The challenge was met!

Art Quilts Around The World....The Macro Marty Mason

In going through the inspiration motions for the Macro Challenge for Art Quilts Around The World, I had to first check out the definition of macro:
  •  Large scale; overall
  • Very large in scale, scope, or capability
  • A macro is a symbol, name, or key that represents a list of commands, actions, or keystrokes
  • and my own definition:  up close and personal
There is macro as in photography, or environment, computer, economics and this macro and that macro and on and on! 

With these thoughts (and by this time, other thoughts) in mind, I finally decided very simply, very minimalistic PERIOD as in large scale PERIOD.  My PERIOD is thread-painted in black on a white fabric which represents a sheet of writing paper.  The exaggerated lines on my 'paper' are hand-quilted with pearl cotton embroidery floss.
Art Quilts Around The World....The Macro Marty Mason

 I was in luck when I found the white script on black for the binding.  Just the cat's meow for the finishing touch on such a fun art quilt project.   PERIOD


Skill Builder BOM year-end review ~

I did it!  While I didn't get every block made this year, and still have one to finish, I so enjoyed participating in Alyssa's  Pile O' Fabrics Skill Builder 2013 BOM.  Oh, and how I increased my quilting skills.  At times, I thought I was way out of my element.

In all of my quilting years, I've never done English paper piecing so,  I am sew much enjoying the quiet time on the sofa.  Whip stitch by whip stitch, these little hexagons are coming together to form my pyramid.  Soon, very soon, it will be done.

English Paper Piecing....Hexagons WIP

Did I mention that I didn't get all twenty Skill Builder blocks completed this year.  Twelve out of twenty isn't all bad and  I'm loving the size my twelve block quilt will make.  I'm also loving the way these quilted blocks are joined:  the quilt-as-you-go way.  This lesson was worth sticking with this Skill Builder BOM 2013. 


Skill Builder Quilt

Just a sampling of my honed free-motion quilting skills. 

Skill Builder Woven motion quilted by Marty Mason


Happy Thanksgiving

Photography:  From the garden of Marty Mason

I'll take a walk outside today
I'll look around me
I'll look up
And give thanks for it all
For every single ray of sunshine and every breath of air
For the flora and the fauna
On the ground and in the air. 

I'll take a walk outside today and give thanks
For the beauty and bounty  that surrounds me. 's everywhere ~

See what thinking outside the box can lead to.  How many more people did this orchestra reach than when in an auditorium?  Perhaps not as many, but, oh, what a beautiful group they inspired. 


Flowers Squared - A quilt

It's been raining here for the last few days....not complaining.  Well, not much.  I've gotten lots of sewing done but no pictures taken. 

At first glimpse of the sun's rays this morning I bundled up against the wind and cold and headed out for a couple of pictures of my newest quilt that I've dubbed 'Flowers Squared.'

Flowers Squared......Marty Mason
Flowers Squared......Marty Mason

Hannah's Quilts had one similar in her shop and I snapped a picture of her quilt for inspiration.  In my usual fashion, not being sure what I was doing, I botched the third layer...the layer surrounding the center floral square should be heading out to each of the four corners....not side to side, nor up and down, but out!  Oh, well!

Alas, the big floral dahlia border would be so pretty if the seams had been mitered.  But, woebegone, I didn't have enough fabric.  Oh, well! 

Not complaining, just saying!

What I really love about this quilt top is that it is finished and perfectly pleases me.  I used Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably and probably some Philip Jacob fabrics, all from Hannah's Quilts,  and for sure Cherrywood hand dyed....yes, that's the lush turquoise outer borders.  Did I mention the Bali shot cotton too. 



Name Dropping
Jennifer Paganelli
Vanessa Christenson AKA V and Co.

name-dropping:  Amy Butler
AMY butler
Okay.....I'm doing a little name-dropping today:  Just because I needed to share some of my favorite fabric finds (some on sale, some not) from my recent trip to Lafayette. 
 My hostess made sure we had time to drop in to two quilt shops while I was visiting:
The Borne Quilter on Kaliste Saloom Road
 and Lola Pink Fabrics on Arnould Blvd. 
A fabric from Lotta Jansdotter's Bella Collection
and a most delightful part of Anna Maria Horner's Field Study 

name-dropping:  Brandon Mably

,Name-dropping is the practice of mentioning important people or institutions within a conversation
[1] story,[2] song, online identity,[3] or other communication. The term often connotes an attempt to impress others; it is usually regarded negatively,[1] and under certain circumstances may constitute a breach of professional ethics.[4] When used as part of a logical argument it can be an example of the false authority fallacy.[5]

A shout-out is a type of name-dropping where a list of names is spoken out expressly to direct attention at these groups or individuals, often as a means of expressing kudos or making a referral.
Name-dropping....what's not to love about these names.

Quilt As You Go......easy little doll quilt ~

I needed a quick and easy project this afternoon.....and I wanted to figure out how to do the quilt-as-you-go....adding one strip at a time. 

quilt as you go.....a doll quilt project
A Quilt-As-You-Go Doll Quilt

quilt as you go.....a doll quilt project
I gathered material for the backing the size of the doll quilt I needed to make, cut the batting large enough to cover the backing, then gathered strips of fabric.  My strips were anywhere from 1" to 4".

