Moving On ~

It's Monday, already,  and I'm still mulling over my feelings of yesterday.  I had a wonderful nights' rest and am ready to make the most of my day.  Except I need to review my feelings of yesterday for just one more minute.  

garden angel

When I'm focused, I'm the one who can work for hours on a project.  The flying geese project held my attention for a time yesterday,  but then not.

I sat down to some hand quilting for a while, but again my attention span was short.

 So I grabbed my book and read until my hands started to cramp.

 It was then that I dug out some fabric and covered it with a thin layer of gesso.  Of course, that took forever to dry with our humid air so the cycle started over again:

flying geese, hand quilting, reading, painting.  It was as though all the kings' horses just couldn't put me back together. 

                                              We had frozen pizza for dinner last night and the grass continues to grow

Not sure what was causing my anxiety....not even sure it was anxiety.  I just couldn't stay focused on any one project.

Here's to you, Monday morning......You are feeling good. 


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  1. I think many of us have election fatigue. Hard not to worry.


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