Photos on Fabric, Note Cards, Thread Painting

Was a busy Sunday afternoon....and yes, I do have my personal favorites.

First, I printed a photo on fabric and stitched that on a canvas tote bag. Gives it much more personality.

Then got out the paints to make more note cards.
First stamped the cardstock....let paint dry, then with pigma ink pen, sketched the dandelion!

Another stamp, another dandelion....
Peach dandelion. Why not?

Did I ever tell you I think orange is a neutral?

Nothing better than a blue dandelion... My watercolor note cards make me smile.

Then, it was back to the sewing machine for some thread painting. I haven't named her yet. It takes me a few minutes after their birth to see what name fits the personality. Would never name a child before it is born.

And, finally back to flowers....little inchies all stitched into orange fabric. Now, how should I arrange these?

Dinner was carry out!! Hope your day was also fun filled.

row of little white cabins

row of little white cabins
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I've reserved cabin #3 - I can leave immediately if it's available!!
I just love this little cabin series I found at shebrews flickr

cabin number four

cabin number four
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I want to be here. I've already called about reservations! Isn't this the best little art quilt.

Santa Claus

I found this quilt yesterday....actually, it was never lost!! But sometimes the large ones are so much trouble to take pictures of, I just stick them back. This is when I wish I had a professional photographer to come in and 'just do it'. Each Santa depicts his different loves of life....All are needle turn hand applique and it is custom quilted. And it's big at 66" x 92".

Santa provides for the Cardinals.....

And the butterflies and bees....

In the flower garden....

The delicious red apples are ready for harvesting...
Santa says yum yum....

He just dug these Calla Lily bulbs to share with all of us....

Am I thinking of Christmas in July??

It's A Scrappy 'Lil Doll Quilt

Met the challenge....It only measures 18" x 18". I think it's a "Put On A Happy Face" doll quilt.

You simply must click to enlarge pics to appreciate my talent...(eye roll)

The pink and green were scraps from the backs of other quilts. I've had the gold around so long, can't remember which quilt I used it in.. I was given 2 1/2" strip of kid fabric and had no clue how I would ever use it until this challenge was thrown at us by Tracy. Free motion quilted in a variegated green thread. This little quilt gave me a chance to practice my quilted hearts. I really heart this scrappy 'lil doll quilt. A fun challenge and the back was as much of a challenge as the front.

This little quilt joins another of my doll quilts of the past.

I just took a great little floral print and outline quilted in each flower. It's the binding that sassed it up a notch.

Oh yes, and here's how I used up more of that pink fabric....a birthday purse for the six year old niece, Maysen-Grace. (Don't you just love her name?) Oops, I forgot to picture the lining....that's where I used the pink that is also in the doll quilt. But you get the picture (don't you?)

Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston Collaborate

Want a chance at a Freddy Moran/Gwen Marston book, just enter to win by leaving a comment HERE. A great collaboration.

Note Cards For Sale

Remember a few posts ago I told you about the stamps I made

Then I stamped on fabric

Well, now I have finally snapped a few pictures of the fabric and put the photos into note cards.

Simple as 1 - 2 - 3.....

If I continue to be super productive, I'll tell you that these note cards are for sale either individually $2.50 each or bundled $2.00 each. Email me at to place your order. Any photo on my blog can be made into a note card. They are blank inside and measure 4.25" x 5.5".

xx's and oo's


Sold the Sunbonnet Sue

I get so excited when I sell one. And this sale was no exception. But, I still have mixed emotions as I box each one for mailing...happy to be rewarded for my labor of love, but sorry that I can never see that quilt again.

SunBonnet Sue quilt - hand applique
Did I have a favorite month? No, not really, but Sue truly enjoyed her April shower.  SunBonnet Sue quilt - hand applique

And, she made a beautiful June bride.
SunBonnet Sue quilt - hand applique

If I don't stop reminiscing, I'll never get this posted. Snap goes the lid...I've said my goodbyes to these little Sunbonnet Sue's all adorned in their wardrobes for each month.

Now to get on with the day. Here are three little mini-flower gardens. I guess these could be called journal quilts. I've read in places that purist journal quilters adhere to a strict 12" x 12". But being the impure person that I am, none of the three meet the journal qualification. I came close on one @ 12" x 12 1/4"!!

The other two are 11"ish by 12"ish. As 'they' say..."close, but no cigar." Good thing I don't smoke. A fun way to while away an afternoon. I stopped counting, but I think I have 4 more in the works.  

When they are this small I can group together for a summer display the way I did these three over the master's and my bed.

Love my summer breakfast fruit served up in a Pottery Barn plate

but that memory is long gone...Off to see what's for lunch. More later and hugs 'til then.

Garden Vignettes

A few of my back garden vignettes - Blackeyed (?) Susans are in full bloom.
Re-purposed red wagon - filled with pot of English Ivy.
Thyme in a strawberry pot. Surrounded by mint.
I planted Autumn Joy Sedum in these little post several years ago and it comes back year after year. I'm not sure when the little ferns implanted themselves!

My garden gate and trunk of a crepe myrtle tree. He asked me what I wanted for Christmas that year. AND I was ready. I wanted two garden gates. The gates would be built around the two stained glass windows I had acquired many years before. So by the time we found a carpenter who was willing to work on such a small project, I got my Christmas present installed the following June.

And, speaking of later...I'll see you then!

Garden Equipment

I try very hard not to judge others by the way they tend their front garden...BUT...that does not stop me from critiquing as I pass by. Often times I'll (mentally) trim a hedge, water the grass, make a flower bed around the house just a little deeper, push the trash can away and out of sight!! Every now and then I'll change the front door color and add shutters. Occasionally, I'll even change the color of shingles on the roof.

Dearest doesn't know I do this as we joy ride the neighborhood. So,what was he telling me when I awoke to this.

(You really must click the picture to enlarge...just to see how neatly the sharpened clippers are displayed.)
This underused garden equipment was not here when I went to bed Saturday night. Did he walk in his sleep?? WHAT is he telling me?? Are the neighbors beginning to talk? My trashcan is always out of sight? The grass is always watered. Much to my man's delight (it's a man thing) we had a sprinkler system installed several years ago (and he still gets the thrill of manually running each zone.) Yes, it can be pre-set, but like I said, it's a man thing!! My flower beds are a nice size....not too teeny and not just straight little items running the length of the house. So, what can he be telling me - do the hedges need trimming that badly!

It was a lovely afternoon to get outside. I filled that wheelbarrow 5 times and shredded each load into compost. My back ached from the misuse, but it was worth it when after a nice refreshing shower and glass of wine, we strolled around the (castle) grounds and relished in its tidy state.

Purple Coneflower Art Quilt

He said my brain didn't look like his......I thanked him for the compliment!!

This art quilt started out as a doll quilt to meet Tracy's Scrappy 'Lil Doll Quilt Challenge. But it started talking to me. Well, it actually started screaming...."I am NOT a doll quilt...I'm the background of an art quilt!! Can't you hear me?"

From doll quilt to completed coneflower art quilt inspired from purple coneflowers in my garden.

I first fused scraps of purple and orange fabrics onto fusible, then cut petal shapes and laid them in a random fashion on the pieced background fabric.

Then edited out the orange petals and added the yellow 'cone' to the petals.

Added stems and leaves.

Edited out the yellow 'cones' and replaced with orange for more umpth. Using the raw edge applique technique, I stitched all the little flower parts down. The design was completed with the free motion echo quilting with a gold metallic thread. It finishes at 14" x 18".
Next project simply must be that scrappy little doll quilt. Better get busy, it must be finished by July 25. One week to do it....I can do it!