-found quilt Project No. 2 which can only mean that I must complete Project No. 1  to be able to get started on Project No. 2 before I am further distracted by a new fabric line! 

Playful Raccoon quilt top. Tula Pink Fabric pieced by Marty Mason

Playful Raccoon quilt top. Tula Pink Fabric pieced by Marty Mason

The sewing machine has been running in high gear.  Project No. 1, the one I'm calling "Playful Raccoon," is completed.  The Kona snow is now bundled with Project No. 2 and it's on the design wall. 

Playful Raccoon quilt top. Tula Pink Fabric pieced by Marty Mason

Tula Pink Acacia Fabric


Changing: Now, that's a good thing!

 It wasn't one of my original ideas -

baby changing table repurposed by marty mason
but I loved it enough to copy.  Several weeks ago I saw a picture of a baby's changing table that had been repurposed.  I put out the word to friends and family that while I wasn't expecting a baby in the house, I indeed needed a baby's changing table!
One good friend took me at my word and found this one.  It didn't sell at her church's rummage sale so she called me to see if I wanted to take it off their hands.  After donating to the youth mission fund, I hauled it home.  The cats gave it a good once over as did the huMAN of the house and all
declared that it wasn't in the best of shape
what was I thinking?
I persevered their verbal abuse and stayed with my vision of
transforming it  into my new ironing surface!
the top roll bar was trimmed off
rolling casters were put on the four feet
 pullout drawer and shelves were made stable
 ply board cut, padded and covered and securely attached to the top
baby changing table repurposed by marty mason
The perfect addition to my sewing/crafting studio where 
quilt patterns and ideas are stored in the drawer space
 rulers - all safely stored together within easy reach when needed on the first shelf
fabric bins holding projects ready for sewing on the bottom shelf
Man O Man - times, they are a changing! 

Quilt Blocks - bright and sassy!


When Melanie offered me these quilt blocks, I just said "yes."   That was several months ago.  I knew I didn't have time at the moment, but one day I would.  There were even more but I've already made one quilt out of the others and it's been donated.  I know some beautiful child is enjoying that quilt just as one will soon enjoy this bright and sassy one. 

Am I lucky?  Or What? 
Melanie is a quilter and she loves to make quilt blocks and she usually puts them into service herself; however, she was paring down in anticipation of moving day and I just happened to be in her path. 

I love being stumbled upon ~