It's a long story: but someone has to tell it!

It was at QuiltCon 2013 where I picked up a little card/advert with a Valori Wells' quilt pictured on the front.  When I got home from Austin that year, I searched diligently for her quilt pattern and never found one published.  Perhaps it wasn't her pattern, but just her Novella fabric that was being showcased.   Who knows. 

I continued to sit on this picture and when Tula Pink's Acacia fabric line (last pictures in the post) hit the streets, I grabbed a few yards, knowing this was the perfect fabric for me to use when, or if, I ever got my hands on the quilt pattern I coveted.   To the Tula Pink fabric, I added a Michael Miller, Kona in gray and snow, and a Kaffe shot cotton.  I put all this fabric into my "Projects" bin and labeled it Project No. 1 to keep it all safe and organized and ready to grab when the time arrived. 

Fast forward early 2014, when  I decided to stop messing around and figure out how Valori might have made her quilt.  Here's my little sample.   Okay, I got this far then was distracted again, so back to the back-burner this project went.

A zig-zag technique sampler made by Marty Mason

Was it March or April that I found Emma Jean Jansen's  Terra Australis 32-fabric bundle?  I've been looking at that bundle since purchased and finally last week the lights came on and I knew what I wanted to make.  (That's another story.)   I've now labeled this one Project No. 2. 

Ella Blue

Well,  now, remember the fabric I bundled and stored for Project No. 1?  I need that Kona snow in my newly-found quilt Project No. 2 which can only mean that I must complete Project No. 1  to be able to get started on Project No. 2 before I am further distracted by a new fabric line! 

Playful Raccoon quilt top. Tula Pink Fabric pieced by Marty Mason

Playful Raccoon quilt top. Tula Pink Fabric pieced by Marty Mason

The sewing machine has been running in high gear.  Project No. 1, the one I'm calling "Playful Raccoon," is completed.  The Kona snow is now bundled with Project No. 2 and it's on the design wall. 

Playful Raccoon quilt top. Tula Pink Fabric pieced by Marty Mason

Tula Pink Acacia Fabric



  1. Loved your presentation tonight! Thanks for coming to Alexandria.

  2. What a treat it was to meet you Mary. It was a wonderful evening, so fun-filled. Let's do it again!


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