Layer backing right side down and place batting on top, then begin by laying one of your top strips  face up on the batting.  Add another strip, right side down on top of the first strip and sew through all layers using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Continue adding until the entire doll quilt is covered with your strips. 

quilt as you go.....a doll quilt project

TaDa...learning experience over.  I trimmed excess, added binding (by machine) and this little doll jewel is ready to gift to my housekeeper's baby girl in the morning. 

Now that I know I can, I think this will be a great way to make larger community service quilts.  All that will be needed is a variety of strips cut width of fabric and batting and backing about 42" x 50" or so.  How easy can that be. 


Shut up and Sew!

It is time.  Time for me to shut up and sew a bit: 

A therapeutic Moment
Therapeutic:  producing good effects on your body and mind ~
It has been a most delightful three days just passed.  Spending time talking to a receptive group of quilters about the modern quilt movement and sharing my modern quilts with Quilter's Guild Acadienne in Lafayette, Louisiana, where I was received with open arms.  The food was hot, the weather perfect and a good time was passed. 
A whirlwind of a trip filled with shopping, talking, laughing and sharing.  Modern quilting, yeah, it's a movement and it has now moved into Louisiana.  I'm excited and energized to be a part of it and hope to share even more in the days to come.   Just a spark can start a fire! 

Thread sketched lady with hot lips and an attitude ~

I didn't like  her attitude!  All hot lips and pouty.  No, I didn't like her attitude at all ~

Lady with hot lips and an attitude...thread sketched by MartyMason
 So, I gave her something to have an attitude about....a feather tattoo!
Lady with hot lips and an attitude...thread sketched by MartyMason
Here's looking at you, BABE!

From here to it took me an eternity to get back here ~

You know, you've heard it said, when you want something done, just ask a busy person!  Well, don't ask me for anything else.....I'm busy enough.  It feels as if an eternity has come and gone since I've visited my blog. 

Wide-mouth zippered make-up bag

Wide-mouth zippered make-up bag

I've been wanting to make this wide-mouthed bag for an eternity and just today decided that today was the day.  It's Saturday and therefore, my day for a little fun.  It started with the Noodlehead open wide zippered pouch tutorial.    Since I knew I wanted to use it as my travel makeup bag, the largest size was the one for me.....starting with 11" x 14" rectangles and a 14" zipper and then, an eternity later, a completed 13" x 7" standing size.   Now that I know what I'm doing, I may make another one, perhaps the mid-size.   It was okay that it wasn't the easiest pouch I've ever made because I learned a couple of new techniques....especially how to make the wide open mouth for easy entrance, search and exit.


I'll come back to rename this post....just give me a minute ~

I don't mean to do it.  When I set out to follow instructions, I really want to follow along, but sometimes there are minor distractions along the way!

Case in point:  I've been making the Gen X Sisters' Ten blocks of the month.....starting in January, finishing the blocks in October....two each month, using my blue linen as the background fabric in all 20 blocks to compliment the Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mabley fabrics I used in each block.   

BUT....this month, when I downloaded the quilt layout instructions, I measured and re-measured my blue linen fabric.  Moaning and groaning, I measured again just to be sure I was right.  Well, HELLo,  I obviously didn't read all the instructions about how much fabric might be needed to complete the quilt top way back in January.  I DID NOT have enough blue linen. 

You've heard it said before, when you can't change the situation, then re-think the way you think about it.  And, so I did.  I've had a piece of white linen in my fabric stash and have been wondering how I could use it.  Well, today is the day.  I did a happy dance and  merrily went about completing my quilt top.  Admittedly, it is just a tad smaller than the instructions, but you know about fabric limitations by now!  It finished out at a very nice size:  48" x 60".  I'm lovin' it.



 and then, continuing along with my diatribe about my inability to follow instructions. 

When in New Orleans last month, I caught a glimpse of a Victoria Findley Wolfe quilt in the Better Homes and Gardens "Make It Modern" quilt magazine. 

I assured myself that with my photowhatsit memory, I would remember how to make this one once I got home.  Well, you've guessed it already; however, I did find the magazine in a local shop and did a happy dance, merrily set about making my quilt in the same style as! 

Almost.....While Victoria's design called for two slightly different 9-patch blocks, I didn't catch that until I had my 25 blocks already made.  But that's okay, I liked my mix-breed 9-patches.  But what I didn't like was the busy-ness of the Anna Maria Horner Field Study fabric in the bottom panel.  Oh, yes, I do love all of her fabrics, but just not in this quilt so I ripped and substituted a Bali shot cloth for the 18" block but left the AMH field study in the four 6" squares. 

All done, and yes, I'm lovin' it.   Sometimes it just feels good when I don't follow the leader. Perhaps tomorrow I'll be more attentive. 

A Victoria Findley Wolfe look-alike by Marty Mason