Nothing ever stays the same ~

There truly are very few things in my life that I would want to remain constant.  Clean air or perhaps fresh water.   But to have the same food at the same eatery prepared by the same person...or to wear the same shoes day in and day out....the unthinkable.  There's a  reason the clothing industry thrives by changing styles every season.  Yes, the makers know we get bored and know that the masses thrive on change. 

Thinking of change:   If I were to start a quilt guild, the mission statement might go something like this: 

     " We are a visionary quilt guild with members who strive to combine beauty with the everyday.                   We are trendsetters with a vision who know that the process of designing and making is                             just as important as the finished product.  
  We embrace the imperfections while altering the idea  of what can be."  

My newly formed guild would be filled with visionaries who push their quilt making and designing to the limit.  

I remember when machine quilting was scorned.  Thankfully, those who continued quilting by machine saved the quilting industry from a quick death.   I remember when there were once strict rules on fabric for quilt backings and bindings and that every quilt must have a border.   I remember being able to find only fabric that I considered lifeless, with no spark,  no color, no movement, with minimum design elements.   I don't look back as these being 'the good ole days'. 

My newly formed guild members would be those  who are willing to contribute to the overall health and growth of the guild....paraphrased all members willingly contribute their time and talent.   There would be generosity in members wanting to hold office and  make meeting presentations and willingness to join in work teams.    There would be generosity in every member coming together to aid and assist. 

What if I incorporate this line of thinking into my personal quilting style.  What if I had made only one block:  

What if  I then added to that one,  more blocks....blocks in different colorways and different sizes? 

What if a block was changed by cutting and inserting? 

What if all the different sizes and colorways with and without insertions joined together in perfect  peace and harmony?  Interesting? 

Nothing ever stays the same - so this too will pass.    

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  1. I definitely want to join your new guild. Have you though of a name?


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