The original -
Altered Once -

Altered Twice

Altered Thrice -'s the same picture with a little photoshop play!

Speaking of Birds! Birds Speak Too!

I think this mama was feeling cooped up so she came out for some fresh air.
Oh, wait....she's really waiting on papa to come and feed the youngsters! "Would you get it over here...and be quick about it. Can't you hear these hungry kids?"

Papa's just checking in...." okay over there? Can I get you anything? Yes, I love you too."


GerryArt's Giveaway

She's good and so are her giveaways! GerryArt has been cleaning house and she's sharing her STUFF.'s the last day to enter. I love it....sure hope I win.

I Spy - Bird Houses!!

Click to enlarge each picture for best results....then click again for better results!

Do you covet the stuff of others? Well, I often do. Friend Dorothy has birdhouses and I wanted them. But they were hers and she would not part with them. She did share the I have my own bird houses. I'll add a little tiny purple or pink border around each. Then I'll come back with some bright sashing around each house....then perhaps I'll find some raging black and white stripe to complete the picture. Oh, yes, I have to applique on the little round entry hole so the little tweeters can get in. I'll probably do each one in bright colors. It's still a I reserve the right to audition lots of fabric 'til this quilt is complete!

Digital Expressions - want to win it?

Who wouldn't want to win this book now available at Amazon. Susan Tuttle is giving away a copy of her book, Digital Expressions. Go here and enter.

I can't wait to win this jewel of a giveaway!

Fabric of Choice

Simply superb stripes.....

A pink and purple and citrus collection that I couldn't live without.....

Oh, and Kaffe Fassett fabrics....yum, yum. We went to Kaffe's lecture and quilt display Wednesday night and I fell in love with his designs and fabrics all over again. Little did I know Kaffe is prounounced with a long "a".....I had been calling him coffee!

And single selections I found....when I got them home and sorted, I found that these four fabrics would be great together in a quilt even though they are all different designers. Love the little fishy fabric. Well, I also love the large floral and the orange with purple branch design. the little pink bright eyes that are made up with black mascara!

I'm not even a pink and purple person! Couldn't guess that by these fabric choices could you?

No, that's not all I found at Paducah, but I'm out of time this morning. Happy Tuesday and many hugs.....Marty

Thread Painted Fabric Art Cards

And, the bad news....I don't have the originals anymore. They sold today. But the good news..... I retain the right to do anything I choose with the pictures of my original designs. Gladybelle and Eugenia - two thread sketched beauties (?)- now have a new happy home but I still have the reprints on fabric ready to be incorporated into a project. I love stitching them into purses and art quilts and journal covers.

More thread painted "Pretty Ladies in Smart Hats" are available at Marty's Fiber Musings.

Pinwheel Party Block-of-the-Week

What great day I've had.....caught up on my Pinwheel Party block-of-the-week. It's not too late - Twiddletails weekly patterns are still available....for free. Only three more blocks to go, then sashing and border instructions. I'm ready!

Back from Paducah!

This is a super-sized shoo fly I made before the whirl wind tour from Louisiana up through Mississippi, Tennessee and winding up in Kentucky. Yes. My first major quilt show and it was a real treat. It was a last minute invitation for me to join two other friend quilters. Lucky for me - their third had to cancel so I packed my bags very quickly, counting my blessings while doing so.

Our accommodations were perfect...we rented a 3 bedroom house for the visit. So nice to have the peace and quiet and privacy at the end of each day. We found wonderful restaurants each night. The weather was perfect the entire trip. Blue skies and shirt sleeve temperature. But even with all this perfection, I can assure you home looks good. Oh, and to sleep in my own bed tonight!

Have I mentioned that I bought enough fabric and patterns and schotsky to last me 'til next year! Pictures will follow.....and more about the super-sized shoo fly to follow on a less tired day!

Using Kaffe Fassett Fabric

I finished this quilt top I dubbed "Bloomin' Flowers." Kaffe's Aboriginal Dot design is the little sparkler border. This bright chartreuse is just the perfect highlight for all his other fabrics used in the quilt. And the outer border is a Philip Jacobs fabric - Painted Daisies. A perfect match for all that Kaffe I used.

