Making 'Streaks of Lightning' Quilt

Was it just yesterday that I opened my NELA Quilt Guild newsletter and saw a picture of a 'Streaks of Lightning' Quilt.....said to self, somewhere I have one of these quilts started.  Well, then the search was on to find my work-in-progress, begun so long ago that I had forgotten it!

Streak of Lightning Quilt Pattern

The idea came to me last year as I was sorting through books to rid myself of.   I was intrigued by the 'Streaks of Lightning'  quilt pattern featured in The Better Homes and Gardens America's Heritage Quilts, ppgs 114-116.  My fabric scraps were gathered, my half-square triangles were sewn and trimmed and then the holidays were upon me so I put this WIP away.....until this morning!

half-square triangles for Streak of Lightning quilt

Streak of Lightning quilt block

Thank you NELA Quilt Guild for the nudge.


  1. It will be lovely. :) Sometimes a WIP is a gem when you find you have already done so much toward another pretty finish.

  2. I can already see that this is truly going to SHINE ! ! ! !

    Sparkle ! !


  3. I love this pattern and can't wait to see it. (Are you sure it was NELA newsletter?)

    1. Not NELA Modern....just the regular quilt guild's newsletter I belong to Ramona.

  4. I bought the book you mentioned at goodwill last week and started the lightening streak quilt yesterday, can't wait to finish it


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