January Fabric Landscape Collage Workshop

What a treat it was yesterday to share the day making fabric landscape collages with Lynda Britton.  Lynda is an active member of Red River Quilt Guild and drove east from Shreveport to enlighten all us participants on how easily she constructs landscapes.  No heavy duty equipment required!

Here's just a sampling of what we made.  If I have the incorrect name on the landscape, you'll just have to correct me in the comments:  Remember, this was yesterday and memory isn't real sharp while out landscaping.

On the street under a blue cloud burst

Blue Bonnet Mountain

Cactus Country at Sunset

Beyond the duck pond lives a village.....

Pine Tree Island

The dessert is beginning to come together

Rugged Mountain Scape:  Maker Unknown

Peace Be With You

Summer Sailing

The Barnyard - by Theresa LeBlanc

The Dairy Barn - made by Renea Joiner  

Purple Passion

Theresa is wild about purple but looks great in red


  1. How pretty! I love the technique.

  2. These are so fabulous. So Lynda is local? I would love to do a class with her. I am going to put her name in for this year at River City and Remember Me. Maybe one of them will pick her up!


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