Starting.....Again ~

Why is it that when one thought gets finished, another just pops right in?  Oftentimes the pop-in rudely interrupts the not quite finished previous thought.  What the......?  Can't they wait their turn! 

The same is true  in the case of making pillow cases:  one can't get finished before another one just begs for a chance.   When I have a yard of fabric, 27" gets cut for the body of the pillow case.  So I need 9" from another yard for the cuff.   Now I have 27 inches left over from that second yard!   Can you see where this is going?  One pillowcase just leads to another and another and another.   It's as if one piece of fabric is grabbing onto the fabric just left behind. 

hand made pillow cases - marty mason

Imagine a trail of pillowcases marching  into the battered women's shelter or gleefully running into the arms of children in distress while being removed from unsafe conditions.   

hand made pillow cases - marty mason

What the....?   Another finished project just popped right in....scrappy triangles!  One leads to another and another and.............!  Can you see the red polka dots left over from a pillow case or two?  I have no shame  (nor do I apologize) when it comes to interjecting left over fabric where needed. 

improv quilt scrappy triangles by marty mason


  1. Our stash runneth over and multiplies like the fishes and loaves in the Bible! We are blessed🙏

  2. The Marching Pillowcases. That's a children's title for you, and you're welcome. (smiles and giggles)

    I do understand. I felt that way with the masks. Today I was tying one onto Richard's face and realized that the strings are not exactly the same colors. Oh goodness! If I missed it sewing then I could miss it tying. Right? Anyway, your pillowcases are extra pretty. My most recent CASA bags were for boys, so not pretty. Cute, but that's not pretty. Maybe I should make a couple of girly ones.
    To think of the options... Yes, Torch, we are blessed.

  3. Oh, Mary, I'm loving the title for my upcoming children's book....Marching Pillowcases! My 38th one marched out from under the needle yesterday. All were made from donated fabric from generous folks and all are ready to be donated.


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