But I can't color inside the lines!

I don't accept commissions....because I can't do what you want me to do.  I can only do what I want to do and if you like it, then you make the purchase.  Simple as that!  Right?  Well, would someone please tell my friend Lil that I can't color inside the lines. 

Lil is the most persistent of ladies.  I thought if I ignored her long enough she would forget that she asked me to thread sketch the Panera Bread lady.  She even bought a loaf of bread so she could give me a picture of the Panera Bread advertisement for me to make her a look-alike.  Yet, I continued to put her off.....until yesterday, when she cornered me! 

This morning, I dug deep in my "I'm sure I'll get to this later" pile and found Lil's greasy bread wrapping as I mumbled to self that I don't do commissions!
I set about pencil practicing the bread lady until I was satisfied that I had her in my left and right brain to transfer to fabric.  She's not an exact rendition, but she certainly has an attitude that is making me smile out loud.
From tablet paper to fabric.....she lost something in translation and I am for certain I can't get it back!
Panera Bread lady look-alike she is not. And, I sure
Thread sketched Panera Bread Lady....an almost look alike by Marty Mason
hope somebody tells Lil that I can't color inside the lines! 


  1. You and me too ... the lines are never where they should be!

    Looks like you had fun trying anyway.

    1. Yes, I did indeed have fun. It's been a while since I've thread sketched a pretty face!


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