Purse Pattern

Oh, boy, I finally found it....the purse pattern I've been looking for. Silly me, I was looking for a hard copy when all the time it was right here on my computer. It's a free pattern how to. Take a look

Just need to find the perfect lining to go with these great fabrics I found at JCaroline Creative and I'll sew it up and post a picture or two.

Tiptoe Through the Tulips on Tuesday

Too tired to tango or perhaps tongue tied Tuesday. What about tiptoe through the tulips. I'm finally catching my breath after a busy day.

Ooops....I don't think that's a tulip.

Later Tater

Best things in life are free

Well, besides fresh air and grass between your toes and true love..Ideas...what freedom...I found this great idea and how-to-do-it at The Farm Chicks Web Journal. How easy to adorn the simplest of Tee's. And what a great way to use large prints. Follow me HERE Reposted with the permission of The Farm Chicks...Thanks for letting me share this great project.

Embellished Tank
I buy a lot of vintage linens and really love retro prints. I love the big flowery prints because they're perfect for making plain tank tops look cute.

Start with a plain tank top, fusible iron-on web, and your choice of fabric for embellishing.

1.) Cut out fabric and fusible web for embellishing.
2.) Fuse onto tank following instructions provided with the fusible web.
You're done!

Mini-Quilt Monday

I've jumped on the stitch in dye band wagon "Mini Quilt Monday".... what a fun thing to do to begin our week with a 'little' flourish.

I call this one simply...Pink Vase With Flowers...how original? It's a 13" x 14" mini and is for sale at my web site in the "Flowers Art Quilts" Gallery.

Was a productive Sunday afternoon for me. Dearest had his head in the NASCAR Talledega Speedway race, so I had uninterrupted sewing time. Thus, these three little pincushions were spit out.
I'm still working to get things ready for the Jonesboro, LA quilt show in September. This is a first for me and I'm looking forward to being a vendor.

Then I pulled out more scraps of fabric and put these 9 blocks together. Not sure where these will go. Well, that's not quite true...they will, of course, go into a quilt. What I meant to say is ...not sure what size quilt these will go into. So far, I've used greens, reds, blues. Need to throw in some orange and yellow, more green, and blue and red and perhaps a dash of purple.

I found these two wonderful Michael Miller fabrics the other day at Quilt 'N Stitch.

Then, I found the perfect pattern at JCaroline Creative.

Hope to have more sewing time this afternoon. But for now, the azaleas are calling....time for a haircut. I like to snip off the leggy branches that happen after the full flush of beautiful flowers are gone.



Must see DIY Tutorials

Recycled magazine holder - Pink and Polka Dot has it altogether. What A fun way to organize and contain all those magazines we can't live without. And the boxes are free (well, almost). You've probably heard...."there's no such thing as a free lunch." Truer words were never spoken.

Fabric scrap baskets - The Sometimes Crafter has the storage problem solved. Who doesn't have scrap fabric? No. Well how about using these baskets for ric rac, sewing notions, ribbons, left over batting...hey, you name it. If you make this basket, it will fill.

I think both of these are great tutorials...take a look and have a happy Sunday afternoon.


And Great Progress Was Made

What a fun Saturday....dearest has been smoking a brisket all afternoon...yumm and I made cole slaw. The baked beans are still in the oven on slow cook. So I can wind down.

Much yard work done. Granted, he did the most...but we work great as a team (of two) out there. We don't get into deep conversation, but it is nice to know he's there, should I have something to say. Silence can be golden in the garden...perfect place to reflect and meditate and say a prayer.

Did get some pictures taken to follow up on earlier posting. Here are the two fabrics I received from JCaroline Creative. Wonderful...heavyweight...54" wide. Perfect patterns for spring. Nice and generous yardage for any size purse or tote. No, still haven't found the pattern...I'll keep looking OR find another one to use. Can't get bogged down now.

And the blocks for my stamps. Can't wait to see how these will work. So far, much cheaper than the store bought ones...and, I can make my own design. We'll see.

And, Kathy's Fancy Stitching inquired about an inchie...here's one of the little cuties stitched on fabric, which was stitched onto fabric, which was stitched on to card stock to complete a note card. I like to make the 1/2 page ones. Just the right size for "just a note"....And there are envelopes made exactly the right size. You'll have to click to enlarge to see the flower stitched into the inchie. Not a real big deal, just fun sometimes to make something different....lightens my load to frolic.

