My flight was cancelled !

Now, why would my flight being cancelled concern me?  Perhaps because I don't have an airline trip scheduled ! !

So, why do I feel as if a trip has been aborted?  You know when you have a trip to make and everything gets frantic and with the checking this and checking that and back and forth on what to pack and what to leave out.  Well, that's the way it's been around here lately.  Except I don't have an airline trip scheduled ! !

Oh.  Well.   Perhaps things will be calm today and I can get the sewing studio quieted down and get some projects finished.

 Let's see, I can start with this wheel of fortune block -  a paper-piecing workshop taught by Gayle Wallace in May for the quilt makers of Piney Hills Quilt Guild, Ruston.

Wheel of Fortune Paper-Pieced Quilt Block

 I 'm hoping to get at least a table runner made.....maybe more since I have enough fabric for 12 blocks. 

I'm enjoying the process even though my distraction quotient has been quite high these weeks just passed.  And, I'm feeling quite bored with my three color choices.  I'm sure I can come up with some kind of fabric diversion to get me excited and keep my attention to the finish line.  Even though the fabric was on sale didn't mean I had to buy two yards of it.   (what was i thinking hand slap to head)

The attention we gave to Gayle's paper-piecing techniques paid off for me.  I learned a new trick.
Oh.  And.   I am super excited to have just returned from Bryan/College Station, Texas.  The Lone Star QuiltWorks with Jen Kingwell.  My Texas stars........what a trip.  My head is still spinning with new applique information. 

Me with Jen as she signed her "Quilt Lovely" book for me


I'm truly doing somersaults over Jen's  big thread, big stitch....quilting without a hoop, hand quilting technique.  I've tried it already and am on a hand-quilting roll.  


But, was it just yesterday that I visited the Red River Quilter's Guild meeting in Shreveport and came away newly inspired to continue my domestic sewing machine quilting.  Great information from domestic machine quilter, Jackie Pierce.  

Quilting decisions can be tough.  Hand quilting? Domestic machine quilting? Long-arm quilting? 
Oh, My! 

All about QuiltCon, 2016

I'm invested in The Modern Quilt much so that I recently purchased the latest QuiltCon magazine.  It is quite the hefty price....but the contents thereof....well worth the price.  I've already pulled some of my Cherrywood hand dyes for a quilt inspired by "Mesa" a Nancy Purvis original pictured in the QuiltCon mag.  Nancy is a member of the Triangle MQG in North Carolina. 

Cherrywood hand dyed fabric

So much to do, so little time.  It's a good thing my flight was canceled.  I need to keep my feet on the ground for awhile. 



  1. I can't believe you went to see Jen Kingwell without me! I am so jealous. Just love her work. You lucky dog!

    1. I was the lucky pup to get in on her Saturday class....hand applique and hand quilting. The Thursday night trunk show and Friday class sold out very quickly. Why am I not surprised!

  2. Just how many guilds are you in? I'm jealous of that! And the classes. And the QuiltCon mag. (actually now that I know it's out I will pick one up) Fun post!

    1. Several - Mary - and wish I had time for membership in more. It started with the North Louisiana Quild Guild here in Monroe. Then for a nice(r) diversion, I joined the Piney Hills Quilt Guild in Ruston. About that time, I heard about The Modern Quilt Guild, which was a must to join. I was invited to Lafayette to do a program and fell in love with their energetic group and joined them two years ago. There's something about quilting and quiltmakers that just draws me in. Oh, and did I mention that a friend of mine is a member of Lick Skillet Quilt Guild in Oxford, Alabama and I joined last month with her as she renewed her membership!!!!! You see, if you are a member to enter a quilt in quilt show costs nothing. Well, perhaps gas money over, dinners out.........a motel....oh, what the heck.


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