It's Been A Ghastly Winter ~

The coldest for the longest that I can remember.  The HuMan has to go out every morning and break the ice and pour the birds hot water for their bath!

Then he hot foots it back inside!

"Ghastly " Alexander Henry, De Leon design team fabric perfectly described this ghastly cold winter. 

And the camera lens nearly froze as did I, but I really, really wanted a picture of this ghastly quilt outside in the ghastly cold winter.  

Brrrrrrrrr.   But thanks to the cold weather, I've stayed in and now this one is quilted.  It's a good cold weather lap quilt size at 45" x 65".  No borders, but improv sashing added to give it a few more inches. 



  1. The Ghastlies would LOVE this weather! we warmed up for the first time today. This was one for the record books, for sure. My birthday was Wednesday and we had to cancel all our plans since the city was shut down!

    1. Oh, I did hear of your shutdown....and a very happy birthday to you. May there be many more cold and warm days ahead.


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