Fear not! It's okay to use big and bright fabrics in new and modern quilts. Stop and smell the bloomin' flowers. Or, purchase a few and sew them into your life!

Happy Monday to you.....

Life is a Lark

There are flowers that bloom in every season, but I think the spring flowers are always the most welcomed. I found this huge iris on a busy avenue here in town. HuMan reluctantly pulled over to a curb long enough for me to get a few shots.

We continued on our journey and found this.....

My totally imaginative niece recycled these paper scraps into the suet holder so the birds could add new siding to their homes! What a colorful neighborhood she enjoys!

We love to visit her 'cause we know.....

Buzzzzzzzzzzzz on Bye!

Now you see him.......

Now you don't....but isn't this a wonderful blur!

My menu is so full today that it's already a blur in my mind. Happy Friday!

Go for the Goal!

This is what I call concentrating on the goal at hand. They are on opposing teams but are at least heading in the same direction. Referee appears not to be needed!

Oh, yes, I found the smudge tool this morning. Check out the smudged background! There is really a bench back there with mama and papa people on it. Now there is much less distraction from the focal point - going for the goal!

Yes, there is a hidden message in this blog.....

Time for a Change

I was in a meeting last night....each person there was asked to give a review of a recent event the club hosted. As we went around the room and each committee member gave their review, here are some responses I heard:

"if they don't like the way it's done, they can do it themselves"

"if they aren't willing to help, then they can't complain"

"we can't do it that way"

"we aren't going to change the way that's done"

"who dared to say that"

"their product doesn't fit the niche, why would they expect to make a sale"

"if the vendors don't like the booth fee, they don't have to come"

As the meeting was drawing to a close, I made the comment that the attitude coming out of this committee was not presenting a good image to the members of the club or to the vendors who paid to participate in the event and that the attitude was not the attitude of every member of this committee. Boy, was I lombasted. They really didn't want my opinion. What came back at me was that I had a bad attitude.

Ya know...I accept that I have an attitude, but I'm not sure it's bad! My attitude is that when one or two folks control, the entire group suffers. My attitude is just because it's been done a certain way for 10 years doesn't make it the best way! As a matter of fact, it's my attitude that because it's been done that way for so long, it's definitely time for the process to be re-thought! My attitude is if you're not willing to upgrade or make changes or admit something isn't working, then it's time to back off.

What if I had resisted change in the way my music comes at me! I'd still be back trying to listen to Guy Lombardo on an old scratched up LP. Or Elvis on a 45...or Steely Dan on an 8-track. Right now I'm enjoying listening to Heart and Bette Midler and Sting and Bob Marley on a CD. But that too will probably soon change!

Oh, yes, I know I'm a relative newbie to this group and my opinions don't count. I know the ones who have run the show for the past 10 years will continue to run things. Or at least that's what I heard last night. It's no wonder other members don't want to volunteer to fill some of the jobs....who needs this! I got really bored listening to the ones in control toot their horn about how important they are and what a great job they do.

But, I'll continue to be a part of the club. I'll continue to express my opinion and hope that some changes are made that will benefit the whole. It's a great group of folks. I guess someone has to be in control! Thank goodness it's not me! But since I get in there and do some of the work and continue to volunteer, I think that means I have a right to express my opinion when asked. (or even when not asked)

It's time for a change - of clothes, that is. I've got to get out of these pajamas and into exercise attire. Later.....

A Giant Camera Leap

I'm growing up....I got a new camera. Graduated from my Kodak EasyShare to a Canon PowerShot. That's a giant step for me....HuMan does a lot of my photography with his big daddy Canon but I'll probably never grow that much...too many lens....too much weight to drag around. I figure I have enough weight on my on without adding more with a camera! Yes, I weighed in this morning and it was not a pretty picture. Can anyone tell me how much a cup of coffee weighs...I need to subtract that much poundage!

Now I'm off to do some sewing. May even get more pictures.

Hugs one and all!

Monday Morning Musings!

Things we could do today -
(1) raise chickens
(2) count our blessings
(3) kiss a child
(4) pet an animal
(5) go for the gold!