And finally for the day...some snaps of my newest best friend. I have spoken at times about paying too much for the squirrel proof bird feeder. Now the poor birds must share with another hungry critter. I have no clue how he gets up there! Not going to ask either.

He wanders up late each afternoon and enjoys the slim pickings the birds (and squirrels) left for him. After the snack, he trolls on to the bird bath for a cool down...

Then he says goodnight to the garden rabbit. I hear from afar...see you tomorrow.
Can you tell, he's not the least bit bothered by my photo session.

My prayer for the day...that dearest and I can afford all these new best friends.



A Quilter's To-Do-List

I guess I've been in a non-productive bubble this week. Could blame it on my doctor appointments and medical testing...yes, everything tested okay. Sister's hospital stay...and yes, she's home and doing much better. My mind has been racing at such a fast pace this week, but my body hasn't caught up yet. Perhaps I can get both pieces/parts together soon.

Here's only a part of my quilter's want-to-do-list>>>

1. I want to purchase a bolt of white fabric. I never seem to have enough and want to use white in almost every project these days. It's on order...waiting on delivery...roadblock here.

2. I want to make pincushions - the design in my head makes use of white fabric...roadblock here.

3. I want to make stacked coin doll quilts...again, using white fabric as columns in between the stacked coins. Roadblock here.

4. I want to make inchies to put on..well, everything. Have lots of ideas for inchies in my head, but my body hasn't caught up to my head yet.

5. Ordered fabric from JCaroline Creative and it was received this week. So, I want to make more purses. Pattern misplaced...where did I hide it??? Hopefully I'll find it in this lifetime. Self-imposed roadblock here.

6. I want to make stamps - need dearest's help here. OK, ok, he just helped...I now have a piece of lumber cut 3" x 7". And it's all sanded down so it won't scratch my hands. Isn't he the dear. (insert here...he just walked in with 3 more blocks. Oh my) Clearly, I cannot continue to blame lack of doing this project on a roadblock. So, since it's back in my ballpark, I'll blame it on the detached head to body. I will pass on this great idea from Imagine, Create, Inspire. Scroll down to April 7....but scroll slowly, you'll enjoy the journey. Fannie is one talented artist. Her head obviously never detaches!

7. And I want to join in the stitch in dye Mini-Monday quilt challenge. This challenge will probably be the nudge to help me break out of my non-productive bubble.


For now, I'm going outside to pull weeds. Perhaps we can muse more later and I'll picture my body attached to my head, or at least a completed project (which means that finally my body is attached to my head.)

Printable Fabric Sheets

Here is my chicken scratch, or in some cases, rooster scratch, printed on fabric sheets. These 8 1/2" x 11" prints can be framed as is or sewn into projects. Those wonderful fabric crayons are just the thing to add a bit of color to mr. and mrs. chick. Oh, and what about water color or even acrylic paint....

They all came for portraits

My outside kitty kats really aren't my kitty kats! But, I don't have the heart to tell them. I'm sure they have loving parents somewhere. They appear to be happy and healthy. So, why do I feel compelled to give them names and keep a snack and fresh drink ready when they are and hang their pictures in my blog? The only answer I can come up with.....because it makes me happy. (Oh yes, it's all about ME) Where have I heard this before????

And, as I have mentioned before, I don't know their birth names and not really wanting to confuse them, or create dual personalities, I just call them yellow cat and cat-that-licks-my-toes and cat-that-runs-away-from-me. I can't prove it, but they probably aren't Native American, but they respond to these Native American names.

They must have gotten together Saturday night 'cause they all came up yesterday for the picture taking session. All at different times....they wanted to make sure each one had plenty of time to wash their faces and comb their hair and pose prettily (or handsomely)...We still aren't sure of gender!

Yellow cat arrived first...He, (I say this with authority) actually waits very patiently for me every morning for his first snack of the day.

Snack bowl and empty (?) bird house

Then later in the morning...it was Sunday - a sleep in day. Cat-that-runs-away-from-me wandered up.

