Not amused !

I found an email entitled "6 minutes to skinny" in my email tray this morning and immediately set my timer. 

Here I am in the first minute working on the latest art project, waiting on "6 minutes of skinny" to start working.

I'm looking for a grease spot or something, anything,  but don't see weight loss results yet.  Okay, so it's just the first minute.  I've had this weight for quite some time now, so I'll not get impatient! 


still working and waiting after the third minute
on the timer ~ Still no signs.  This is beginning to be a bit worrisome.  What?
Am I that heavy that this weight loss is going to take 12 minutes!  Why Me? 



and finally after six minutes and the bell sounded, I  gave a quick scan at my art then headed to the mirror

and I was NOT amused:   Liar, Liar.....Cat's on Fire! 

This email has been reported to SPAM headquarters.  Next thing I know I'll be getting emails that tell me I can eat my cake and lose weight too! 


Do you REALLY mean what you say?

Do you really mean it when you say NEVER?
 or ALWAYS.               How about FOREVER or even

 It's been raining NON-STOP! so the other day the group discussion was about how the sleet, ice and rain had kept us inside for an ETERNITY. 

 I mentioned that I was going stir-crazy spending so much time with the HUmaN.  Now, don't get me wrong, we do enjoy the pleasure of our company, but certainly not 24/7.   

 Does anyone? 
Oh, really!

One of the group immediately says that she and her best friend and dear husband do EV-ER-Y-THING together and NEVER get tired of each other's company. 

My body is beginning to squirm, but I didn't open my mouth.

Thoughts; however,  were definitely running through my head.......Hmmmmmmmm and how about in the shower.  Well, I guess any man, certainly not my huMAN, would NEVER get tired of showering with his wife.  But doesn't  a man want to take a woman break and hunt or fish, get into a game of golf  or tennis with buds.....just do outdoor work or watch war movies, have alone time in his man cave or something? anything? without you? 

No, luckily, I didn't even go there because I know that we don't really mean what we say when we use those extreme words.   Do you?  I know I don't. 

I will say this about that:  the day my HuMaN tells me he's going to the quilt shop with me, then that will be the day I quit sewing and take up sky-diving.....he doesn't like airplanes.  HEEHEE. 

Do pictures have to give meaning to a blog post?
Ink Blot:  Make what you want to out of it

I'll also end this little conversation by asking:   Many times.....most often.....when we say we can't, don't we really mean that we don't want to?

I was recently asked to write up a menu for an upcoming party. 

Without batting an eye, my response was an immediate, "I can't."

Well, of course, I can.
 I can write and I can plan a menu - I just don't want to write about it!   So, why then did  "I can't"  pop out of my mouth, when my truthful response would have been

"I'd rather not."  (because I don't want to)

Oh, I could just babble on FOREVER  but if I don't shut this computer down now, I may NEVER get dinner on the table. 

Simply saying:    These feet aren't in my mouth.. Yet!

Smiling ~  as I say that pictures don't have to be relative to the content of a blog post. 
A group picture of girls without men having fun last year at a quilting retreat.    After a week of relaxation, with just a nip (or two) of wine , and a bit of sewing,  we all went home to our happy HuMaNs.  (altered photo to disguise the guilty). 

What color is Austin?

Playing with  Kona colors I found while in Austin....QuiltCon 2015.  Still living the dream. 

Kona solid cotton color inspiration is everywhere on the streets of Austin.  Here in this beautiful cottage behind Lick Ice Cream Parlor I found Grellow and Goldfish,  Niagara, Nectarine and Titanium.  What a combo!  Even the hanging bird feeder is in Limelight. 

Kona colors in a house
Kona solid cotton Jamaica.   This vintage Chevrolet may be down, but certainly not out.....not painted in that beautiful Kona color - Jamaica was trending before it's time. 

Kona solid cotton Jamaica
Oh, and Kona solid color Grellow, Heliotrope and Honeysuckle in these chairs.   Some QuiltCon visitors also had these same hair colors!  Nice, for those daring enough!

Comfort Inn:  Austin
A sneak peek at Kona Honeysuckle nestled in this stack of chairs.  No matter the color, I wanted every one of them. 
Kona colors on the streets of Austin - QuiltCon 2015
 I see the Kona color Parrot in this beautiful bag....also a lot of Kona Gumdrop in bed pillows.

