Tried it.....Liked it ~

Try, in my opinion, is an over-used word to hedge.  I hear folks saying, usually in pathetically whiney voice,  "Well, I tried!"  I want them to finish the sentence.   Tell me the outcome of that "trying" attempt....success, failure, or somewhere in between.  Just try getting out of a chair, then let me know what happened.

Something I tried awhile back and liked the outcome.....painting fabric.   It was a class at Houston Quilt Festival a few years ago, teacher's name has sadly slipped on out of memory, that was all about painting on fabric that piqued my interest enough so that I tried the process.  What fun painting  on this Robert Kaufman linen... so much so that I used it as the back of this improv quilt.  The same linen on the front is left unpainted.  

I didn't have any of the fancy fabric paint so I tried the water based acrylic  which suited me just fine.  And, it didn't wash out because I tried that too.  

When one tries to do something, there must always be an outcome....Just try it and see.  

Still here and living life ~

 I woke up this morning with the strongest urge to add a post to my sadly forsaken blog.  But what's a girl to blog about?  I scanned the sewing room, looked through pictures for an idea and came up with nothing brilliant nor newsworthy.  Oh, well!  

Having nothing to blog about and not to waste a perfectly beautiful morning, I grabbed a stack of larger scraps and hung them on the design wall to audition size and color.  Well, okay, these seem to be working beautifully together so I pressed, then cut off selvedges and rehung them before sewing, shifting a few around as I made progress.  

And, sew it goes, a completed quilt top measures 46" x 60" finished before noon.  

Finally, here's all that remains of those pulled fabrics.  Man, was that cutting it close!  The idea for free range quilt top #1 started with Lotta Jansdotter's "Follie".....the gray stripe leaves.  Make-do creativity starts with an open mind about fabrics that should or should not be included.  

Hope to see you again soon.