Dis, Dat and D'udder

Inspired by the style of Maria Shell, Gwen Marston (Lindsay has the most delectable Pinterest board sharing Gwen Marston Quilts)  Eleanor McCain and others of like improvisational style.  This one has been on the design wall for a month....or more....but now both the quilt front and back is pieced and ready to be quilted.   

Knowing well enough that one should not be vain, yet I can't help but brag just a bit about stepping out of my box.   I can very easily mix and mingle with all those fabulous prints and florals and can easily add a few solids, but man, how hard it is using only solid fabric!  So, yes, very proud  not to have used a single print in this one.....only solids of Bali shot cotton along with shot cotton from the Kaffe Fasset collection.

While out taking pictures this morning I also remembered to grab these two  from awhile back that I included in an improv to the 9-patch workshop. 

And using every leftover scrap from the project, filling in as needed with whatever fabric was nearby that I could grab, cut and sew. 

Life is good....well, actually, life is very good ~


Getting my big panties on ~

Remembering ~
as a child how thrilling to grow
 into the larger size panty!
  I'm not


Threads of Glory Exhibit

The fabulous "Threads of Glory" exhibit features an array of fabric artworks - quilts, knitted items, weavings, and on and on----created by regional artisans......and I am one of them.  The exhibit will run April 25-June 2, 2018,  at  Union Museum of History and Art, 116 N. Main Street, Farmerville, Louisiana.

Yes, I am one happy camper viewing my handmade crafts on public display.....

Here is Old Blue happily hanging as a backdrop to the beautifully knitted black dress in silk yarn made by Nancy Wallace of Monroe, Louisiana.  I'll have to go back to the museum to get the name of The Rooster art quilt maker.  My apology to the maker for this sad oversight on my part.   

My flying geese quilt, even folded,  was quite stunning on display with The Butterfly thread stitched wall hanging. 

The bowls, oh, the rope bowls pictured below with the linen red hat! 


And finally my original hand crafted, painted and bound books. 

Thank you, "Threads of Glory" Exhibit Curator: Karen Bradford
Exhibit Designer: Alan Futch, The Dean of Flowers
Museum Coordinator:  Jean Jones and all 51 individuals who contributed treasured fiber artwork to the exhibit.


But I'm not a pink person!

And I never said you were!  However, often times pink is just the right flair, especially in quilt making. 

improv to the 9-patch.....a workshop

I had the most fun opportunity to teach two improvisational patchwork piecing workshops for Red River Quilters in Shreveport this past weekend.  I took a lot of my scraps for the workshop participants to enjoy and while auditioning different fabric possibilities in an improv patchwork manner, one particular fabric was rejected because "I'm not a pink person!"  And I'm not green either!! BUT, what if green was never incorporated into my quilts.  Just imagine a landscape quilt without green. 

When life gives me a challenge.....still reflecting on rejects and discards without a fair chance, I decided to improv to the pink to see where this one went.  Here is my first fabric selection with that very focal lush pink flower added to the improv 9-patch. 

Yes, you're seeing right.....red and blue, black and PINK in this totally improvisational 9-patch

improv to the 9-patch....a workshop

Next step was to slice and dice and add more fabric....the aqua and the little patched slice using aqua and red, yellow and pink.  This one is beginning to come to life. 

Challenging self, more pinks were added and not necessarily the same shade of pink....or black.... or yellow and blue that's already in the patchwork.  Oh, my! 

improv to the 9-patch....a workshop

and so it's full grown.....30" x 36" basted and ready for quilting.  Yeah, Baby....we are in the pink.

improv to the 9-patch....a workshop

improv to the 9-patch....a workshop


Spring has sprung in my neighborhood ~

Spring is in the garden

Hawk soaring with the wind

and on the street

Levy-East House Carriage House Natchitoches Louisiana

in the air

and yes, spring is on the porch.  I've been patchwork piecing with strings and loving the look of all that wasted fabric coming together in this quilt top finished today. 

String quilt with shades of red - patchwork by Marty

  Doesn't each string patch feel like a flower garden in full bloom! 


Yes, it's springtime here in my beautiful neighborhood.


It's Been A Ghastly Winter ~

The coldest for the longest that I can remember.  The HuMan has to go out every morning and break the ice and pour the birds hot water for their bath!

Then he hot foots it back inside!

"Ghastly " Alexander Henry, De Leon design team fabric perfectly described this ghastly cold winter. 

And the camera lens nearly froze as did I, but I really, really wanted a picture of this ghastly quilt outside in the ghastly cold winter.  

Brrrrrrrrr.   But thanks to the cold weather, I've stayed in and now this one is quilted.  It's a good cold weather lap quilt size at 45" x 65".  No borders, but improv sashing added to give it a few more inches. 


January Fabric Landscape Collage Workshop

What a treat it was yesterday to share the day making fabric landscape collages with Lynda Britton.  Lynda is an active member of Red River Quilt Guild and drove east from Shreveport to enlighten all us participants on how easily she constructs landscapes.  No heavy duty equipment required!