The colors of Kona in a modern home dec store
and a belated happy 30th anniversary to you Kona  cotton solids 

Happy 30th Anniversary to Kona cotton solids - it's a canvas tote

It was a nice dream in Kona solid cotton colors:


You didn't really say that!

It all started when one of The group shared that she had watched a TV program and  discovered that corn doesn't contain gluten, prompting our discussing current buzz in "gluten intolerant."   I voiced that I was personally of the opinion that while there are those folks out there who must avoid gluten,  much of the hullabaloo about gluten intolerance is that it is just the current buzz word and it's a way to draw attention to self.   The eyebrows did raise when several in the group began to name those is their family that were indeed self-proclaimed "gluten intolerant."

You didn't really say that!

Feeling shamed, I came home to do some fact-finding, as best I could.   In the opinion of those who are in the medical field and have done the research, there are those who are diagnosed with celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder in which foods containing gluten trigger the immune system to attack the small intestine.  Foods containing the wheat, barley and rye grains must be avoided.

Then, there are those who may have gluten allergies.  There are five known allergies and may be triggered by different factors such as pregnancy, child birth, stress, and so on.   I pulled my information from "About Health."

"People have used the term "gluten intolerance" at various times to mean different conditions, all of which have one thing in common: the person involved had a reaction after eating gluten.
The term "gluten intolerance" is now considered to be non-specific and outdated, and the respective condition is instead generally referred to as non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS). But in years past, clinicians and researchers sometimes used "gluten intolerance" interchangeably with celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder in which foods containing gluten trigger the immune system to attack the small intestine.

"At the same time, others both in and outside the medical community used "gluten intolerance" to refer to people who experienced unpleasant symptoms following gluten ingestion, but who did not have celiac disease.  The differing definitions of "gluten intolerance" generated a fair amount of confusion both among physicians and among people who suffered from a gluten-related disorder.
"Now, however, top researchers in the field have stated that they prefer the term "non-celiac gluten sensitivity" to other similar terms, including "gluten intolerance," for someone who gets symptoms from gluten but who does not have celiac disease or another gluten-related disorder. To avoid confusion, these experts are urging the medical community to move away from use of the term "gluten intolerance."

I am truly not making light of the celiac disease,  just trying to put 'gluten intolerance' in my mind, anyway.  Continuing with my research, I ran across an article that listed signs and symptons....a list, not all inclusive:

gas, bloating
bone and joint pain
fluid retention
foul smelling stool
persistent hunger
nose bleeding
sometimes the symptons are not clear and the patient just generally feels unwell  (my personal favorite symptom) 

Okay....well, now I have a few of these signs and symptons but I just thought they were associated with growing older, over-eating and not drinking enough water!  Little did I know - I am self-diagnosed gluten intolerant!!

But wait:   The story gets better as I continue to dig myself a little deeper into the pit....another drama word, buzz word, ADHD.   I continued with my opinion to the group that probably all children are not ADHD, but are children who have stored up energy from sitting in front of a television or computer far too long.  They are children of working parents and grandparents who don't have time (or energy)  to deal with their energetic child so medication is their answer.   I'm sure there are children with medical issues, but not every energized child should be grouped in that category.  Some children just need to be pushed out the door with a jump rope or a basketball and gather all the other energized children in the neighborhood to have a bit of much fun that they will be too tired to beg for chocolate or cola just before bedtime. 

Disclaimer #1:  I eat just about anything and everything that's put in front of me with no adverse reaction....well, maybe some gas or bloating,  fluid retention and obesity.  

Disclaimer #2:  I have no hyperactive children.   I would have pushed them all out the door for a good dose of sunshine and exercise,  friendship gathering and horseplay. 

You may or may not take me seriously.  There are other current buzz words that bug me, but I won't go there.  Not today, anyway.   

End of Story!

Happiness is having a sense of humor even as we hurt.  I'm slowly loosing every acquaintance I once had! 
When, oh when, will I learn to keep my opinions to self? 


The Journey of a Laugh-Time

I was so busy having a fun-filled 5 days with friends at QuiltCon that I forgot to blog.  I also forgot to Instagram, Facebook and Flickr!  Oh, what a fun-filled journey.    

