I'm hearing very well, thank you ~ REALLY?

We (the HuMan and I)  had a large lunch yesterday so together, we decided on a light tuna salad for dinner last night.   And the thought was that we could have the left over tuna salad on croissants for lunch today. 

On a good day, my hearing isn't hearing very well!  I tell folks more often than not that if my response to their question seems not as it should be, then I didn't hear the question. 

Take this morning's conversation for example. The HuMan said to me......."i think i'll go to the grocery for sausage and chips" which of course didn't make any sense to me.....why would we want sausage when we are having the left over tuna salad from last night.   So I asked him as he was walking out the door why he was going for sausage.  Taken aback is putting it mildly.  He had no clue what I was talking about.  Then it hit him right between the ears.   I had not heard his statement correctly. So, in a slow voice, he repeated ....."i'm going to the grocery for croissants and chips."

I just said, yes, dear.....I heard you the first time! 


My No. 1 rule around the house is that life taken too seriously is for the birds.



  1. Love this piece! You know, there's a way to have your hearing checked and perhaps even corrected or improved. I'd hate to have to give in, though. It took years for me to finally get the eye glasses already.

    1. Yes, Mary....I gave into the problem a couple of years ago but often when I'm home, I just don't go get the darn things! Really should, shouldn't I.

  2. I ran across this quilt and thought of you



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