Here's just a sampling of what we made.  If I have the incorrect name on the landscape, you'll just have to correct me in the comments:  Remember, this was yesterday and memory isn't real sharp while out landscaping.

On the street under a blue cloud burst

Blue Bonnet Mountain

Cactus Country at Sunset

Beyond the duck pond lives a village.....


Pine Tree Island

The desert is beginning to come together

Rugged Mountain Scape:  Maker Unknown

Peace Be With You

Summer Sailing

The Barnyard - by Theresa LeBlanc

The Dairy Barn - made by Renea Joiner  

Purple Passion

Theresa is wild about purple but looks great in red

Here's The Plan ~

To help keep me from venturing too far off the path, I've decided to put it in writing....starting with the plan for January.  So far so good.
  • January 1 - didn't watch a football game.
  • January 2 - lunch with friend and a bit of shoe shopping.  What?  A girl can't go barefoot!
  • January 3 - Dropped off a quilt top to Jan for her to add her beautiful quilting.
Improv to the house quilt top....with improv log cabin border

  •  Drove finished workshop sample quilts over to Kelly and had a wonderful lunch.  Then over to Bella Nonna to enjoy the vinegar and olive oil tasting.  They make it easy to taste with locations in Shreveport, Ruston and Natchitoches.  Yummm. 

  •  Next stop, Joann Fabrics and what a disappointment that was!  I didn't realize they were moving house and cleaning out the old stuff at this location.  And I even had an additional 20% off senior discount.  Oh, well....I'll be visiting the new location later in the spring....no doubt! 
  • January 4 - NELA quilt guild meeting...first of the new year.  I'm secretary of the group so have to really listen up. 
  • January 6 - Landscapes art quilt workshop with Lynda Britton. 
  • And on Sunday, we rest.

  • January 11 - over to Ruston to enjoy the Piney Hills Quilt Guild meeting.  Staying after to begin formation of an art quilt group.  Thanks Sharon....I needed something else to do!
  • January 13 NELA Modern quilt guild meeting.  I think a brief meeting is planned with a sit and sew afterward.  Always a good time to sit back and listen to the younger crowd talk about how busy is their schedule.   Retirement is cool....so much free time.
  • A break in between before the Tangi House Retreat January 25-29 where 9 of us laugh until we cry (or wet our pants), sew a bit, do a little shopping at Mama's Quilt Shop, eat a lot and have a chocolate martini. 
  • Somewhere in here I plan start-to-finish another improv house sampler for a Red River Quilt Guild workshop.  Improv is not only block content but there's improv as to color and improv as to choices of fabric. 
Improv to the house quilt top....out of my head and onto the drawing board aka design wall

  • And finally, there's a quilt top on the shelf  ready to be quilted and delivered to community service. 
Yes, here's the plan.   Practicing what I preach....always have a plan for the project at hand, but never anticipate the conclusion.   Allow the project to take its natural course, taking crossroads and veering off the planned path when needed. 


2017 ~ Have I Told You Lately That I Loved You?

This was a most wonderful year, filled with folks I love....filled with good times....filled with good health. 

It was a very dry summer
In the good ole summertime, I can always find him in the back garden ~

It was a year filled with fun travels - quilting retreats and quilt shows.

On the street in Savannah, Georgia 2017

Tangi House Retreat, Independence, Louisiana August 2017

A year filled with finishing quilts for myself and for others.

quilts ready for community service

Circles.....ready to be quilted for guild program July, 2017

Improv half-rectangle triangles:  Hand quilted by Moi
It was a year filled with workshops and challenges ~

Loved, loved, loved the Sue Welton thrift store shirts quilting workshop.  Sue was a guest at Quilters' Guild Acadienne.  What a delight!

Oh, what a trip it was to the beach with Karen Echmeier ~

And probably the challenge of the year was perfecting this image using confetti fabric crumbs as taught by Nadine Cain in her most enlightening workshop.  Who knew crumbs could be so good.  The Vase for The Cherrywood Fabric VanGogh fabric challenge did not get juried in, but that certainly didn't diminish the fun in the making.  Thank you Nadine for the pleasure of your company while we all made confetti. 

And then there was the Sarah Fielke "Down the Rabbit Hole" block of the month challenge.  The 8th month is complete and the 9th - 12th month continues to be a work-in-progress for 2018. 

It was a year for finishing bags and zippered pouches for gifts and guild fund raisers.
No guts boxie pouch.....one of many made for gifts and give-aways. 

and a Noodlehead design zippered pouch

I'm continuing to enjoy making the sew together bag.  When filled, it truly is a bag with all my sew together stuff all together in one place. 

And it was a year to continue to expand my love for book making in Bari Zaki's Buttonhole Stitch Bookbinding workshop......

Oh, yes, 2017 I loved you. Thanks for the memories.