 Four of us set out early Wednesday last, stopping along the way to visit with other QuiltCon travelers.   Our first food stop was about 45 minutes out of town!   After lunch,  we found Sew What....a quilt shop in Palestine, Texas, where I made my first fabric purchase of the trip

 before boogieing on in to Austin, where in spite of the traffic, we hit the road running Thursday morning and continued non-stop eating and shopping and laughing until arriving back home after dark last night......and I think this would be considered a run-on sentence, don't you? 

We did a huge amount of shopping Thursday before enjoying the Austin night life at The Mohawk where the Moda Party had a sell-out crowd.  It was standing room only until we found a table to sit and enjoy the crowd and music.  A great evening together, laughing 'til we cried (and more) while sharing events of the day. 

I had the pleasure of visiting with a Yoshiko Jinzenji and having her sign two pieces of her fabric I purchased.    She is a most beautiful and talented quilt artist and her work continues to inspire me. 

And, who wouldn't want to get a temporary tattoo....especially if it's a Michael Miller block pattern. 

Beth Rowan of Rock Paper Scissors had a most informative demo - sew many substrates.  There's more than quilter's cotton out there.  There is also voile and silk, wool and corduroy, linen and home dec, of course, as well as double gauze and jersey.  Not only did Beth have sample quilts made using each substrate, but she also advised on what batting to use for each type fabric.  Great information!

 I had just purchased a Malka Dubrawsky layer cake and charm pack when I saw her chatting with another QuiltCon shopper.  Too late to get Malka's signature on a piece of her fabric.   She's one of my favorite fabric designers for Moda and she's commonly known in blog world as A Stitch In Dye.

Oh, and the most talented lady when it comes to using scraps.  Victoria Findlay Wolfe gave us a few tips to sewing great curves during her demonstration.    Love following Victoria's blog.   It's so fun to watch her take a traditional quilt block and make it into a very modern one that still has as much warmth as one of her grandmother's blocks. 

She also autographed my tote spotlighting her quilt "A Summer's Day".  Interesting that the tote was made from recycled plastic water bottles.
I came home with some screen printing knowhow after spending three hours with Celina Mancurti in her workshop. 
and here's a couple of out-takes from her class.....

my apron that I screen printed the green bird onto and got Celina's signature for the memory.  It was a fun workshop. 

And some of the fabric that followed me home!
Leaving a good time is never easy....nor is the packing it all in! The loot was packed in from every angle and  I can assure you that the four of us were more crowded after QuiltCon than before.  It was a journey of a laugh-time and memories were made. 


I thank my lucky stars:

Yes, I'm thankful that I have a brain....and most of the time am quite successful at using it; however, today wasn't one of those days.  I guess I should have 'done the math' a little more accurately. 

It's like this.  Our guild activity for the next several months is to make black and white stars.  Each month we will be prompted about the size to make  and how many we are to take to the next meeting to swap around with other participants in the activity.  Last month went beautifully.  I made my four 12 1/2" blocks for the swap and came home with a nice variety. 

12 1/2" black and white star quilt blocks

For round two, we were told to make ten 6 1/2" blocks.  Not a problem.....made many this size before so I'm sure that goal can be reached on this rainy afternoon.   Woah......meaning cease or slow down the course of action.  While my little black and white star is a cutey, it is not 6 1/2" square!!!!!   It's only 4 1/2".  What the, er,  I mean, where did I go wrong?  As the voice on my GPS navigator dodad says, "re-calculating" ! 

4 1/2" black and white star qult block

Thankfully, I  hadn't cut too much fabric and had only made up 10 of the little four-patch centers.    May not be such a waste after all since all our blocks will ultimately be divisible by three!  You see, if I finish 2 more, then I can attach these three 4 1/2" blocks to one of my 12 1/2" ers.  

4 1/2" black and white star qult block

Thanking my lucky stars as I do the ~ 


A little orphan block diversion

Just a small diversion this morning.  When I opened my emails and discovered that I could have a better free-motion-quilting-learning-experience if I brought a quilt sandwich (or two).....and the best way to get this ready in quick fashion for the workshop was to use orphan blocks left over from prior workshops and classes or quilts. 

