Putting triangles together! A triangle quilt work in progress

Know your triangles: 

Isosceles Triangle:  Any triangle with any two sides the same length.  I wanted mine to be 6" top to bottom, so I  cut a 6" square, found center and cut off each side to form my Isosceles triangle template. 

Right Angle Triangle:  Triangle has one interior angle that is a right angle (90 degrees).

To get a pair to attach to my Isosceles triangle, I cut a rectangle 3" x 6", then cut diagonal corner to corner:

Putting them together:   You naturally loose some of your width and length when the two types of triangles are sewn together.

Trimming to fit my purpose:  Since I didn't know what I was doing when I made my first cuts, I trimmed everything down to 5" square so all things would be the same! 

More to come:   Yes, I'm making a triangle quilt. 


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