YES, I have made great progress, I now get to rub his/her chin. No, we still haven't had the sex discussion!

And finally, just about tea time, up wanders cat-that-licks-my-toes.

Just made my day...what a giggle!

It's still early morning but my memories are already beginning....


Purses Slideshow

If you have an interest in any of these purses, please contact me..

Happy Sunday morning

More Purses

Hiya...got the all clear on my mammogram and ultra-sound and feeling pretty flattened (when I should be smiling). I groaned and ouched all through the ordeal and all the sweet?? lady could say was "sorry". I know it wasn't her fault. Well, anyway, I'll put that behind me for another year. I generally know I'm okay, but it is always a sigh of relief when I hear the all clear news.

Changing the subject - completely

I have used several purse patterns from this great little book...Bags With Style. It was published in 2004, but I think the styles are timeless.

"Espresso" was so easy and allowed me to use scrap strips left over from quilting projects. The how-to was found on page 72-74. Finishes out at 8" x 11". Hope to get this one in Etsy shop soon.

This purse was made from two designs: pages 55 and 121. I liked the larger size with the animal stripes going horizontal.

Another book I like is "Hip Handbags" by Valerie Shrader.
Here is a tote - pattern page 67

And another one, using "Purses and Paisley" fabric designed by Design Trends. A natural for this little purse. Again, combining pieces/parts of patterns from one or more of these books.

Looking forward to the weekend....May make another purse, or art quilt, or maybe nothing at all. Til Later....Marty

Rooster - calling all chicks...

Here's my sketch

Here's my art quilt - still in progress. It may need a border - probably does. Then, I can select a binding. We'll see.

Meet a New Friend

Good morning...and meet my friend, Running with Scissors, Sabii Wabii. You simply must click and scroll to her February 28, 2009, blog. Too funny. But scroll slowly....you'll enjoy the journey! Sabii, I have the same problem...so thanks for helping me not feel so alone.
In my mind I look like this.

So then why does the tag say this?

There are just some words that should NEVER be abbreviated!

More later!


Is it Tuesday? Already?

Is it Tuesday? Already? I blinked and Monday was over. Errand day...in and out of the car all morning. And, I had to stop and do my exercises for M-day...yes, the dreaded mammogram will be early Friday morning. Gotta get busy preparing NOW, 'cause I'm never ready.

When dear is out of the house, I can get so much done. Up early, bed made, white clothes on to wash...almost ready for the dryer. Email sent to favorite niece of the day...Happy Birthday Cortney....It's your day, enjoy it. Binding stitched to one quilt...now to do the hand stitching.

I am so far behind on my hand work...decided to join a group, lovingly called the Tuesday Bees. This little mini-group may not be quite so mini....they printed their very own Tuesday Bees Telephone Directory and my name is now penciled in.

They have been extending an invitation to me for soooo long, but I have resisted. But now that I am so far behind on my hand work, decided to join in their fun. Quilts are actually quite portable and can be worked on any where!!! even at Tuesday Bee gatherings. Last week I completed the binding on a quilt and have one ready to take with me today. My bag is packed. (of course, I made it!)
Hugs for now especially to you dearest....I missed my good morning hug so here it is......

Happy Easter Sunday

Our summers are so hot, these little Dianthus (pinks) will fizzle in a few weeks. But, as long as the nights are still cool, they'll continue to give me pleasure.

And, wouldn't it be wonderful to have these Iris linger a bit longer. These are a couple of pictures I took while visiting our local herb farm Thyme In The Garden. It's a bit out of the way for me, but well worth the drive. Teresa was serving lunch to a group of ladies that day, so I did not linger as long as usual. Oh well, another road trip.

Thanks Jan for the links within widget. The more I learn, the smarter I get. Now, if I could get some mastery of photoshop elements. Spent yesterday afternoon printing out instructions...yes, help did come with the program, so I thought I might begin take advantage of it!!! Double duh!!

Have already gotten my before church greeting from dear sister. Love our early morning get togethers. She almost rousted me out of bed this morning....I was having a delightful snooze in this morning so had just gotten my first cuppa when the phone rang. Yellow cat just waited patiently outside the porch door. He knew the phone call was finished when he stopped hearing me giggle. Aren't sisters fun...

Have a happy Easter day.