Luck be a lady this morning.   I found 6 blocks and quickly put them together.  But the quilt maker in me decided it needed more  - it needed borders.  I planned to enlarge my diversion by sampling a few border fabrics.  A plus to adding borders:  I have even more fabric to practice my free-motion quilting! 

I first auditioned gold shot cotton with the black
and the purple/magenta
and finally the orange dot.  This one won my heart.  My favorite of all the fabrics I had on hand.....the orange with purple dot Kaffe.  Will you be my valentine? 

I really could have used two more blocks for balance...but since I'm calling this my diversion quilt, then it is what it is
Done and Done
Ramona is hosting a free-motion quilting workshop Saturday, February 14 from 10 - 3 at Quilt 'N Stitch in West Monroe.  Here's the Nela MQG link.  Don't miss out on this great opportunity to practice free-motion quilting on your domestic. 

Organizational Mojo~

I had my organizational mojo working this morning when I was abruptly interrupted by the HuMan!
He wanted my pajamas! 

organized improvisational quilt blocks:  Marty Mason

and the nonsensical conversation continued (just long enough to interrupt my organizational mojo). 

Me:  Why do you want my pajamas?
HuMan:  I'm washing clothes!
Me:  What color?
HuMan:  Does it matter?
Me:  Louder YES! 
HuMan:   You'll have to explain that one to me.
Me:  Still LOUD.  If you are washing whites, then I'll just take off my tee shirt.   But if you're washing colors, then I'll have to take off my flannel bottoms.  It's cold in here.  I don't want to strip naked if I don't have to! 
HuMan:   Hmm....hadn't even given the cold air a thought!  

What a pile of scraps!

I stalk off to the bathroom to go ahead and get it over with:  took off my tee shirt and flannels.  Now he can wash clothes until his little heart is content. 

Mojo is a power that may seem magical and that allows someone to be very effective, successful. etc.

organized improvisational quilt blocks:  Marty Mason

I've not yet gotten my organizational mojo back, but I'm working on it without interruption.   Success is now in sight.......but I
still must get my thoughts organized  about how to frame this long lost and almost forgotten quilt top sample I made for a "what to do with your half-square triangles?" quilt guild program.     I think  I'll make it the medallion center and frame it in a multi-colored solid border, pieced together in an improvisational style. 

Also on the morning agenda was selecting a binding for this little dotty quilt....yes, the black and white dots won out. 

Yeah, my organizational mojo working! 

organized improvisational quilt blocks:  Marty Mason

organized and focused:  success


There's a STAR out tonight ~

The local quilt guild is subdivided into three 'chapters' which is confusing to the non-locals who try to find our guild's meeting date and place since each 'chapter' meets at different times on different dates at different places!  And, what's more the guild's funds are diffused as is the camaraderie, the activities, the programs and demonstrations.  We are a small quilting community and it seems apparent to me that so much could be accomplished if we banned together as one each month. 

Life's not always black or white.....but wouldn't it be  nice?
Time to stop whining about what will not be ~ 

My HuMan of the house continues to tell me that life isn't always black and white....that what is apparent to me is not so for everyone and I should just embrace the way it is.  When things can't be changed, then it's time for me to change the way I think about it.   So I have and console myself in knowing how much I enjoy my small little quilting 'chapter' and how active we few are and how much we give back to the community and to the guild. 

So, as I was saying, the local guild has three 'chapters' and I'm a part of the Sunshine Chapter and you guessed it, we  meet in the sunny part of the day....which would be the afternoon and our very first 2015 activity as a group is all about stars - in black and white.  There was much smiling, cheering and hand-clapping when our activity rep presented to us our  first assignment to get our quilts made.  

This month we are to make four 12 1/2" star blocks with the stars being the dominant black.  And, we are to keep one of the blocks as our own and put the other three into a brown bag.  At our next meeting, those participating will take home a brown bag with three star blocks unlike the ones we brought.  What a great way to re-mix.   Each month will be different, but in the end, we'll all have enough stars to complete a nice size starry black and white lap quilt. 

There's a black and white star out tonight!

It was 'bout dinner time last night that I had two of my four star blocks completed.  Today will find me searching for more star block patterns and more black and white fabric to get my first month's assignment finished.   

There's a black and white star out tonight!

May all the stars align to fill my black and white quilt top.