Changing: Now, that's a good thing!

 It wasn't one of my original ideas -

baby changing table repurposed by marty mason
but I loved it enough to copy.  Several weeks ago I saw a picture of a baby's changing table that had been repurposed.  I put out the word to friends and family that while I wasn't expecting a baby in the house, I indeed needed a baby's changing table!
One good friend took me at my word and found this one.  It didn't sell at her church's rummage sale so she called me to see if I wanted to take it off their hands.  After donating to the youth mission fund, I hauled it home.  The cats gave it a good once over as did the huMAN of the house and all
declared that it wasn't in the best of shape
what was I thinking?
I persevered their verbal abuse and stayed with my vision of
transforming it  into my new ironing surface!
the top roll bar was trimmed off
rolling casters were put on the four feet
 pullout drawer and shelves were made stable
 ply board cut, padded and covered and securely attached to the top
baby changing table repurposed by marty mason
The perfect addition to my sewing/crafting studio where 
quilt patterns and ideas are stored in the drawer space
 rulers - all safely stored together within easy reach when needed on the first shelf
fabric bins holding projects ready for sewing on the bottom shelf
Man O Man - times, they are a changing! 

Quilt Blocks - bright and sassy!


When Melanie offered me these quilt blocks, I just said "yes."   That was several months ago.  I knew I didn't have time at the moment, but one day I would.  There were even more but I've already made one quilt out of the others and it's been donated.  I know some beautiful child is enjoying that quilt just as one will soon enjoy this bright and sassy one. 

Am I lucky?  Or What? 
Melanie is a quilter and she loves to make quilt blocks and she usually puts them into service herself; however, she was paring down in anticipation of moving day and I just happened to be in her path. 

I love being stumbled upon ~


Louisiana Traveling Quilt Block

Just a quick post and picture to prove that I'm still around and still making quilts.  Here's the second round of the Louisiana traveling quilt.  A group of ten are making sure our traveling blocks are making their way around the state and beyond. 

Louisiana Traveling Quilt Block - by Marty Mason

Here's my second block which will eventually travel into the hands of Marie Easterling.  My block joins the one made by Mary Marcotte. 

These blocks are off my design wall and will be in the mail tomorrow morning to the next quilter in the rotation.  Enjoy.