It's a peel ~

Of all things, it's a peel ....well, only a quarter of the peel.  My heart just wasn't into making four of these little peel quadrants for the whole but I'm loving this one just as it is and the size is perfectly my size with all the straight line machine quilting and all the hand quilting interspersed to jazz it up a notch.

This one was No. 12 on my get-it-finished-in-2019-list.  No, I'm not getting them done in number order....but in my order in my time!


  1. I know. I have the same issues. It must be that I get bored quickly......

  2. Oh yes, I forgot to say that I loved the ones you DID make!

    1. Well, of course, that goes without saying! Smiling with tongue in cheek.


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