When In Doubt ~

I didn't trust myself, so I looked it up!  

 After receiving a text this morning that a quilting acquaintance's brother-in-law had passed away, my first thought was, ohmygosh, I didn't realize she had a sister!!!   In introspection, I think that the quilter's husband's brother-in-law was the one who passed away.   The quilter was not related to the deceased therefore cannot claim that kinship.   She would have a brother-in-law only if she had a married sister.   

The older I get, the more doubtful I become of what I know and what I think I know and what I really don't know, nor never did.  So, I continue to look it up just to keep myself in the know.  

I do hope they ban me from the text group....the bings are driving me out of my knowledgeable mind!