It's all about the base ~

 And the base of it all is that I do enjoy making zippered pouches, especially when I find an unfinished project that can be diverted into one or two or three. 

Once upon a time I was quite often asked to make presentations to quilt guilds in the area so I always kept a project in the back of my mind for a presentation.  So, that's where this story, where does it end.

In my ongoing pursuit to downsize, I found some swatches of pojagi stitching (how it's done) by machine and decided they would make the best zippered pouches.  There was just enough of the demonstration samples to make three one-of-a-kind zippered pouches.  

So went the first day of November!

They are for sale at $15 each if you are interested.   If not sold, I will donate to community service....and either way is good for me.  


  1. Love these! Hope you sell all of them!

    1. Thank you. Christmas is near so I'm hoping folks will be shopping for the season.


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