I revisited some Kaffe Fabric

Just a few wonderful choices of which I had not too much was gathered and put into a quilt top.....

Revisited:  a quilt top by Marty Mason

quilted it up

Revisited:  a quilt top by Marty Mason

and decided that I needed to revisit this one.  Something about it just wasn't to my liking

Revisited:  a quilt top by Marty Mason
so, I chopped, sliced and diced and re-attached. 

No, it's still not to my liking.  Perhaps I should have left it alone.  Perhaps I should have chopped, sliced and diced even more.  Perhaps I'm giving this one way to much attention. 

Revisited:  a quilt top by Marty Mason

What I really think is that I should revisit this one at a later time.  Perhaps this one would make that  oversize tote I've been needing!  That day will surely come....on the next visit. 


When ACTUALLY, I think it's hip to be a square quilt ~

There are some who say they don't like square quilts.  While I might not want to try to cover my queen size bed with a square quilt, there are places that square quilts really work....for instance, hanging on the wall, or in this case, the clothes line! 

A quilt by Marty Mason.....It's hip to be square.
Beautifully displayed hanging off my old iron bed footboard in the guest bedroom.
a square quilt by Marty Mason:  "It's hip to be square"
Or thrown over the rocker on my back patio. 
a square quilt by Marty Mason:  "It's hip to be square"
What the heck, I love it on a quilt stand too
when not in use anywhere else on the property
a square quilt by Marty Mason:  "It's hip to be square"
Yes, wherever it hangs, it makes the statement
"It's hip to be square!"
A quilt by Marty Mason.....It's hip to be square.

a square quilt by Marty Mason:  "It's hip to be square"

Travel to Louisiana for Satsumas

 We are getting down to the finish line with the Louisiana traveling quilt.  Kelly's has just left the house on to the next quilter to add another block. 

I had to really think about this one.  "Louisiana" is the theme Kelly decided each of us should consider when adding our blocks to her quilt.   I live here so this should be easy yet when I received her quilt, I was at a loss - not because I don't know about my state, but because there was so much extreme applique and English paper-piecing.  I went into overwhelm at the intricate detail and beauty of each block.   There was the  red stick (Baton Rouge), New Orleans superdome and the intricate fleur de lis and all those French Quarter street signs....okay, time to take a deep breath and get control.  No one said I had to add a block that imitates all the other blocks. 

So, digging deep into my knowledge of Louisiana and also being determined to add an improvisational-style block, I came up with the orange peel block pattern, added a few flying geese and scraps of this 'n that for fillers. 

Kelly's Louisiana Traveling Quilt - improv orange peel added by Marty Mason

Kelly's Louisiana Traveling Quilt - improv orange peel added by Marty Mason

Kelly's Louisiana Traveling Quilt - improv orange peel added by Marty Mason

Now, a little history.  The Satsuma trees were exported to the West from Satsuma Province in Japan and produce a fruit that is about the size of the mandarin orange.  Groves started by Jesuits in the 18th century in Plaquemines Parish have continued to the present day.   Satsuma groves flourish across the southern part of Louisiana.   So, Kelly, there you have it.....the orange peel pieced in a very modern improvisational style is my addition to your Louisiana traveling quilt. 


I'm a wee bit behind....but getting closer to the finish line

It's been a whirlwind month.

My "Inspired By A Nine-Patch" workshop went off without a hitch.  Fourteen energized quilters joined in the fun and we filled the day making nine-patch blocks, slicing them up, down, in and out, until we began to feel the improvisational 9-patch love.

"Inspired by a nine-patch" workshop at Quilters Guild Acadienne

Some of us stopped to figure it out! before proceeding.

Stella stopped to figure it out
Some talked
Some listened

Some of us talked, some of us listened

Some smiled and stitched the day away.  Catch a glimpse of Gerry's fabric.  Oh, man!

Gerry smiled as she stitched.  Catch a glimpse at her fabric!!

 I'm coveting Debbie's red and black mix.  What a bold and beautiful statement this is making on her design wall.

Debbie Theriot chose delicious red and black fabrics....making quite the statement on her design wall

And Janet's background was just perfect for her traditional setting. Love it.

Janet's background is a great color, so different for her traditonal setting
Liz decided to use only Kaffe Fassett fabric.....lucky girl won as a door prize. 
I touched her, hoping the luck would pass to me!
Liz Breaux using only Kaffe Fassett fabric - beautiful

All fourteen quilters had made a vastly different  fabric selection for the workshop.  It just made my day to see how everyone's quilt top came together in either a traditional or modern double-disappearing nine-patch design. 



When you're feeling kinda blue ~

On those days when I'm a little down and out of sorts, I've learned to head on into my sewing room and sew.  Just sew - anything.  Just sew. 

Christmas Stockings

I wasn't down and out this morning, but I was on a mission.  A mission to make Christmas stockings and have them ready to be filled with love and peace and hope and joy for someone who might be alone or home bound during the holiday season.  Just the making of these stockings took me away from myself and my worries and insecurities of what might be and it feels good. 

Christmas Stockings