Just a little food for thought as you get into your day...Hey! I'm obviously already into mine!

Same Dream - Different Nights

I used the same quilt (the quilt top I just finished with the Kaffe Fassett fabric) in the background....same dogwood bloom....same texture....just tried different blending modes and hues and special effects. There were more, but I just saved these three versions to share. Would love to use the red wallpaper in a little guest bathroom!

Traditional and/or Modern Quilts

I contradict myself so frequently....I wonder what's the truth!

Case in point: I recently heard myself say that I was not a big fan of Kaffe Fassett fabric. So, why on earth would I bring all this wonderful kf fabric home with me?? Blast and Blast....I need more kf fabric....this one will not be complete without an outer border added.

Quilt photo edited in Photoshop. This alteration was quick and easy....added the multiply blend then the linear burn blend to give me the look I wanted.

Just about the time I think I'm tired of doing large traditional quilts.....I find myself doing large traditional quilts! However!!! Doesn't this look great as a table spread? It's not even finished and I've already named it "Spring Green." It's almost ready for a spring picnic.

I was gifted a jelly roll of Moda fabric, then found other Moda's on sale. I love the soft blended look. This pattern is one found in Sharon Yenter's Floral Bouquet Quilts.

Still have borders to add. I think this floral will make a great outer border. But, blast my fabric stash.....I could not find just the right green for a small inner border so I'll have to visit my favorite quilt shop tomorrow....Oh my!

Choices! So many choices - who can loose?

Is anybody out there?

Today has been so quiet.....Is anybody out there?

I was going to stop sewing long enough take a it's too late in the afternoon. Will ruin my all-night nap. So, I guess I'll go sew a little bit more. Almost finished another quilt top. This must be project catch-up weekend.

Nope....still no pictures. Sorry. I'll catch up with that later!

Oh Fudge!

.....I was gonna stay away from photoshop for a few days to get some sewing done.

Oh fudge! So much for that. And, as "they" say -
can't do what you should have done!
I did have a happy day finishing another quilt top - mitered the outer border corners even....and then was very thrifty and used all the left over fabric to make the quilt back! Perhaps I'll get pictures tomorrow (pictures of the quilt, I mean)...but for are pictures from Sunday - altered, of course!

Good and Bad (not news)

I've been good. Very busy sewing (again). This one was finished a few weeks ago, but I just got a picture today. You really must click on the photo, then enlarge, to get a good look.

But he's been cute when they put themselves into time out. Except I don't know what he did wrong. I'm still looking for something off the top shelf that's been broken. He's such a big lumbering ox...but so full of meows that say "I love you." His name is a stretch limo coming at you with his orange head lights and tail lights on!

Weeds are Pretty Too!

We had a few below freezing nights this past (thank goodness) winter and I forgot to protect my split leaf philodendron. And this is the thanks I got from it.....a bunch of dead roots. And it was a good plant....lasted for several years and was lush and green with huge split leaves.

I loved cutting a single leaf or two and sticking them in a tall vase. Woe is me....but I'll let bygones be bygones! And go purchase a new plant to enhance the back garden.

When folks around here speak of native plants or wild plants...that usually means invasive plants. Such is the case with this "wild strawberry". But just before I pulled it up by the roots, I got this snapshot as a reminder that weeds are beautiful! But I still don't want them in my flower beds!

Oh and allium or garlic or chive or onion.....pretty little flower and interesting pod at the end of the season. I've tried putting it in pots to keep in check to no avail. So, while I don't totally rid my beds of alliums, I have an allium reduction day each spring (and summer and fall)!

And here is my pot of allium revisited in photoshop. I promise it's the same picture....slightly altered wouldn't you say!

Life is Sweet

"It were happy if we studied nature more in natural things; and acted acccording to nature, whose rules are few, plain, and most reasonable." ` Penn

Dogwood on a wrinkled dress texture

Some folks like to make their own textures and brushes....and then they let folks like me use them for free! Playing With Brushes has several ones I've played with....this is an old wrinkled dress. And what a beauty. It transformed my dogwood blossom.