Mine and The Others

Was browsing on line magazines today and found some striking resemblances of what I have in my home. Here is the other one:
The other one-
The other one-

The other one-

Playing Tag

Just about the time I think I've found it all....well, I find more. The Tag Galaxy, for instance. Just type in a tag....I typed in Marty Mason, because I tag most of my pictures with my name....now click on the sun and LOL....up pops all of my Flickr pictures with my name tag associated with them. Click on any picture for a close view and a trip to the Flickr group that owns the photo. Neat. I found this picture of one of my lap quilts that I have for sale.

I'm off now to see what other whimsical sites are out in the cyber galaxy.

It was a dreadful mistake.....

to think we could get black cat to the vet. HuMAN and I decided last week that we had tamed this abandoned cat enough to get him fixed. The vet was called and an appointment was made to get the job done this morning. We had such a fine plan to get him contained in the outside workshop. That worked just fine...he marched right in for his food. But, when HuMaN threw the towel on him, and tried to stuff him into the cat carrier, all hell broke loose!

We finally had to admit that black cat had other ideas on how to spend the day - he obviously has a little more cattin' around to do.

Snippets Stitched and Framed

Every now and then I find snippets of fabric that speak volumes when put together. These four little fabrics did just that....

I first painted the canvas fabric for the background, then stitched the snippets down. Framed and displayed in my sewing room bookcase.

Hand Quilted Miniature

Do I make things in pairs??? I think I can answer that question with a resounding YES - since this is my second miniature trees quilt. I had a few left over trees from the previous quilt and decided to play it again....Sam! This one has a different background and is hand quilted! Yes, I can. I used the size 12 perle cotton and really, really like the old-time country - almost homespun - feel of this little miniature.

Almost Black and White!

Christmas Art Quilts

I browsed backward into my blog this morning and didn't see very many quilts! Then browsed backward into my pictures and found just a few of my holiday art quilts. This should get me back into the art-quilt-sewing-mind-set. I'm now singing.....let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Purses and More Purses

This pattern is so adaptable....I just couldn't stop.....
until I added a strap and a fancy bow! I just left off the tab, added the snap to the top band, added the strap and bow and there you have it! A really different look using the same pattern.

and one more.....

Not a Purse Tutorial!

Yes, it was a placemat. Yes, the kind you find on sale that perhaps doesn't have the look of a traditional table placemat. It was on sale for only $2.95 so I thought "What the heck"....looks like a purse to me! What I wasn't thinking about was where I was going to find a pink or orange purse strap. Hobby Lobby drapery department saved the day. Yes, it's one of those curtain tiebacks and it too was on the 50% off table. Imagine that! A hot pink curtain tieback on sale! It was the perfect fit for my new purse.

I found this idea here. Alisa Burke is a most creative lady and aptly describes her blog as redefining creativity. Go there, I think you will agree. Now...back on the purse track. LOL ....when I got it made the raw edges were showing. Not my idea of good....so out came the seam ripper and I started all over again....made it my way so inside has a finished look. It took more hours than it should have to construct, but the problem was finally solved. I should have taken Alisa's advise and made it using a purse pattern familiar to me! I did leave the lining in but binding the raw edges would have been an easy alternative since this placemat really didn't require that it be lined.

But, oh my.....now I have another problem.....this little cutie only took half of the placemat to construct. What will I do with the other half? Oh, I've got it...I'll just make another purse!

No, this one wasn't a placemat, but it is made from fabric remnants from the home dec department. I combined a couple of patterns to come up with one in my comfort zone and call this one my flouncy clutch pattern. I'm in the process of making another one but will add straps - to be spotlighted later.

Happy Sunday morning.....Marty

Yes, I've been away....so?

Ethel, Lil and I made French braid table runners. We still need to trim the excess off each side, add borders and quilt, but you get the idea. Mine is on the far right and looks washed out in comparison to the other two, but in real life, it has a nice soft look to it. I think I'll add a tiny contrasting piping then come back with a soft border. We'll see.

Here are 4 of Pat's stunning finished blocks. Yes, the sewing machines really fired up the room!

And Mary completed this delightful critter quilt for one lucky child!

Mary also had enough time and a large enough table to spread this drag-along quilt and get it sandwiched and basted, ready to hand-quilt. I love it! Blue always does something to a quilt...don't you think?

And Bobbie completed her calendar heart quilt. This was a project the quilt chapter started last year and many folks have theirs completed. Mine, however, is still patiently waiting on the shelf!

Oh, there was more....lots more going on - it was just the Tuesday Bees at Camp Harris for almost four fun-filled days. Lots of gab, laughter, eats, sewing -and not enough sleeping or exercise! Got home Thursday and am just now getting my energy level back up. We'll recover and do it again in February.

Too much sugar for a dime.....


I totally dislike that "git r done" decal that I see in lots of trucks around here. But boy did that perfectly name this one. That is, assuming that she is the kitty and he is the get-down-get-the-job-done-dog!

On a busy day, I sometimes delete emails (even from friends.....sorry) that have all those picture attachments. This one was labeled animals...so being the animal lover that I am, decided it was worth an open. Have no clue the origin of this picture, but I thought it was worth sharing. Hey...a kiss and a face wash...never too early for either one. Love it.

Headed Straight On!

I'm not sure where I'm heading with this....but I'm sure it's straight on! The straight line has been snapped and the cut strips have been woven. The blue floral background has been auditioned, as has the solid ecru. Neither background has been discarded.....Yet! All I think I know is that this should become an abstract art quilt with a traditional twist. That is, I want to stitch the wovens on with a long running/quilting stitch kinda thing. I might do some trimming on the woven swatch, or maybe not!

Whimsical Flags

An original, one-of-a-kind, quilted wall-hanging.

What happened to my quilt???

Oh no - not again....A photoshop goblin has attacked my quilt.

Another Little Piece of My Heart!

You know how it goes...we have things we don't want - trash, we call it. Well, Ginger's trash (the heart pot holder) became my treasure. I cut off the potholder "made in China" tag and the little hanging tab and stitched a white cotton backing on and stuffed it and voila. I have a new treasure heart pillow. I've already thanked Ginger for giving me a trash to treasure moment! What was she thinking?

Selvage Obsession

Maybelline the possum in this Herman and Little Leon story is tickled pink that I am holding her page.

Am I selvage obsessing?

Why would one think that? Just because I made more book page markers with my ever increasing collection of selvages....

Or more pot holders....

I had several of these composition notebooks around and they just looked naked! So I dressed two of them today: with selvage journal covers, of course.

Journal cover #1

And #2
Inside view:

Hope your Friday has been as fun-filled as mine. I get a kick out of living the good life!