I"m not a busy person ~

Well, I'm not busy in the sense that many are busy.  I hear it often "I'M SO0000000  BUSY"  uttered in half-out-of-breath gushes.  I'm wondering if busy makes one more important than non-busy people.  I'm also wondering that perhaps I blogged about this topic recently.  If so, then here it is again.  Apparently self-important and very busy people have been on my mind.   

My spin on things -

You see, I've had a couple of things happen in the past few weeks that reminds me that while I'm not out-of-breath busy, I do keep myself busy and while I've no importance in the big scheme of things, I am a very important person.

So, here is my spin on things: 
I've been sooooooooo busy this week that I quite  forgot my hair cut and color appointment this week.  Now, really, that must be either super busy or just damn forgetful.  It's not so much the cut that I miss, but I definitely miss the color.  And, as I told my friends yesterday,

I miss very much that my eyebrows have virtually disappeared.....
you see, I also have the white/gray brows tinted at the same time I have my hair tinted, which naturally improves my looks. 
 Eye brows are significant when it comes to finishing the look of the face - don't you agree.  So, anyway, I called the hair salon yesterday with a huge apology and a promise of a significant Christmas tip.....and for that I got re-scheduled for mid-December.  Three weeks is a long time to wait for tinted brows.  

It isn't I who has disappeared....just the brows!  Keep looking. 
They'll re-appear in a few weeks. 
Flowers in the Vase of - Marty Mason
Some folks just put way too much importance on themselves.    It happened in my yoga class on Monday.  I arrived a few minutes early and settled my mat and gear on the floor ready to do some mood-altering, before class begins, stretches.   I'm a little hard of hearing, but I heard her coming.  Loud voice and all, she informed me that I had her place and could I move my mat.  Since moving over wasn't an option without crowding the other class participants, I bundled all my gear up, crawled and wallowed my body up from the floor,  moved to another open spot, re-spread my gear and then fumed the rest of the hour.   There is a lot to be gained by positive yoga vibes, but they just passed right on by me that day. 
Well, bless Pat (as Mom used to say)....the same thing happened again Wednesday....same important person.  I went in as always and spread my gear, getting into the zen frame of mind when again I heard her coming.  She just wondered if I could scoot just a bit so she could get into position.  Again, seeing there was not room, I collected my gear and moved.   I know smoke must have been blowing out my ears by this time I was so hot under the collar. 
You know, she's not really my problem....it is I who am my problem.  I'm so mad at myself, wondering why I allowed a total stranger to intimidate me?  I guess I thought her crass rudeness must be because she's a very important person, and one who probably has gotten away with that behavior in her past. 

When next we meet, I'm just going to ask her the who, what, when, where and why questions and will definitely be asking myself the HOW? question.
Who are you, rude person in my face?    
What makes you so important to justify your rudeness?
When are you going to apologize for being so demeaning?
Where were your manners on Monday and Wednesday?
Why do you think this space is your space?  The room is quite large and would accomodate all of us without crowding. 
Now, let's talk about HOW I  might be able to help you become a nicer person...one who is very important, but with less self-importance attached. 

And finally, the HOW question to myself:  HOW did I ever allow this person to threaten my self-worth?    It will not happen again.  In my most polite voice with a huge smile on my face, I'm going to tell her that if she  wants a particular place on the floor, then she should arrive early because I'm not crawling or wallowing around on the floor again just because she wants the square footage that I occupy. 

Put on a happy face

At peace with self.....having a busy moment while being  a very important person. 




  1. I can't wait to hear your the yoga-class conversation goes... I sometimes feel that I must be invisible -- often people walk right in front of me at a counter to order something when I'm just waiting my turn! I think I've become too much of a "whatever" person the last few years -- it's just not worth the hassle to confront random people when they're rude. If it's the same person over and over though, all bets are off!

    1. Just typing away on the blog today did me the world of good. I'll probably never confront this person, but I will most definitely avoid her. Like you, I often feel invisible, that is that I have no feelings nor emotions. Perhaps that's a good thing. I'll continue to think so.

  2. I tend to avoid people like the loud one, but there's another way to handle it. Ask a friend to join you. You both set up where you want to and should she come barreling in, just say "oh no I really want to be next to my friend. That's why we came early." I doubt she will do anything except huff off to bother someone else. Good luck.


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