Do you REALLY mean what you say?

Do you really mean it when you say NEVER?
 or ALWAYS.               How about FOREVER or even

 It's been raining NON-STOP! so the other day the group discussion was about how the sleet, ice and rain had kept us inside for an ETERNITY. 

 I mentioned that I was going stir-crazy spending so much time with the HUmaN.  Now, don't get me wrong, we do enjoy the pleasure of our company, but certainly not 24/7.   

 Does anyone? 
Oh, really!

One of the group immediately says that she and her best friend and dear husband do EV-ER-Y-THING together and NEVER get tired of each other's company. 

My body is beginning to squirm, but I didn't open my mouth.

Thoughts; however,  were definitely running through my head.......Hmmmmmmmm and how about in the shower.  Well, I guess any man, certainly not my huMAN, would NEVER get tired of showering with his wife.  But doesn't  a man want to take a woman break and hunt or fish, get into a game of golf  or tennis with buds.....just do outdoor work or watch war movies, have alone time in his man cave or something? anything? without you? 

No, luckily, I didn't even go there because I know that we don't really mean what we say when we use those extreme words.   Do you?  I know I don't. 

I will say this about that:  the day my HuMaN tells me he's going to the quilt shop with me, then that will be the day I quit sewing and take up sky-diving.....he doesn't like airplanes.  HEEHEE. 

Do pictures have to give meaning to a blog post?
Ink Blot:  Make what you want to out of it

I'll also end this little conversation by asking:   Many times.....most often.....when we say we can't, don't we really mean that we don't want to?

I was recently asked to write up a menu for an upcoming party. 

Without batting an eye, my response was an immediate, "I can't."

Well, of course, I can.
 I can write and I can plan a menu - I just don't want to write about it!   So, why then did  "I can't"  pop out of my mouth, when my truthful response would have been

"I'd rather not."  (because I don't want to)

Oh, I could just babble on FOREVER  but if I don't shut this computer down now, I may NEVER get dinner on the table. 

Simply saying:    These feet aren't in my mouth.. Yet!

Smiling ~  as I say that pictures don't have to be relative to the content of a blog post. 
A group picture of girls without men having fun last year at a quilting retreat.    After a week of relaxation, with just a nip (or two) of wine , and a bit of sewing,  we all went home to our happy HuMaNs.  (altered photo to disguise the guilty). 


  1. I"m giggling over this one.. it's a great post. I have a Aunt and Uncle who do EVERYTHING together...and they have had their 75th anniversary. Maybe that's the key to a long vehicle, one life...But I have to think ....I love my DH but no way...just nooooo way.


    1. We would literally smother each other if we had only one vehicle! He likes to know there is an easy escape, and so do I. I know of one couple, the husband of whom didn't get a Christmas present one year because she couldn't get out from under his thumb long enough for a surprise Christmas gift. Sad (to me anyway). But, there marriage seems to be rock solid.

  2. Hear, hear!

    Lovely to meet you, Marty!

    I enjoyed this philosophical flurry of intentional temps; the thoughts behind our words are indeed, something to think about!


    1. Oh, yes, Poppy......a meet up in Crete would just be the cat's meow! Is it because it's getting very close to those Easter egg hunts that our words get so egg-aggerted?


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