What's going on?

Shhhhh.....I'm thinking!

About how I can put all of this Lonni Rossi created fabric into a minimalist-style quilt.

Well, perhaps not too minimalist.  Perhaps one that is rockin' hot, out of the box minimal. 

It was a few months ago that I was invited to attend the Red River Quilt Guild auction, garage sale and dinner party where I ran into a bag filled with all this fab fabric for only $10. You bet I grabbed it and very quickly put my money in the collection box.  Now that I've been looking at it, fondling just a bit, looking at it even more, it's time to do some serious thinking about how to put it into a modern, minimal, rockin' hot, out of the box, off the top, quilt. 

Shhhhhh.....I'm still thinking.



  1. Thank goodness it's been a few days and I can speak now. Whoo hoo! Those are some rocking fabrics. I am definitely following along with this one. Gorgeous fabric collection!


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