August continued ~

 August adjective:  Distinguished

August noun:  8th month in Gregorian calendar.....introduced in 1582  by Pope Gregory XIII 

Whichever way you look at August, it's going my way.  

I took the time yesterday (or perhaps the day before) to flip through the pages of  Roderick Kiracofe's Unconventional & Unexpected,  American Quilts Below The Radar and the one on page 19 stopped me in my tracks.   It was all floral fabrics and  one could say it was an open window to the outside garden.
My inspiration ~

I'm enjoying the magenta floral mix created by Rashida Coleman Hale for Cotton + Steel and the seafoam floral colorway by Maureen Cracknell for AGF.  

Until next time,  I reman a totally satisfied quilt-maker enjoying my month of August and august quilt making.  


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