Sharing a good time ~

I am all about things and thoughts and sharing a good time today ~

My day started....simply enough.  The housekeeper is stopping by this morning to sweep away the dust and grime and threads and lint from the week past so I had to get out of pajamas, get a shower and do the preliminary cleaning before her arrival. 

 Sharing my thoughts on two vintage chairs on the streets of LaGrange.  How neat is that - all fluffed and ready for the next passerby

Our housekeeper is a sweetheart so I hate that she might think we live like slobs.  I feel compelled to stuff stuff into drawers and hide other stuff in the closet.  Why, really, should I care what others think?  Well, just 'cause my mama made me make the bed every morning and clear the dresser top and for sure lower the lid to the commode before I left for school.  Neat was a family tradition that I continue to uphold.


Twin doors fronting a side street in New Orleans where there is no space for clutter. 

The front porch of The Queen Ann Bed and Breakfast
Natchitoches.  Even though open-air sitting, there's not a speck of dust in sight.

Loving the color selections for this vintage modern cottage
Austin, Wow! Clean as a whistle. 

Seattle garden shed ~
and then there is my hometown - a tour of the 'hood
And so, my day has started - simply enough. 


  1. My hubby and I both are obsessed with making our bed EVERY day! Whoever gets up last usually makes it. I have a friend who bought a beautiful spread/curtain outfit but she never makes her bed so you never see it! WHAT!?? Love the chairs/cushions!!

  2. Robbie, we have the same rule here at our house.....laughing because I always get out of bed early! And that works out just fine with him because he is a more meticulous bed-maker than I.


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