It's precariously close to September.....

and I've just a few minutes ago finished my August Sisters' Ten blocks of the month.   It was a whirlwind morning getting just the right scraps together for these two Old Maid's Puzzle blocks.  You see, I like to use what's on hand for my sampler blocks and these turned out to be two of my favorites.

Old Maid's Puzzle quilt block

I'm not sure if these are Kaffe Fassett or Brandon Mably fabrics....either way, couldn't go wrong.  Their fabrics are divine. 

Old Maid's Puzzle quilt block
Bring on September!

Geli Plate Printed Fabric ~

It's simply the life!
To get up in the morning
And paint fabric. 

I've been searching for just the right fabric to go with my string of pearl for my next table runner when all the while, it was right at the end of my paint brush!

geli plate stamped fabric with string of pearls
From start to finish: 
Gather materials......white fabric prepared for dying
geli plate
acrylic paint
paper or plastic plate
paint brush

I protect my work surface with a piece of freezer paper, but any surface cover will do.
In plastic plate, squirt a dab of acrylic paint.
Since I wanted  the outcome to be a really muted gray, I added lots of water to my black paint and mixed with my brush.  Then,
with loaded brush, painted over the geli plate.  Because the brush was large and the paint was very watered, I got gray water drops just to my liking. 
 Now, lay your fabric right side down on the geli plate and roll the fabric with your brayer to get these results!  Need more painted fabric, just do it again.  When the fabric is dry, press with the hottest iron your fabric will stand to set the paint.   I'm using cotton, so hottest hot is okay. 


My painted fabric is a perfect blend with some off-the-quilt-store-shelf fabric I had on hand.

There you have it.....a table runner project in the bag for quilt retreat in mid-September.  There'll be more projects gathered before I get the final packing done, but this is a start! 

a laugh out loud moment

If this won't make you laugh out loud, nothing will. 


Commiserate or get up and at 'em?

I've been self-commiserating because of lack of enough time.....while all the time, I had all the time I needed.

I just needed to get back on track, stop floundering and

Unlock the door to find my creative room
Get organized
Follow the right path and stay focused

Now, I'm getting somewhere and decided to work on the improv log cabin that's been unfinished on the design wall for weeks! 

and my improv curve blocks

and that improv whole cloth quilt that's going to be full of life and color.  Malka Dubrawsky with a little Kaffe Fassett - that's what's happening here. 

Commiserating:  to feel or express sorrow or pity for.  No, not any more. 

Lots to do yet but at least I've pulled myself out of the pity party which in itself has given me more time! 


A Lyric to Live By: SugarLand

Haven't done much picture-taking lately.....but it seemed appropriate for a lazy summer Friday to rev up and post to my "Lyrics To Live By" series.   We drove over to Vicksburg last week and I was snapping pictures as we crossed over.  In between bridge spans, I got this one. 

Crossing the Mississippi River in Vicksburg


Under the Lone Star Quilt ~

I'm delighted to be finished with my lone star quilt top.  After all four borders were added, it was a delightful 74" square. 

Lone Star Quilt Top with Kaffe Fassett Fabric

If you haven' should use Quiltsmart printed interfacing.  I could/would never have finished the star without it.   Once you get it, you get it.   Just fuse each rectangle, fold and sew on the line.  The intersections match effortlessly!  Really! 

And then, of course, each quilt top must have a quilt back.  I had plenty of fabric, just not enough yardage of one kind.  Not a problem in this sewing room.  I just took the three fabrics I thought would blend to make just the perfect back for my lone star, arranged and re-arranged until I was satisfied with the design, then sewed all 49 blocks back together. 

Three Kaffe Fassett fabrics cut into 12" squares, arranged into pleasing combination, then resewn.

Now, it's ready to go to my favorite longarm machine quilter.  Yahoo 'til the cows come home. 


An August Quilter's Calendar

Okay, already....I know it's mid-August; however, since the month isn't totally over, I decided to get off my quilter's butt and make my monthly quilter's calendar.

Using a picture of Debbie's modern quilt - the one she brought and bragged about to the Piney Hills....Ruston, Louisiana....quilt guild meeting this month.  Love, love, love it!

Modern quilt made by Debbie Robicheaux, quilted by Melissa Ott
 I had to do a little twisting and shouting to get this one put together in Debbie's red, white and black color scheme.  But, hey....that's what photoshop photo altering is all about. 

August, 2013, quilter's calendar


I'm a BOM addict

.....and I confessed just this past month that I participate in four BOM's  - one of which just ended.  Sew, Mama, Sew! and Pile O' Fabrics collaborated for a big, modern  block of the month and I just had to do it.  Here is block No. 6, Pandora's Box....all 25 inches of it!

Sew, Mama, Sew!  BOM Big Block No. 6 Pandora's Box

And here it is together with the first five blocks.  I'm loving it!  I love it Big and Modern and almost Finished.   The borders have been selected, but not yet sewn on.  I'll update as sewing and photography and time allows. 

Big Modern Quilt blocks - Marty Mason
But for now, I'm on the road again.....heading to Vicksburg to enjoy the day. 

On Being Creative....Ira Glass

I loved this message.  A very 'in my face' reminder that what I do today is making me and my work better.


Just zip it!

My mother always said....."if you can't say anything nice, then just zip it!" friend Mary found for me at her church's garage sale

Well, I have lots of nice things to say about Mary this morning.  She knows I love to make zippered pouches. 

dmade zippered pouches....made by Marty Mason of Marty's Fiber Musings
So, when Mary found this box of zippers while working at her church's garage sale, she grabbed them up for me. 
I've spent the morning sorting and measuring.
I'll be zippered for a while!
Thanks, Mary. friend Mary found for me at her church's garage sale